How Tsunamis are formed??? | Educational Video for Kids wit Ryan ToysReview!!!

we know like a tsunami I think so but

mommy how much mommies happen good

question welcome to ryan toysreview hi

did you know that tsunamis can move as

fast as 500 miles per hour

oh I see one like this run back that's

fast as a jet plane it's not a jet plane

so a tsunami is a sudden large sea wave

or series of rays do see water

displacement but why does tsunami happen

cuz there's a movement of energy

throughout the water

okay so tsunamis usually happens because

of four different causes number one

earthquake if an earthquake is big

enough or if it happens underwater

travel through the water and it's energy

caused a

tsunami is that another one thanks a lot

earthquake the second cause of tsunami

is underwater volcanic eruption when a

volcano erupts underwater let's go

the water must go somewhere and all the

energy that comes out of the volcano

forces this way through the water making

a tsunami oh I see a volcanic eruption

under water right now the third way a

tsunami can happen is a submarine

landslide sometimes if there's a giant

amount of ice or debris or rocks up life

through the water it will cause a

tsunami the other side the fourth reason

that could cause a tsunami is falling

meteor yep that's right even giant

falling meteors from space crashed into

the water

you're right let's take a look at how

this happened so this science experiment

will show us a difference between

regular wave and tsunami here we have

the plant and here we have the ocean so

if you turn on the fan like so what wave

will go this way towards land because of

the wind and time but a tsunami is

different because water is this place

and energy will move through the water

will create the tsunami using this for

let's say a powerful earthquake hits and

underneath the water the place will move

why do you feel like oh this board will

demonstrate what will happen when the

earthquake creates a tsunami look you

will see the water rise up because the

water is being displaced Wow you will

see the energy highways then you will

see the tsunami form growing taller and

taller the land watch every tiny combo

and let the tsunamis carrying all this

stuff back into the ocean look their

towels in the ocean their beach balls in

the ocean and the floor wow that just

powerful tsunami but it's okay they're

okay right Wow could you imagine if the


it's in real life it would have been

super powerful and strong well now that

we learned so much about tsunami let's

take a pop quiz number one south fast

hit a tsunami move is it a five hundred

miles per hour or is it B hundred miles

per hour or is it C

only one mile per hour did you get it it

is a five hundred miles per hour as fast

as a jet plane question number two

why does a tsunami happen is it because

of a because there's a movement of

energy through the water or is because

be it makes the dinosaur extinct sorry

dinosaur what see because there's a

giant shark in the water there's one

right now oh it's a friendly shark hi

mister shark did you get it why does

tsunami happen is because a there's a

movement of energy through the water the

question number three what caused a

tsunami is because of a angry angry


or is it because of B earthquake

underground volcano landslides and

meteors did you guess that the answer is

B what causes tsunami earthquake

underground volcanoes landslide in

meteor yeah you guys did so great and if

you didn't get all the answer right it's

okay you can try again

now let's go back and tell Ryan

everything that we know about tsunami


did you learn a whole bunch of a tsunami



mommy we gotta go inside

don't blow super close

why does blending happen good question

Ryan let me show you come here okay huh


hi dad so why does lightning happen

did you know lightning happen it's

because of electrostatic discharge

between the cloud up there and the

ground down below so static electricity

it's like when you rub your socks across

the carpet and then you sharks online

lightning is just like that except

bigger and stronger yeah see when a

storm like that happens that's static

electricity in the air

static electricity creates a current and

it works its way from one cloud to

another or it touches the ground why is

it coming just like that let's get out

of here

a storm cloud is like a battery look at

that plus at the top - at the bottom now

think of a whole bunch of batteries

stacks from the ground all the way to

the clouds

whoa did you guys see that once all of

the batteries are connected so when

lightning happens it disturbs the air

and the sound that you hear

yes you that that's Thunder do you guys

hear that god of thunder god of thunder

you're the perfect person to help us

learn all about lightning can I ask you

a few questions

oh of course I know all about thunder

you know that big ball of flash how is

it prove it

well that big flash you see is when the

negative energy in the sky connects to

the positive energy in the ground

creating a channel for the edge how

strong is this how strong is it it can

contain up to electricity a billion

super strong

of course I'm Thor son of Odin god of

thunder and also lightning oh right the




now that you guys learned so much about

lightning let's take a pop quiz

question number one so why does

lightning occur a it's because of

electrostatic discharge between the

cloud way up there to the ground way

down below or is it because of be

Captain America is angry I'm angry or is

it see a volcano do you guys know the

answer it's because of the electrostatic

discharge between the cloud and the

ground question number two what sound is

made from lightning is it a a mouse

squeaking or is it be a lion roar or is

it C thunder

well what you guys guess the answer is C

thunder Regina that do you guys hear the

Thunder well super loud question number


lightning can carry up to how many volts

of electricity is it a 5 volts or is it

B 10 volts or is it C a billion volts

did you guys guess the answer is C

billion volts that's a such a huge


good job learning all about lightnings

today and then you didn't get them all

right it's okay you can try again next

time now let's go back and tell Diane oh

that we learned okay yeah mommy I was

hiding from the lightning and she's

still there it's gone Ryan come on in

right thanks for watching and remember

always stay happy and rise up