The Perfect Tri Tip in the Oven | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

today we're gonna make you a hero by

showing you how to guarantee tri-tip

perfection this is a tri-tip

try because it's in a triangular shape

I'll show you in a minute where it comes

from on the cow arguably one of the most

flavorful cuts of meats on the entire

animal I'm not kidding I think if you

looked up beef flavor in the dictionary

there'd be a picture of that but I'm

gonna show you how to cook this so it's

perfect and extremely delicious but we

need to trim it a bit there's a little

bit of fat on here you can buy them

trimmed which is more expensive or

untrimmed in my case that's what I

bought I'll show you how to trim this so

you can make a decision on what you want

here we go so using a sharp knife you

want to get rid of most of the fat

because you don't really need it leaving

some is quite acceptable but like these

pieces here this kind of stuff you don't

really need right like that

I'm trying to do this angle towards Max

and it's difficult just trying to clean

it up a bit look I always say this fat

is flavor but there's times and you

don't want the entire thing to be fatty

so get get some of these pieces off

right here this is a good sharp knife

talked about it before if you don't have

a good sharp knife it's just freaking

get one and I don't mean go buy a new

one if your knife is dull what I mean is

take your knives and have them sharpened

that's what you need to do it's just a

little bit like this kind of stuff I'm

gonna flying with that but now if we

turn it over you see what's here there's

a lot so take your time don't cut

yourself from arty concerned about that

so there you go right it's nicely

cleaned up you're happy with it still

tiny little bit there let's check this

out though because what's interesting is

this was $6.99 a pound so let's see how

much and the whole thing was

we can do some math here so it's three

pounds so I took off a half a pound the

difference between trimmed and untrimmed

is like three bucks a pound or two bucks

a pound it's worth it to buy it

untrimmed and then trim it if you have a

good knife if you don't have a good

knife go get the damn thing sharpened so

we're gonna go simple little neutral oil

you know I'm a fan of avocado oil that

both sides not a lot just enough that

will help our salt and pepper stick

beautifully and it's a fairly thick cut

of meat and you want to season

aggressively all the way around the

sides the edges here backside the

backside I've hit the bottom back side

forget it

lovely right so now let's swap this out

for here and look if you did not have a

roasting rack that that raises whatever

it is you're cooking off the deck of the

baking sheet you'd be fine but but I do

think that these are pretty good we'll

put a link in the show notes okay so

we've got the meat perfect it's trimmed

it seasoned and now we're gonna cook it

but to guarantee perfection and cooking

here's what I'm using a probe

thermometer that comes with one of these

guys that sits inside the meat wallah

cooks comes back to this when it gets to

the temperature you want it tells you

there is no guesswork we're gonna cook

it at a low temperature that will

guarantee perfection top to bottom side

to side end to end and wall to wall

pretty much covers everything inside a

tri-tip so we go like this

we take our probe we insert it into the

thickest part of the tri-tip or whenever

is your cooking we'll go all the way in

try and make sure you go in horizontally

because if you go down or up it could

poke through and that will just screw up

everything then we take the end that we

have right here trying to do this with


in one clean hand okay we plug it in I

hit on and now we want to set our

temperature can you see that max just

bring it down now shoot set temp sorry

there we go we're gonna go 128 128 is

our temperature that's what we want okay

132 if I miss the 128 will be our high

number and now we take this the whole

thing goes in the oven and then she goes

and now this guy sits right here and we

wait look currently 47 degrees inside

the tri-tip not for long so here's the

thing we cook it at 275 degrees the

relatively low number let's a cook

evenly all the way through giving you a

perfect tri-tip or steak or roast

whatever when when it's done well pull

it out the only thing it'll need at that

point is a little searing to give it

some color and some little texture on

the outside we're gonna make a sauce to

go on top but let me show you where it

comes from first let's go to the board

here's our cow let's make them happy we

have a happy cow look the chuck comes

from here down here is the brisket the

ribs the sirloin this little torpedo

piece in here is the tenderloin and it's

so tender because it's protected it's

not near any moving parts it's protected

by the sirloin and the flank down here

here's the round the bottom round and

this little thing right here is the

tri-tip there's two on an animal one on

each side it's a really common cutting

in California really common cut what

they call it in other parts of the

country I don't know I've had

conversations with people that don't

really understand it so if you're not in

a place where you can go readily buy a

tri-tip you should

ask your butcher for it don't know what

it is

they might just call it something else

you might already know this but if you

don't know it I'm telling you relatively

inexpensive super delicious beefy all

the way through but we're gonna make a

little thing Jesus

what could I just notice sitting here

that's horrifying half a pound of fat

remember Oprah did that show where she

lost like 67 pounds and she brought a 67

pound bag of pure like fat out were

thrown on the stage disgusting

softly we're at 97 degrees that tri-tip

will ultimately take about 45 50 minutes

ish at 275 degrees I don't know what

your oven is if it's calibrated if it's

not calibrated if you dial 275 you only

got two and a quarter then it's gonna

take longer but because you have one of

these guys in all that matters is that

it's ready when it's ready at the

temperature that you want okay but we're

gonna do this little so this came with

this recipe came about because my

youngest came for dinner the other night

I cooked the tri-tip and I wanted to put

something on top and I did this little

green onion garlic olive oil things so

we'll do it now and you know he liked

that I liked it hopefully you'll like it

cool so green onion diced like that

parsley but the same amount curly


I want this garlicky so I'm gonna put

like 3 cloves of garlic in here lovely

olive oil so and I think beginning that

being maybe like a third of a cup I want

it like you know drippy red pepper flake

1/4 teaspoon something like that kosher

salt and pepper

the last thing just a little splash of

Worcestershire about a teaspoon and we

mix mmm can you imagine just some of


just dumped on top of that steak and now

we wait for the steak to finish we're

about 25 degrees away it goes pretty

fast you go slow in the beginning then

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max it is you're waiting for the steak

