Why Opening a The UPS Store Franchise is Right for You

there's several things that make the UPS

store exceptional first it's a proven

business model that's been working for

over 40 years

second we have the power of the UPS

brand a world recognized world-class

brand what makes the UPS store truly

special is really you get the best of

both worlds you get the opportunity to

be an independent business owner and run

your own shop and you get to combine

that with a world-class brand one that's

been around for over a hundred years

I think the UPS store is attractive to

so many people because of the strength

and recognition of our brand it's

immeasurable the ups shield is

recognized all over the world and that

attracts a lot of people to our business

on a number of levels the brand signify

strength stability and Trust and I

believe it's one of our most valuable

assets what really distinguishes the UPS

store from its competitors is you get

the benefit of having a world-class

brand the minute you open the door so

this brand gives you the opportunity of

being seen as trusted and well respected

in the marketplace we joined the UPS

Network after doing research around a

lot of different brands and the UPS

really had what we were looking for with

our priorities of having a better

quality of life and work-life balance

and something that we could do together

as a family we knew we wanted a brand

that was strong and reputable and that

we could be proud of and be a part of

and of course we wanted a good return on

our investment and UPS really fit all

the objectives that we were looking for

and going into business for ourselves

the gap the UPS Store fills in the

marketplace is that we're a full-service

one-stop shop for small business

customers at the UPS Store we support

both the small business owner and the

general consumer with a small business

owner we have a number of products and

services that really support them in

their business so we have mail box

services with a real street address we

have printing services for business

cards or promotional material we have

shredding we have notaries so a number

of products and services to really

support that cost

my base and another item that makes the

UPS door exceptional is that our owners

work this business from their heart

they're involved in their communities we

support the Toys for Tots Literacy

Program with them on a national basis

and our stores individually support

local community charities and events all

over the country we do have a number of

small business customers that have been

coming into our store for years whether

it's for print services or packing and

shipping we've really been able to kind

of hand-in-hand watch their business

grow and and become a business it's it's

probably one of the most rewarding

things to be able to see and help other

people start their own business and in

that path to success so one of the

things I enjoy about being a franchisee

is being able to help customers that

come in one of the examples that comes

to my mind is being able to help a

recent business owner who started one of

their landscaping businesses in the area

I've been able to leverage the ups doors

tools to build their logo send out their

fliers via EDDM and get them a ton of

leads that they're extremely happy about

at the UPS Store you have great support

and resources when it comes to

advertising on the national level you've

got real reach you've got national

advertising that's all intended to drive

customers into your stores then on the

regional level you have co-op

advertising which is as it sounds like

regional in nature so whether you're in

California or you're in Florida really

feels like the UPS Store is part of your

area and then the best part you have

local support as well so for an

individual store you have assets and

resources so that you can have great

professional advertising on a local

level so the general consumer were able

to support them during the key shipping

times of the year so whether it's

Mother's Day or Valentine's Day or

certainly during the holidays we're able

to attract those customers and really

provide them with the services and help

that they need during those key shipping

times of year franchisees come into our

network and their goal is just to own

one store and maximize that store some

come into our network and their goal is

to own many stores so the opportunity


really be what you want it to be you can

own a traditional store a

non-traditional store inside a hotel or

university or even a store in store

franchise inside a grocery or hardware

store the opportunities are numerous and

it's really up to the franchisee the

ideal candidate who wants to enter the

UPS Store franchise as a small business

owner is someone who loves working with

people and is able to follow a proven

system we love owners with an

entrepreneurial spirit and we want

franchise prospects to come to our

business and want to be in business for

themselves but not by themselves our

customers become family the regulars

over time and it's a wonderful feeling

you know walking and it's almost like

chairs the TV show everybody walks in

and everybody knows your name and I like

I like that feeling and the customers

appreciate that as well