A Day in the Life of a Franchisee at The UPS Store with Daniel Sigouin

my name is Danielle Segway I'm the owner

of the UPS store in Orleans the UPS

Store is a small business service center

I also do small business consulting and

coaching for managers and business

leaders so the role of the person who

owns a franchise like the UPS Store is

to basically manage the all of the

operations including all the

administration bookkeeping Human

Resources dealing with banks and and and

yeah that's basically the role of a

small business owner so my day in two

sentences would be busy and exciting but

also I'll try to make a difference in

people's lives I work in the business

also work on developing the business so

I wake up around 6 a.m. in the morning I

exercise have a good breakfast because

keeping a healthy lifestyle is important

and I like to do a bit of work at home

return emails look at the emails plan my

day and when I get to work I'm basically

ready to tackle all my tasks at the at

the business and I when I get to work I

ask myself the same question how can I

make a difference today how can I serve

my clients better there's different

things that we need to provide clients

like pricing we do quotations I make

sure that the employees I have their day

is full so we provide them with guidance

the work that needs to be done so if

there needs to be supplies that need be

need to be purchased we order that we

answer client questions any complaints

that they have we answer that so my

education I have a university degree in

Business Administration and throughout

my career career I've been mostly

involved in small business services so

I've devoted my entire career in helping

small business I've been involved with

the store for a year and a half now so

when you buy a franchise when you invest

in a franchise it's not always easy to

find the financing banks traditional

financing and traditional lending it's

not always there when you start a

business so be creative you can go and

see your your relatives and there's

different programs out there as well for

small business owners that are starting

so the way I finance my business there

was a probe there's a program out there

available for francophones banks are

very picky as far as what the they like

to finance if they like to finance hard

equipment not always cash flow and stuff

like that so different programs out

there can can do that so that's what I

did so the skills we you need to to be a

good business person you have to have

good communication skills you need to

like being in public like to speak to

people to get your message across to

promote your business you need a good

risk tolerance being in business and

uneasy there's certain risk involved so

you need that skill as well another

skill I use daily you need to be well

organized any new development that you

want to bring in your business you need

to be able to plan for it properly and

you also need to be very innovative

creative in your business so that you

know clients want to come in your

business and they want to consume your

your services so the tools and equipment

you need obviously you need a location

if you want to run a business a

franchise business you need a location

you also need the proper equipment in

your location we do printing here so we

need the proper equipment to do the

printing we also do graphic designs so

proper computers with proper programs to

do the graphic design the cash register

you also need a personal phone because

people like to communicate with you on

your cell phone you need a vehicle to go

and see your clients and do some

business development and computer to

basically promote your business go on

social media yeah so that's basically

the equipment you need to and the tools

you need to run your business the advice

I would have for people that want to

start a business or for start a

franchise find your why why you want to

do it what's your passion be patient

it's not gonna happen overnight share

with people and duplicate the more you

get out there the more people know you

what you offer the more clients you will

get and the more successful you would be

in your business so when you go out

there and choose which franchise you

want to start myself I looked at a

franchise that could help small business

I've helped small business throughout my

career and the UPS Store was one

franchise that could offer my why I

wanted to be in business find the

franchise that's gonna fit your passion

and fit your wife what makes my career

different from others you get to be your

own boss I've held roles of CEOs and

manager in a different organization and

now am i my own boss for a year and a

half and you don't really like it I

enjoy thanks for watching our video if

there's a career that you want to learn

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