Foley Catheter Insertion Female | How to Insert a Foley Catheter Sterile Technique

hey this is Sarah with registered nurse

Orion column in today I am making a

video on how to insert a Foley catheter

on a female patient in the previous

video I showed you how to open up your

foley kid and I educated you on what was

actually in the kid and how to inflate

the balloon and mess with the betadine

and everything like that so if you need

to get familiar with that you'll want to

check out that video before actually

watching this video so in this video I'm

going to actually show you how to insert

a Foley catheter from beginning to end

right here we have miss Smith she is our

mannequin patient today and you'll want

to before you even insert the Foley

catheter you want to discuss it with

your patient to make sure that it is

something that they want you'll want to

discuss on how it's inserted what

position they'll be in that they'll be

exposed momentarily in their private

region and the risk of a Foley catheter

insertion so always let them be aware

because believe it or not a lot of

patients don't know what a Foley

catheter is or where it's actually

inserted so you always want electro

patient there about that next you'll

want to address their allergies because

in the kit there is betadine a lot of

patients are allergic to betadine so

you'll need to get another prep agent or

if they're allergic to latex this kid

that I have it does contain some latex

so we want to make sure your patient is

allergic to latex and if they are what

type of reaction is a severe so water is

really not a reaction they just consider

it a reaction so you'll want to look at

that as well so first thing we'll do and

after we've educated our patient we will

get our Foley kit and do hand hygiene

after that and you'll want to get your

patient in position it's really a good

idea to have another person in the room

to help you and just because

nature of the procedure you're going to

be in a patient's private area you want

another person with you so we can get a

nursing assistant or another fellow

nurse to help you out so keep your

patient in position for females I like

to get them in this position put the

legs up and try to preserve modesty as

much as you can a lot of people or

modest this is sort of an embarrassing

position to be in so try to make them

feel as comfortable as possible I had

one patient tell me that a Foley

catheter insertion is just as bad as a

pap smear so please try to make them

feel comfortable so um what I'm going to

do is I'm actually going to pull the

towel back and let your Maj know

everything that you're doing I'm going

to pull the towel back and expose the

the labia and the vaginal area I'm on a

female patient you have to inflate ium

and you have the urethra which is the

entrance to the bladder and then below

that is another entry and that's the

Badger area and then the bottom is the

anus so that's how you have that on a

female next you'll want to go to your

kit and your kit comes in a plastic bag

be sure you grab the crack get some kids

in the clean hold or just the Foley bag

and other kids are just the prep supply

so you'll want to if you're inserting a

brand new kit that you have the Foley

bag and the prep supply this one has

that so you will open up your kit they

just go back like this I like to use

this plastic part as my trash bag um

because it's just easier because I'm

going to have cotton balls to throw away

things that throw away so it's easier

just to access that and probably

and reach for a trash can or throw to

the patient's bed so you can pull your

kid out it will comes right with this

drape and I'm it's sterile on the inside

I just pull it back and I like to set my

bag in between the patient right there

so I can just drop it in okay

the kid you will pull back you have two

inches around the edge of your sterile

field to pull back and to expose the kit

so we will do so everything in the kit

is sterile okay so you'll want to be

careful when accessing it you don't want

to contaminate it usually how your kit

is laid out its laid out how you will

use it the first thing I'm going to use

is a dray I'll take my drink remember

you have two inches to grab without

contaminating this and this strength

will be used to put around our patient I

will have two inches so I'm still

sterile and we'll just put that around

the vaginal area down here just to

protect any area sometime you have to

mess with it's a little bit complicated

likes to crinkle up then we will slay

like that um next you have your sterile

gloves and with your sterile gloves you

can put those on because once you put

your sterile gloves on you can get in

the kit and mess with everything because

you will be sterile and I have a video

on how to put on sterile gloves if you

don't know how to fit on sterile gloves

there's a certain

me too doing that so you want to watch

that video

adjust your boils once you get them on

sometimes they like to stick their in my

trash can and this is another drain I am

use that sometimes sometimes I don't

want really depends just easily like

that they own be careful when you light

them because you don't want to

contaminate your blood so just lay it

down just like that and next what we're

going to do we're going to get our

betadine and have your tweezers so get

your betadine there's a little tear

opening on it sometimes it's a little

complicated right there's a little

slight you're going to just tear it open

and you're going to drizzle it onto the

cotton bolls you have six cotton balls

so just drizzle it like so and Miss

Smith is not allergic to betadine so

that is why I'm using betadine then just

put that in your trash can and like to

let that sit and get all getting betta

have a $2.00 on it and next you will

have your flush not your flush I'm sorry

your sterile water to inject into the

bulb of the Foley because you always

want to make sure that your Foley bulb

works and one time I was inserting a

Foley catheter and the bowl did not work

so I had to get

Kathir kit so believe it or not the holy

bulbs sometimes are and then this right

here is your lubricant that you watch

