Complete Shipping Guide - USPS UPS FedEx for eBay and Shopify

what's up guys my name is Eden and

welcome to how much YouTube channel

today I'm going to do an overview on how

to ship things online either if you have

an eBay store Shopify store or you just

want to ship something to a friend you

will know all the rates and how to

choose the right packaging for you to

save money and make the customer happy

my first tip for you guys is always

always buy the labels online if you go

into the store if you go to USPS or UPS

Store they give you the highest rate so

remember that always try to buy it

online you can either use stamps com

that cost money or you can even use

online tools eBay has a shipping label

creator and Shopify has a shipping label

creator so use those and if you go into

the US based store for example you're

gonna pay more and in a waiting line you

can just do it online it's much quicker

now I'm gonna start with USPS because

it's my most used service it is the

lowest price and it's very fast it's not

the most reliable one I agree but it is

pretty quick so let's start with the

small things things that weighed less

than a pound of course it's very

important that you have a scale to wait

it out what I first do if I have an item

less than a pound is try to use my own

packaging and I can either use envelopes

that I buy for really really low cost if

you have a lot of shipping if you buy

those for a few cents each or I can even

do recycling I recycle a lot of boxes

and shipping stuff that I get from

Amazon I just take the labels out and we

use them as long as it's you stuff it's

fine so let's talk about first class

first class shipping takes about seven

days to arrive so the customer might be

more you do get a tracking number there

is no insurance so I do recommend adding

insurance if an item is over $100 if

it's below usually I'm willing to take

the loss for up to four ounces it costs

two dollars and sixty cents up to three

thousand nine cents depending on where

your ship it's you four ounces to 16

ounces cost about five dollars to five

fifty three per package so that's what

it cost to ship first class now Priority

Mail can also be used by your own


and the prices can range from $8 to high

very high prices depending on where your

ship and this is why we have the flat

rate boxes we're going to go over each

one on one of the prices and to see how

much they cost first-class international

up to 8 ounces cost 13,000 78 cents and

anything above that can be very very

high-priced Eduardo it goes to 20 30 40

bucks so remember it's very expensive to

ship international and now let's go over

that Priority Mail so we do have flat

grid boxes and we also have regular

boxes so you can pick up the regular

boxes just a mailing box they are free

so that's the positive things about

shipping priority is you either can use

their packaging your own packaging or

the flatware packaging but they are

providing you their packaging which is

nice except you some money all time and

let's start with the smallest things so

this is a flat weight envelope it's not

the bubble one there is a bubble flat

matte envelope like this one and there's

just a regular flat way envelope and

this is just a paper whatever you can

store in there

the price will be $6.95 if you buy it

online so it's pretty cheap and it gets

there to two to three days so it's fast

and cheap and to provide you the

packaging the envelope themselves it's

free just pick it up or you can order it

on USPS if you have a lot you can

actually order hundreds of them and

they'll ship it to you for free from

USPS but if you just need a few you can

pick it up from the use USPS store so we

have the paper flag with an envelope

yeah up to 70 pounds so I like this

because if you have something very heavy

like a piece of metal or something very

solid and heavy you can always use it

USPS and then ship it that much faster

and cheaper then for example you know

doing it by weight because it doesn't

matter the way it's flat way no matter

what you put inside as long as it fits

as long as it's close we'll be fine and

this one has a self sealing envelope so

that's awesome

now let's go over to a padded flat

weight envelope those ones

are a little bit more expensive to have

about sixty steps more because I guess

you paid for the envelope themselves

they don't store a little bit more in

there so that a notice that's a little

bit more space in there

so you can store more things so if you

can't fit it if it's small enough and

very heavy and you can't fit it in the

padded you can try the envelope and just

make sure your bubble wrap it right so

this is a very simple bubble wrap thing

and also for free if you ship

international with a flat weight

envelope it's actually only costs twenty

four dollars and fifty five cents and

you can either use the flat weight

envelope the bubble one or the paper one

so I'll use the bubble one they're the

same price so that's for international

flat weight always use insurance if you

ship internationally it just might not

arrive now the small box right here is

actually seven dollars and fifty cents

it actually stores a little less than

the envelope so I don't know if I would

recommend it maybe something is very

valuable to you and you want it in a box

the end of the flower and will can store

a lot more space than what that small

flat weight box can do so I rarely use

the Box to be honest with you this is

just more convenience you don't have to

build it you have to build this box

every time this one is ready to go

there's a little sticky pad here just

take it off and seal it by the way it's

very very easy to do we also have the

medium flatbed box and as you can see

it's quite large and in only costs

twelve dollars in eighty cents so if you

have something pretty bulky and heavy

it's pretty good to put it in here again

up to 70 pounds whatever fits in there

it's good to go

so again it's very good packaging and

you can put the label right here

the box is free if you go to USPS and

pick it up there

or better if you order it online

sometimes they don't have it in stock

and at last we have the large flat

weight it's quite larger maybe fits

shoes or something bigger than that and

it costs $17.60 now it's anywhere

anywhere in the US before I move over to

FedEx and UPS I want to mention that

make sure to use ship works insurance I

so far only use them and I had three

claims and out of those three claims I


paid three times and those for losing

items damaged items they got lost stuff

like that and I tried to use other

insurances and it didn't work

they just declined me so use ship works

