Uploading a Website with A Small Orange's Web-Based Interface

okay welcome back so you have now your

domain name registered you have your

domain name service correctly configured

and you've signed up for web hosting

service now it's time to get your files

onto your web host servers and take your

website live now they're actually quite

a few different ways to do this and for

a simple website without too many files

to upload and update any of them can

work well for you as one way most web

hosting services provide a web-based

interface this allows you to upload your

files directly through your browser with

no special software required each

company's interface is a little bit

different but they all work in more or

less the same way

so let's look now at how a small orange

does it now since you have your account

already set up if you're already logged

into your account you'll come here and

you'll see your services and these other

options right here you can get to what

we need through clicking on your

services and then you'll see my shared

hosting plan right here I'll click the

view details and then down here at the

bottom is login to cPanel now this stick

is a few steps to get to so once we get

to this I'm gonna recommend that you

bookmark this site so this takes me to

mine this is cPanel this is an interface

through which I can manage my hosting

account the first time you get to it

you'll need to do some setup a password

and so forth but I've already done so

I've already put in my password so I'm

good to go

so take a moment to set that up if you

need to but then we're gonna look at

some of what we can do here on the

cPanel there's actually quite a lot that

we won't cover what we want right now

though is the file manager this is our

web-based way to add files to our site

so we come here and it gives me options

for the document route this is because I

host several different websites on the

same server so I'm going to use again

this lexicon accom website this is a

domain that I've owned for a long time

don't really use for much of anything

anymore so we're going to use it for our

example so that means it's going to

place us into the place where files for

the website

Icom should go so I like that I'm gonna

go click on the go and it takes me right

here so now I'm seeing the file

structure that's already in place in

lexicon accom the cgi-bin you can safely

ignore for your simple website that does

have a use but it's not one that we need

and we've already got an image folder

set up and ready to go for us when we

want to put those files in so what we

want to do is upload so up here it says

upload and here we're going to put all

of our main files these permission I'll

we just go ahead and leave those as

default and then click on choose file so

we're going to go to our desktop where

we've saved our website and we know that

we want the about HTML uploaded that's

our about page and it's uploading it

right there

complete so we'll go to our CSS file

choose that and that's completely and

we'll choose our index file our main

file will open that and that's complete

and lastly our just in page right there

click on that and that's good up as well

okay great

so now we're going to go back to the

main route and now we want to add up we

want to upload our images so I double

click on that there's another file there

that I use for something else and then

click on upload and again I'm going to

leave the defaults as they are and I'm

going to now go into image and upload

this image and this image actually

didn't need both of those that's ok got

plenty of space we'll add on the shot on

the press and you can see this is all I

don't need that attributions that's text

you can see this is all a little bit

labor-intensive which is why we'll look

at another option in the next lecture

okay so we've got all of those main

images the ones that are showing up in

the footers of our pages but we know

also that we have some additional files

that I'm not going to upload here but

they're in here in this subfolder

records that has the the records that

are in our just in page but we need to

put them in a folder named records so

we're going to do something a little bit

different so now we go up back to this

page right here and we're going to add a

folder so you see that we're already

within the image the IMG folder we're

gonna add a subfolder to that and we

know that we can call that records

because that's what our HTML calls it so

we create the new folder

there we go you can see by the way that

these other images have successfully

uploaded I can double click on records

and now I can upload to that again we'll

leave these permissions as they are

unless you know what you're doing with

those permissions just leave them alone

all kinds of security problems can

happen if you mess with those so we'll

choose our files again kind of


that's why we'll look at some other

options that is not yet there we go

that's starting to upload we'll put our

next one and these are a little bit

bigger files that's why they're taking a

little bit longer there's a Reetha

there's the little prince'

and finally unchained melody' now

because our website is very simple

that's it we've just uploaded all of the

files for our simple website it was

simply three HTML documents and a

handful of photos and one CSS document

that's all we needed to do so although

this took a little bit of time it really

wasn't that bad and it we didn't have to

setup any special software

so we've now uploaded all of our files

let's just refresh this to make sure

that we have what we need

so you can see now at lexicon accom

we've got about dot html' DIY web dot

CSS index.html and just in dot HTML

we've got our image folder that has a

few different images in it we've also

got the subfolder called records and

that's got the five images in that as

well so clear some of these extra tabs

in theory our website is now completely

uploaded and ready to go let's see if

that's actually true go to lexicon accom

it's still loading but this is looking

very promising so far these images are

showing up and there you go so again

this is no longer looking at it on my

local hard drive this has just gone out

into the world wide web it is fetched

our website and it's brought it back to

our browser and if I click around about

that's there I click on just in that's

there as well so our website is now live

and all we had to do was click on a few

things inside a web-based interface all

right so that's how we do this through a

web host I'm in the next lecture I'll

show you a different method for loading

your website if you're content with this

one you can skip that lecture if you

like alright talk to you soon bye