you lubricate the catheter and this is

if you had to collect any urine because

a doctor wanted a specimen so next what

I'm going to do is I'm going to check my

Foley catheter bulb to do that I'm going

to get my catheter this thing is in a

little protectant this is your Katherine

this is actually what's going to go

inside of a new read run you will want

to connect this take this part off and

you will connect this into this port

right here there's two ports this port

right here is where you access for a

specimen this is where you're going to

inflate a lot of times it says inflate

10 cc's so you're just going to connect

to that and watch this bulb make sure in

place see how that plant sling and

insert all the sterile water just look

at your bulb make sure that it doesn't

leak it's good and make sure it deflates

- I usually look at it for about fifteen

to thirty seconds and just let go of the

plunger on the syringe and saving at the

deflates which it does works great I

like to keep just protectant on it until

right before I insert because this thing

likes to move and it can just go off the

sterile field and then that's an extra

barrier to prevent it from getting

tamponade so I'll just set that aside

and next what you can do is get your

lubricant comes in a little prefilled

syringe and sometimes it comes in this

little thing that you just tear off and

you just squirt out this one has a

syringe I like to just squirt it in my

tray like that and set we have our

betadine with our under cotton balls and

we have our lubricant and then we have

our Foley catheter I notice I kept the

syringe connected to the Foley catheter

so when I ever actually inserted I don't

have to move and fiddle with this and

try to get it reconnected it just makes

it a lot easier to keep it connected so

once you are inside the bladder and you

get your yard and returned and you

inflate the bulb you don't have to try

to find your syringe okay so now what

we're going to do is we are going to

clean the labia now when you do this

you'll want to use your non-dominant

hand to spread the labia apart so you

can clean with the betadine because once

that hand touches the patient it's non

sterile so you can all bring the hand

back to your kit you're going to have to

work with your dominating so it's very

important whenever you're positioning

positioning yourself on the bed that you

position yourself so you can work more

with your dominant hand so first what

we're going to do we're going to go to

our patient and we're going to spread

out the labia and just warn your patient

that it will be cold and then you're

just cleaning the area with some

betadine you're going to go you're going

to start and go from top to bottom so

you're just going to slide that like so

don't cotton ball get another one going

to do the other side slide through there

really making sure you get the area

clean very well and go down the middle

just keep doing it until you run out of

your cotton balls just following the

same pattern

it's just prevents any chances of the

patient getting a UTI or any

contamination from the normal flora

that's in the vaginal area then you're

done with your tweezers so just put that

in your bag next you'll want to get your

Foley catheter very careful when you

take this out because it likes to move

okay you're going to take this end of

this catheter and you're going to really

lubricate it up really dip it in there

get it nice and lubricated then you're

going to bring it over here to the

motion and you're going to find where

the urethra is on many female patients

this is a little complicated it's a

little hard you really got to get down

there you got to look because sometimes

the urethra gets displaced up inside the

labia it's very hard to see sometimes

you insert it in the vagina so it takes

some practice okay so we have this as

the mannequin so it's very easy to see

you're going to insert inside the hole

okay and while you're doing this you're

going to be looking right in that - okay

because once you hit that - you're going

to see some yellow urine and typically

you would start right now seeing some

yellow urine peeling this chamber right

here the tube and whenever I see that I

like to advance a couple more inches

just to make sure it's in the bladder

because you don't want the bulb to fill

up in between the bladder and the

urethra you want to make sure that bulb

fills up in the

because that would cause the patient a

lot of pain so we have yellow urine

we're going to insert just a couple more

inches and then we're going to light our

bulb is inflated then going to just undo

that for that Irishman and just hug it


and it'll stay rot in place so you have

our Foley catheter inserted and you'll

want to get one of the secure things

that secure to the thigh and we'll stay

right there on the patient and you'll

take your Foley catheter and you will

connect this down to the bed because

this is where all the urine will collect

in this chamber right here and if you

had to collect a specimen you could have

your syringe and you can connect to this

part right here and suck out any urine

and click that and after you do that

just connect it to the bed and get your

patient all disconnected here and

covered up and reposition them and make

them feel a lot more comfortable and ask

the patient if there's any pain how does

it feel to her and those things help you

know if it's okay take your gloves off

course and then do hand hygiene so

that's how you insert the Foley catheter

and it's a very simple procedure it does

take practice so doing it over and over

again will help you and if your nursing

school using the mannequin in class is

very helpful and you get a lot of skills

with this you get your sterile loving

down you get your sterile technique how

to insert a Foley catheter on a patient

you wonder what a different skill so I


by a nursing school they have us do a

lot so if you like this video please

share it with your friends if you need

to watch a video on how to put on

sterile gloves or you need more

explanation on the foley kit please

check out those other videos and thank

you so much for watching