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do right now right just hang out with us

dr. max is here you mean we can do this

he doesn't trust me to do this oh Jesus

careful there max is wearing one right


how do you hold on we do this big

buttons hold on no sorry

oh the joystick oh wait hold on let me

see open your jacket there you go make

America forget me and there make America

cook again hey this is badass

wait Oh what do I need him for I could

just do this whole show by myself

hey Sam and today we're gonna make a

tri-tip look I've got it down here in

the oven

oh it's heavy a [ __ ] take that back

that's awful we're a few degrees away in

that time I'm doing two things I'm

hitting a cast-iron pan because I need

to sear this on the outside to give it

some color some crust little texture and

make it freakin gorgeous but I'm also

warming watch this hold on

I don't need to look but I'm also but

I'm also warming some mashed potatoes by

the way have you seen the movie was it

bird bucks bird box have you seen it

started out great and I thought I just

went downhill really quick I didn't dig

it I watched the whole thing

but there's this bird box challenge [ __ ]

you can do blindfolded people putting on

makeup and whatever max texts and he

goes hey let's do a blindfold a cooking

segment I go I'm in two seconds it's all

a chug oh I'm in it has nothing to do

with that movie it has everything to do


let's have some fun I could cook I know

my kitchen well enough might be a

disaster but it might be great

entertainment might be fun

who knows what I can do blindfolded

anyway these are old mashed potatoes

from the other night two nights ago you

do not look that appetizing they're

drying stuff ooh ooh who wants that so

we're gonna heat him up

shite we're gonna heat him up then we're

gonna add a little bit more of the green

onion into this jazz it up a bit it's

gonna be good we need four degrees four

degrees where they're close to the

mashed potatoes first come on

so look they're they're drawing they're

lifeless if you're exciting so let's fix

that a little bit little heat underneath

we're gonna give it a little squeeze of

olive oil that will add a little

richness and a little much-needed

moisture so here we go you just mix look

they're better already

honestly they're already and now some of

the green onion out the he'll certainly

can't hurt right now it's pretty right a

little bit more of the oil and perfect

turn the heat down a bit let them sit

there they're gonna be good now for the

steak all right we're there okay turn

this off turn this off there we go okay

let's get this out all right here we go


oh boy there's nothing exciting looking

about that is there let's take out the

probe Wow let's put it there

hey I like the fat I liked a little bit

of the fat striations through this it's

really nice but now we have to give it

some gorgeous color because that's what

it needs we're going in this big

cast-iron pan right beside us so here's

what we have to do we have to turn on

the fan because it's gonna smoke like

crazy and then it goes in and this is

the top I like the top to go in face

downs first here we go

we're just trying to give it color all

the way around it's cooked perfectly

inside why am i yelling because the fan

is loud it's cooked perfectly inside we

just want to give it a gorgeous outside

to go with it and it won't take long

look at what we've done already right so

if we give this more than you know 45

seconds a minute on each side we're

gonna overdo it and we don't want to but

because it's not completely flat I got

to work on the edges a little bit then

down we go

and if you could smell the way it

smelled right now that you think that

you were in a great steak restaurant

I like the sides done - I like the ends


I like the sides done if you skip this

step you'd be making a mistake because

this is adding a lot of flavor so just

use your tongs maneuver it to where it

needs to be so it gets even color and

when you like the way it looks which is

almost now

you take it off and you cut it look oh

pretty she is or he I don't really know

what you would call a tri-tip and so we

should I suppose cut into it and look

you want to cut against the grain oh


that's why you have a cutting board with

a little moat for that so you can see

the grain runs this way we talked about

it before right like this you always

want to cut against the grain because it

will shorten up those fibers and make

everything much more tender and a

tri-tip can be a little a little tough

but not for us today here we go

okay just if there were angels that

could sing right now that would be the

right thing because this is what I

promised - what I delivered perfect

medium-rare top to bottom side to side

and end to end if I made one long cut

you would see was like this the entire

way and look at this piece right here

look this isn't there's no magic ladies

and gentlemen this is exactly what we've

just done so we should have one little

bike just because we can look how juicy

it is oh my gosh that is beef capital B

capital e capital e capital F that

tastes like beef but don't forget we've

got our little garlic green onion

parsley thing and the potatoes so let's

do this the right way shall we let's cut

some and then plate it really

beautifully we got a couple pieces here

here we go

so potatoes first a little bit like that

now a couple slices of our tri-tip like

that and then the perfect accompaniment

is that green onion garlic little red

pepper flake that is gonna be fantastic

oMG knife fork let's just get a piece

you need the mashed potato

you need the steak and you need some of

that some guy accused me of trying to be

like a porn star when I ate people are

so funny

it's just freaking tremendous mm-hmm

tri-tip forget all the other stuff this

really that kid that's the star of the


Oh Shh okay so what have we learned

we've learned that through the use of a

lower oven temperature and a probe

thermometer you can get absolutely

perfect results for any kind of meat

you're cooking that's one two we've

learned that a little garlic olive oil

parsley green onion thing the combined

to make a magnificent topping and three

we've learned that well there might not

be a three so I'll just say thanks for

hanging out with us check out everything

we put in the shownotes probe

thermometer stuff the rack to raise your

food up on a baking sheets like

subscribe comments and don't eat shitty

food because there's no reason to