How to insert a Foley Catheter Male I Foley Catheter sterile technique

hey guys welcome to empower and my name

is caroline porter thomas thank you so

much as usual for us you might use your

channel so in this video i wanted to

show you the steps on how to insert a

Foley catheter now please keep in mind

that I am both filming and doing

procedure at the same time so I did my

best to maintain sterility however what

I do want to mention is to make sure

that you wherever you're working whether

it be a hospital or a different facility

make sure you ask for your policy and

procedure manual because in that manual

it will give you step-by-step

instructions on exactly how you at your

facility are supposed to do this step so

one of the main reasons for this video

is to take away a lot of the anxiety

that comes with these types of

procedures because there really is a lot

at stake we do need to make sure we are

sterile the whole time which is really

challenging we also need to make sure

that's you know in addition to all the

Strela T and infection control

Prevention's that we maintain clients

privacy and and make sure they feel

comfortable so there's really a lot

going on both with you know the

mechanics and also the emotional support

that needs to be provided during these

types of procedures if you are younger

than 18 years old please do not watch

this video this video is intended for

nursing students or nurses that just

want to get a little refresher so as

always please subscribe to my channel

and I really hope that you found this

valuable and I count to see you again in

my next video bye so first you want to

open the outer most wrap to create a

sterile field

and place the under pad beneath the

patient plastic side down put on the

sterile gloves


and then position the drape on the

patient pour the cleansing solution onto

the three prep balls then remove the

tray top open the lubricating jelly

insert the tip of the water filled

syringe lubricate the catheter and then

you want to cleanse the patient using

one cotton ball at a time


and then allow this to dry and then

proceed with a catheterization in usual

manner by taking the lubricated catheter

tubing and inserting it into the urethra

once you see urine go in just a little

bit further and then start inflating the

10 cc syringe to inflate the catheter

insert the tip of the water filled

syringe and instill the entire amount of

sterile water you want to do this slowly

and if you notice your patient looks

like they are in any pain then you might

need to advance further because it could

be in the urethra still so make sure you

watch your patient really closely during

this process

once the catheter is inserted place a

stat lock on the patient's leg

and insert the Foley device in it so

that it gets secured and it doesn't pull

or tug when the patient moves