When To Use "A" And "An" In English Grammar (Indefinite Articles Vowel Sounds)

hi this is Simon Leung from Simon Leung dot com (SimonLeung.com) and Fluency Secrets dot com FluencySecrets.com)

and today we continue our series on indefinite articles to discuss when to

use A and AN in English grammar A is for

each one huh yes you still need to use some kind of

article but in this case it's not a Apple notice I said a full emphasis e

it's actually an apple not a Apple or Apple and that's because the word starts

with a vowel sound we don't use uh we use in understand oh

I owe you a mod pull em and I see QB arms I ain't all in jus me talk and you

need fun

like I said we use and for a vowel sound not just a vowel and yes there is a

difference Jorge India is a vowel and uniform

begins with the you it actually doesn't have a you sound if you actually Eliza

its uniform not uniform uniform so that's why it's still a uniform a

unicorn a unicycle if the you work does have

that ooh or a vowel sound that the you is supposed to make then we would use an

for example an umbrella an uncle in understatement also just like.how vowels

with non vowel sounds can use up consonants with vowel sounds can also

use in english is the language spoken by a United States citizen it is also

spoken by a UK citizen as it is like European language English fluency is not

a one time lesson that you can learn in an hour or even in a university but it

is worthwhile to master as English is the universal language shred a month oh

the consonant sounds and four vowel sounds gauge yeah do you have any

questions about this or have words that you would like to ask about whether they

should be used with a or n simply ask them in the comments below and I will

respond to you personally one more thing B and Tom

in the next video we're gonna talk about yet another important article this one

so stay tuned for that for in season compadre of the country thanks for

watching and i'll catch you on the next one with more English fluency Siebert's

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