**UPS Store Franchise Review.**Should You Buy?

hey folks Matt Gunnison here thanks so

much for watching so if you're watching

this video you're interested in a UPS

Store franchise and window if it's right

thing for you whether you should buy it

or not and you know certainly do your

homework do your research it was a

couple of things that I can offer I

think that would be really useful advice

to you one is if you have an opportunity

to actually you know hang out or one

work at one you know become a manager at

one you get a real insight of what it's

like day-to-day for the business owner

for you know what kind of things they

experience what are some of the

advantages and disadvantages of a

business like that and and now we get a

sense of how the money flows and you

know all that stuff right now expenses

you know these kind of business I gotta

be honest with you I don't really like

these kind of businesses because you

know you've got your set expenses you've

got overhead you've got inventory you've

got employees to manage if you have a

manager then you've got to hire that

manager and then you've got to manage

the manager so these are just kind of

the things that are in my opinion the

disadvantages certainly the advantages

is you've got name recognition everybody

knows about the UPS store so they come

to it like McDonald's right and you know

there's just things like that so here's

what I can say though another thing guys

is what are you passionate about I mean

what are you just just friggin

passionate about because whatever it is

that you're passionate about that's

going to shine through and everything

that you do you know it's extremely

important most people they're just not

they're not pursuing their passions you

know what I mean and another thing

that's important is your vision your

goals you know understanding where

exactly you want to be like in the next

90 days you know most people if you ask

them where do you want to be in 90 days

you know they would they just wouldn't

have an answer for you because they they

don't believe that they can change where

they are in their life right be they

haven't they're not very clear about it

okay and so it's like most people they

have a blindfold on they have a bow and

arrow and they're like they kind of see

where the target is but they don't see

it clearly so best thing we can do is

take off that blindfold we can see that

target and we can see nothing but that

target we shoot that bear own a bow and

arrow and we go straight towards it


that's a business strategy that was

taught to me and I'm telling you it

makes a huge difference so you can do

the FES store or not you do the UPS

store just make sure it falls in line

with your vision of where you want to be

you know like for myself you know I ran

a photography business for years and it

was great money but I was only making

money if I was physically there

photographing families and if I stopped

photographing families I stopped making

money so that's why I ran you know look

for an internet business you know

because it fall in line with my vision I

could make money I had no inventory no

employees no overhead you know and you

know fall in line with my vision so just

make sure that whatever you want to be

wherever you want to be it falls in line

with whatever you're doing okay this not

only applies towards UPS draw replied

stores relationships or you know any

aspect of our life right so that's

that's real quick things I want to point

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