that's my experience that's really

really good with them they respond right

away to claims as long as you follow

through use insurance guys I'm telling

you you'll be very glad you did

especially if you sell things for more

than a hundred bucks that's a lot of

money to lose on some lost packaging now

let's go over our UPS and FedEx normally

I use FedEx home service so this package

is medics Express so you can only use

this if you're using Express shipping

you cannot use it for home service or

anything like that

for ground it only for Express same

thing with the UPS you can only use

their packaging for express shipping if

using any other service for example the

UPS ground UPS standard or the UK's

three they select you have to use your

own packaging if you use UPS next-day

air the UPS worldwide Express second-day

air or what word expedited then you can

use those packaging but other than that

you cannot use it I think overall UPS is

the cheapest if you're shipping a lot of

heavy stuff especially if you open an

account with them if you don't open an

account it might not be the best price

same thing with FedEx you can open that

console them and get a better price and

online you can get pretty decent prices

so far the insurances I try them both

and they're not really insurance is kind

of like if anything happens while they

ship it maybe do a cover I'd kind of

thing so I had a bad experience with it

so I'm not recommending their insurance

it's not quite an insurance it's kind of

like a declared value kind of thing so

pay attention when you do that overall

they are more reliable than USPS

especially if you use the expedited

services Priority Mail been pretty good

for me and they do deliver most of the

time but they lose packaging is there

like a lot of issues with USPS really

but I never had any shipping issues UPS

or FedEx they arrive on time they're

fast and they have great

they're just not the cheapest if you're

using their expedited or Express

services from UPS or FedEx it will be

much more expensive than USPS just be

ready for that they just you know you

can either charge the customer for it or

not a lot of my items are free shipping

just because it's convenient for the

customer to just know what the price is

and if they want to upgrade their

shipping they can that's how I do it if

you have an eBay account if you list

products that are not free shipping you

add on the shipping make sure to give

them some decent options like a cheap

version like first-class it gets like or

just priority flat wait and give them a

more higher prices like Next Day Air

today's for like 40 50 bucks make sure

to check before what the prices and give

them some options so they can choose if

they want to wait for it or they want to

pay it to get it fast I want to show you

guys a little bit on how I ship things

every day to share with you to kind of

see how it is it's not a big deal at all

so the first thing we do is grab the

item and then check what kind of

packaging material will fit I can

definitely use this envelope and put it

in but I want to protect it a bit or

sometimes I can actually ship it inside

a bags now there are different types of

sizes of bags I'll show you the text

here what size is this one and I also

have this one it's a little smaller so

those ones actually excellent for USPS

things like clothes soft things or

things that are can be bubble wrapped

and there are bulky but very light to

this thing for example weights nothing

and I will put it in there probably the

bigger one see that's how I figure out

which one to fit it in and I'll just pod

and put it in there and then ship it

it's well protected maybe you want to

put it in a plastic bag before just in

case this bag is not sealed then you

remove the little plastic that covers

the sticky strip and then you just fold

it in just like that and then I will use

a tape gun to make sure it's sealed I

like to put extra tape on those syllable

bags even a flat weight ones like

one or the small envelopes I like to put

extra tape on where it connects because

it might just pull off sometimes so now

we have the shipping ready and they're

now using a scale now this scale can be

up to 75 pounds up to 75 pounds to kind

of see what the weight is so I know

which kind of shipping I'm gonna use it

for I already know it's like so I know

it's first class I'm not gonna put it in

a priority unless the customer paid for

it but I'm gonna go ahead and turn it on

and wait for the scale to restart so the

scale says four point four ounces that's

what I'm gonna put on my label creator

it's gonna be first class it's probably

gonna cost between $2 to $3 for the

first class with the tracking once I

know the white and I printed the label

there will be a label printed here and I

will just use a card that's what I

usually use a Carter right here you can

also use the label maker you can buy one

of those label makers but all right this

is just cheaper and I will just I will

cut to shape the piece of paper the

label so it's only the label just to

make it a little more nicer for the

customer I will put it in right here and

stick it again with my tape gun this is

how I should think it's very quick now

if they need some padding if the

torrents are padding I always have

packaging material because I collect

them from things I receive every day

from Amazon eBay whatever I buy from

they always bring those bubble wrap and

those are very convenient because they

can be cut to shape especially this one

kind of like the pillows I think they're

called pick packaging pillows and you

can cut them to shape to whatever you

need and they just take a little bit

space to store it but if you have those

you save money and going and buying

packaging and you're also helping the

environment to recycle so I always

recycle just making sure it looks

pleasant to the customer and you'll be

good to go that's it guys I hope I

helped you guys a little bit on how to

ship things yourself it's really easy

once you start doing it and you will

only do it online and you're only gonna

go and drop it off to those places to

use PS UPS and FedEx or even DHL if you

want to ship something very expensive

international and you're just gonna drop

it off and you can even call us PS so

ups for free pick up sometimes if you

a lot of orders or if you have company

and you have everyday orders you can set

up daily pickups so USPS and UPS and

FedEx will come to your company and pick

up all your orders every day so you

don't even have to drive there and drop

it off this is for businesses only leave

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