How Are Tsunamis Formed? | Tsunami Caused by Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruption


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tsunami let's get started

first of all

in this slide we'd like to know about

the origin of the word tsunami

basically the word is a japanese

word and it means

harvard wave


how does tsunami occur there are


two main reasons for occurring a tsunami

first one is sub-oceanic volcanic


you can see in this image in the

ocean a volcanic eruption

can be occurred and for that

a tsunami can also be occurred

the second region

is earthquake when

earthquake is occurred a tsunami

can be the after effect

of the earthquake


let's talk about wavelength and

speed of tsunami

actually the wavelength of tsunami

is long wavelength and that can be

over 100 kilometer

and the periods is

longer than 1 hour

and the tsunami speed is basically

725 kilometer

per hour


a tsunami can be very much powerful

then let's talk about the energy of a


the loss of energy equals to 1

divided by lambda since lambda

very long little energy

lost webs can travel

great distances and still be very


you can see in the lower image

this is the open sea and

tsunami may be occurred in this place

and the destructive

effect you may understand

by this illustration


how we can detect a tsunami

there is a meter named

sonometer and that is a

generic term for a device or

system for the detection of tsunami

you can see the

meter that is sonometer this is the


and the

specific system that is used to detect

the tsunami

is sonometer mooring system

this is the whole illustration of

sonometer mooring system


let's talk about the damages that can be

occurred due to tsunami first of all

a massive distraction

buildings different constructions can be

collapsed due to tsunami

and a massive death can also be

occurred in the place where a

tsunami is occurred


another damage

is disease different

diseases can be

introduced to the specific place

where the tsunami is occurred spatially

environmental impact is most important


different environmental impacts for


air pollution then

agricultural damage can also be occurred

due to this tsunami

the last one is psychological effect

basically when a tsunami

occurs in a place

the community

can face psychological effects

how to minimize the impact of tsunami

as we know several impacts or effects of


with the help of the previous slide

now we have to know how to minimize the

impacts of tsunami first of all

there are some constructive measures for


building construction


i'd like to emphasize this one because

if we the human beings

want to minimize the impact of tsunami


we can take necessary strips

to build some constructions that will be

really helpful to minimize

the impact of tsunami

but natural minimization is

healthy coral reefs if

healthy coral reefs are available in the

coastal region then tsunami

impact will be minimized drastically


furthermore we can do field

survey of recent tsunamis and

geological investigations to figure out

the possible next

tsunami occurrence and in this way

we can prepare ourselves

to fight against the tsunami

the last one that is listed in this

slide that is mangrove forest

mangrove forest naturally acts

like a shield for the coastal community

it can minimize the impact of tsunami

very effectively

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tsunami i hope this video is gonna be

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