The UPS Store Pack & Ship Tips

the best benefit of shipping with UPS is

that you can track the package from

start to finish from the point in where

you shipped it to the point where it's

received you want to make sure to use a

brand new car gated box you want to use

at least two inches of bubble wrap on

anything that ceramic crystal china or

porcelain and have two inches of peanuts

all the way around inter packaging foam

no shirts no popcorn and no towels

towels shirts and popcorn are not an

approved packaging material what you

always want to remember when you're

shipping a box via UPS is never to wrap

it in brown paper the possibility of the

paper coming off when it's running

through the conveyor belts and what

happens is that label is attached to the

brown paper the brown paper comes off

the label comes off you always want to

be what we call the H method one stream

down the middle and seal both sides do

that top and bottom you never want to

use duct tape cellophane tape string or

any kind of stuff like that you always

want to make sure to use a durable

packaging tape the best place to

purchase shipping materials is at the

UPS Store you go to WWE UPS store calm

put your zip code in find your nearest

location go to the store you can pick up

packaging peanuts boxes tape markers

anything that you need we have seen an

increase in shipping luggage the best

part about it is is that we can put it

in a box for you you can track it from

point A to point B and your luggage will

not be damaged like it is going through

the airline also if you need to know how

much is going to cost to ship you can go

to the UPS Store com2 the cost

calculator and find out those details

ahead of time as well the pack and ship

promise is at participating locations of

the UPS store and what this state is if

you come into the UPS store allow us to

ship and package your item here in our

location we will ensure that your

package arrives safe and undamaged if we

pack your box your item is lost or

damaged we will refund you one

hundred percent of your item you're

packaging and you're shipping of course

certain restrictions apply for more

details you can go to the UPS store comm

for more information