TSUNAMI FACTS - Five Ways how Tsunami are Formed


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it's about our channel favorite topic

tsunami we want to explain find ways how

tsunamis are form maybe you will be

surprised that earthquake is not the

only cause even it is most common



it's tsunami from Japanese harbor leis

is a series of ways in a water body

caused by the displacement of a large

volume of water generally in an ocean or

a large lake



the vast majority of tsunamis formed due

to earthquakes specifically tectonic

tsunamis as an earthquake happens the

ground beneath the water is moved up and

or down abruptly and as this movement

happened a mass of water is displaced

and starts moving in all directions

this marks the start of a tsunami as the

way it starts moving toward the shore a

series of things starts to happen first

of all water gets over and show over as

a result the height of the tsunami

starts to increase and can increase

dramatically this is the main cause why

these waves are so dangerous because

when they carry on huge masses of water

and when they get closer to the

shoreline because the water gets over

their high starts to increase

tsunamis don't stop once they hit land

much of their energy is dissipated and

reflected back but some of it is still

maintained and tsunamis will continue to

cover inland until all their energy is

gone so don't think that if you are a

bit farther from the beach you are safe

in some rare instances tsunamis can also

travel up river valleys





landslides landslides of various kinds

can push water around mountains may

crumble to the sea as the Sun goes

mudslides may pop into lakes and

reservoirs and land that lies entirely

beneath the waves may fail in all cases

the landslide material displaces water

and the water responds in a very large

waves that spread rapidly out in all


many landslides occur during earthquakes

so landslides can complicate seismic

tsunamis the role of landslides in

tsunamis has become more important as

tsunami modelling has advanced the

deadly ated tsunami in Papua New Guinea

on 17 July 1998 was preceded by an

earthquake of magnitude seven but phase

magis couldn't make the seismic data

match that tsunami observations until

sea floor surveys later showed that a

large submarine landslide was also

involved now awareness has been raised


volcanoes can form tsunamis through two

mechanisms either they coops or they

eject matter with such strength that

they uplift the water in the first case

land-based volcanoes can also cause

tsunamis if they are very close to the

sea meteorites if you have ever thrown a

pebble into the water you've seen that

it creates ripples the meteorite is kind

of the same thing except it waits if you

curable this kind of tsunamis are very

rare but not impossible




the asteroid linked to the extinction of

dinosaurs which created the Chicxulub

crater in the Yucatan approximately 66

million years ago would have caused an

over 330 feet tall mega tsunami the

height of the tsunami was limited due to

the relatively shallow sea in the era of

the impact in deep sea it would be 2.9

miles tall man innate or triggered

tsunami there have been studies of the

potential of the induction of and at

least one actual attempt to create

tsunami waves as a tectonic weapon there

has been considerable speculation on the

possibility of using nuclear weapons to

cause tsunamis near to an enemy

coastline nuclear testing in the Pacific

probing ground by the United States

seemed to generate poor results

Operation cross rose 5 to 20 kilotons of

TNT bombs one in the air and one under

water above and below the shallow 160

feet waters of the Bikini Atoll Lagoon

fired about 3.7 miles from the nearest

island the waves there were no higher

than 9.8 to 13.1 feet upon reaching the



other underwater tests mainly hardtack

one-way who deep water and harder one

umbrella shallow water confirmed the

results analysis of the effect of

shallow and deep underwater explosions

indicate that the energy of the

explosion doesn't easily generate the

kind of deep ocean wave forms which are

tsunami most of the energy creates steam

causes vertical fountains above the

water and creates compressional wave


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