Reverse Seared Tri Tip | Beef Tri Tip Recipe Smoked on Traeger and Grilled on PK 360

hey welcome back to how to barbecue

right I'm Malcolm Reed today but buddy

Kendall a dares back with me if you got

a special recipe for me this is a comp

recipe for a tri-tip

right correct what are we gonna do well

we're gonna take a light trim to it

we're going to do a reverse sear and

it's gonna be delicious

hey Kendall beat me the last time we had

a tri-tip competition so I want to know

the secrets I'm gonna be on the other

side of the table I know I got an

awesome Matador prime steak tri-tip the

meats gonna be great now I just got to

learn the recipe that's right let's get

to cooking we're actually gonna take

kosher salt and do a real heavy coat of

it all around we're gonna let it set for

about 15 minutes

as soon as 15 minutes marks up you want

to rinse it pretty well to get all the

sauce off there then we're gonna go in

and season it again okay so the first

part is this salt brine that's right and

you're going heavy with kosher salt 15

minutes 15 minutes so that's the secret

so you showed me something there now so

the salts gonna tenderize and it's also

gonna bring the color back out into it

and when we rinse it off you'll see the

difference and how it looks now and how

to look then it's gonna make that prime

beef taste good we've rinsed the salt

brine off after about 15 minutes we just

come through and we're just patting it

off getting all the water off kind of

cleaning up the edges here but it come

through that your car and get it pretty

nice and deep just to tenderize that's

just to break it down a little more

you're just making it soft right yes sir

gonna go a light coat of the killer hogs

AP now I know this is exactly what you

use in the competition or all you give

it 100% now hold up up believe that

Kendall but I'm gonna trust you cuz I

know that AP's good that's right killer

hog hot of course I always say you can

use any seasoned make this recipe your

own I'm sure

oh yeah 100% then why are you using the

black pepper I just I put black pepper

on everything man I'm just a black

pepper fan I think it cooks nicely it

also gives that just a little flake of

black pepper in there and looks looks

really good once it gets good and


more heat mm-hmm matador tried to it

still has a nice little fat cap on it

and that's gonna help slow it down a

little bit you know and I like I don't

mind the extra fat on a lot of times you

get tri-tip it's really long yeah no you

don't you don't see that this one's got

good marbling it's kind of like cooking

a brisket well you know the whole

brisket you leave a quarter inch trim on

it little extra insurance on the grill

and it tastes delicious we're gonna let

the rub rest just for a few minutes once

we get it all seasoned up here then

we'll get it smoking or as you say we'll

get to cooking yeah what are you gonna

cook it on today I think we're going to

use the Trager Timberline to do the

reverse sear and then we're gonna use

the PK 360 for the sear part the tri-tip

has been hanging out here it's all

seasoned up and ready to go on the

trigger what are we looking at Kendall

about well we set it at 275 we're gonna

get the tri-tip on fat side down I'm

gonna get the thermal works dot plugged

in so we know it is about 115 degrees

I'm gonna insert it there's a lot of fat

right there I'm actually gonna insert

right here on this backside and we're

ready to go so just go to it hits about

115 yep and then we're gonna take it

over and in Syria hit it with some grill

marks and it'll be ready to serve so

let's get the pique going for that part

that's right to fire up the pique 360

we're just starting with some b-and-b

lump charcoal in a chimney get it good

and hot spread it out in the bottom of

the pique put your grill grates in place

it's ready to go

timers going off let's look at this

Trotter 15 degrees Kendall will it for

you yeah right there nice so we're going

to do the 90 degrees as I call them for

this straight on there like that get a

good push on it and Malcolm you feel set

us about a two and a half to three

minute timer on your phone there all

right so we go

in here it's gonna flip it straight over

rather than doing the the turns first

I'm gonna get both my sides and then

I'll get my side marks because it'll

cook a lot more even that way this time

we're gonna go the opposite get a good

push down on there make sure we're all


searing that fat I love it but you're

gonna love the way this tastes even

better I'll go ahead and tell you the

same thing here beautiful perfect

cross-eyed two more minutes and we're

gonna be done right we'll be ready to

eat look at that I'm calling this one no

on that is it buddy

no less perfect let's get that thing

over here to the butcher paper get it

wrapped up and let it chill out so we've

pulled it at 125 I'm gonna put a light

coat of finishing dust on here then I'm

gonna wrap it up and let it rest for

about ten minutes just a little more

just a little more I peed little salt

pepper garlic on there and we'll be

ready to go to town on this fabulous

just for the rest oh yeah that's right

clipping the butcher cyclist right are

you wrapping full and I mean I guess you

could probably go ahead and slice it but

I like I like for any models especially

the larger cuts of meat to get a good

rest on so Kendell this is a moment of

truth man was rested in about ten

minutes let's see how she's gonna unwrap

it and I'm gonna get to try it right all

right I want to see what this reversed

seared tri-tip is all about well oh I

think that is just absolutely beautiful

that is beautiful

show me what we're working with man

we're gonna start on this log this

bigger in here

oh look at the juice running on that's

what I'm talking about just go ahead and

you get it going here looky there

it smells delicious

no y'all can't smell that but when you

do it at your house who we are that's a

beauty man so Kendall what do you think

man is that exactly how you want to look

I think that is about perfect you can

see the medium rare medium rare you know

back when I beat you in the competition

I think that we had to do medium there

but you know for us eaters at the house

I mean look at that just gorgeous juices

running I mean that's what I try to it's

supposed to be good I love that reverse

their technique I mean you can't hardly

mess one up doing it that way I mean

well I'm gonna take this thing right so

you're gonna give me a bite so what

we're doing what are we doing man yeah

hang on they have ice for you I'll take

this one oh man hello little salt the

board salt man that'll do right there

that matter what prime steak is good

I might or beat man it is tender as it

can be that your card I know helped a

little but man that is flavortown and I

like it and I even like little fetcher

mom how did you I think that just made

it right there that's something that I

haven't had on the tri-tip before but it

reminds you of a brisket like you were

saying earlier that sounds good as any

tri-tip I've ever right man I'm telling

you right there well thank you sir it's

not bad from a young man from

Mississippi that is fantastic

so kiddo I'm gonna make sure I got it

down about a 3-pound tri-tip got to have

that good prime Matador prime steak salt

first kosher salt

about 10-15 minutes wash it off AP hot

rub throwing it on the smoker 275

degrees until he hits 115 internal fired

up a good grill PK 360 did a job searing

it about two minutes two minutes turn it

two minutes two minutes that's all there

is to it take it off when it's about

medium-rare that's right one point

five is where the mark will be cutted

that today and then we served it up with

a nice dish of lobster mac and cheese

three different types of cheese and I

tell you I think this right here is a

meal for a son that's a meal for a king

right sorry

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we'll see y'all next time I got to get

me another pot of this man I'm gonna cut

up some of this down there yeah go get

me one too man you know I got to get my

hands dirty in here put them on some

meat I like it I think that one's for me

good a little must get a little mop on