How are tsunamis formed?

a tsunami is a huge wave usually caused

by volcanic or earthquake activity under

an ocean what an earthquake volcano a

landslide happens on the ocean floor

water is displaced this water forms a

start of the tsunami earthquakes can

occur under oceans because oceanic

plates can move towards continental

plates and then are forced to subducting

under neath the continental plate this

process doesn't happen smoothly and the

oceanic plate will get stucked because

of friction over time pressure will

build up and eventually the plate will

slip as that plate slit energy waves

radiate from the point where the

earthquake occurs and in doing Sur

displaces water the displaced water

creates waves on the surface of the

ocean and the waves reach shallow water

the height can increase by several

meters the shallow water slows the wave

and the waves get closer together

volcanic eruptions on the seabed can

also lead to tsunamis forming as the

energy release can lead to the

displacement of water again on the

surface once more forming tsunamis in

addition to this landslides that can

occur on the seabed also can cause the

displacement of water leading to the

formation of tsunamis you can find out

more about tsunamis on internet