The UPS Store

hi this is heavy you're a local realtor

with Berkshire Hathaway and today's

workplace Wednesday today I was a phony

on the owner of the UPS Store which is

located at ten nine nine nine red run

Boulevard in Owings Mills and she's

going to tell you a little bit about the

things that are offered here at the UPS

Store I know it's a busy time so she's

gonna give you some important

commentates as well no but we're having

me I'm so happy to be here so tell us

what you will offer him - you kiss car

that we might not know about we do

printing in here most people don't know

that we actually have a print site on

our website it allows us support just

like this to print you go on and you

just order some good stuff and it will

come back here we'll deliver it to you


wow I did well so it gives us a little

bit of small business as well 214 as far

as the holidays we do oh my gosh this is

our busiest I still have Credle da so if

you have something that you want to send

to your loved ones by the 24 the 19th is

really a good day to come in and make

sure that I have your packages arrive at

24th as far as like your returns we have

Amazon people are coming in or Amazon's

make sure you read your code and they're

structured very carefully as far as like

packaging some things or package to be

packaged some things you package so

depending on your label that you're

actually choosing for your return

determines how it's going to

so be very clear very understanding make

sure we are understanding I know I'm

okay learning because you wanna make

sure you get your make fun so any

questions when it comes to that just

bring it in as well we have a lot of

seniors that are returning acting's

items and we want to make sure they

understand as well absolutely

now I know you have special days and

special events at you specials every day

we do have LEDs here in particular

location where individually owned and

operated to be very clear on that - oh

that score has a special but we're just

hearing so on mondays we have shredding

days for nine cents a pound we have seen

your days on Tuesday they have 10% off

our products we also have printing days

for teachers or they run out of ink

which is all the time I don't come on in

it and we have folks on Fridays with

have small businesses in 13 get 5% of

the services as well we have a lot of

good stuff going on in here so that you

guessed or offered so much stuff now I

know a lot of you might have a lot of

papers hiding around and you're like

what do I do about these important

papers well fortunately for you so phony

has given you a chance to win it 5

pounds of free free shredding

shredding all I need to do is like my

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friends now if you want to stop by and

say hi use the phone do you know she'll

be here so stopping at 10 9 9 9

Rev Run Boulevard and Owings Mills have

a great Wednesday and I was always bye