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tri-tip if you guys like tri-tip you

were absolutely going to love this

tri-tip recipe thank you for stopping by

ballistic BBQ on today's video we're

gonna be slow smoking these absolutely

beautiful USDA prime try tips over

coastal Lok there we're going to be

giving them a good reverse sear all on

the Lone Star grills offset vertical

let's get going we're gonna kick this

off with just a very very basic rub I

mean Santa Maria barbecue is all about

basic and that's what we're gonna do

here kind of similar to like Central

Texas in a way as far as the routes are

concerned at Lisa so I have a 1/4 cup

kosher salt 1/4 cup ground black pepper

1/4 cup granulated garlic

about a tablespoon and a half of dried

parsley get a good shake there when you

are very simple so here our tri-tips

again USDA prime these have been trimmed

now a lot of times you'll see the tri

tips that are not trimmed in the market

and basically it's an easy trim it's

kind of like trimming a brisket you know

just trim off those ragged ends you're

gonna be removing the silver skin and

maybe trim down the fat just a little

bit so we're going to go ahead start the

seasoning I'm gonna start it on that fat

cap side nice and liberal with this

seasoning here

I bought these of tri-tips together and

they are weighed together so the

combined weight of these is about four

point six one pounds

so obviously this one's a little bit

bigger right well let the tri-tips rest

I want to kind of sweat it through the

rub here and meet you guys at the pit so

I the Lone Star running at 250 degrees

Fahrenheit and I plan on keeping it you

know between that 240 to 250 range right

now I'm burning coastal oak it's just

kind of a local indigenous wood anyone's

gonna work any wood that goes well with

me I mean Hickory any of the nut woods

anyway let's get this cooking


and there we go yeah I'm just going to

monitor the temps once it hits about I'm

gonna go to 125 on this cook I'll pull

it off let it rest and then while it's

resting I'm gonna get this bad boy

cranked up and we're gonna be using

grill grates today over the firebox so

it's gonna be a fun cook all right we've

been cooking now about 3540 minutes and

both of those tri-tips are right in that

125 range so I'm pulling them nice color

I mean they're not real big thick pieces

of meat so it's got enough smoke to

where it's gonna taste great it's not

like you know smoking a pork shoulder or

brisket for hours where you get that

really really cool mahogany color anyway

we're gonna go ahead and pull these so

I'm going to allow these guys to rest a

little bit while I'm getting this bad

boy cranked up again with those grill

grates on so soon as this is ready to go

we'll be back at the pits cheering these

guys off okay those girl grates are all

preheated we are ready to sear these

tri-tip soft and someone's gonna ask why

wouldn't I want to grill this or sear it

off on a flattop I love that that crust

that I flattop gives but on this

particular cook I'm kind of wanton does

that nice char flavor that grill marks

get already have nice smoky flavor here

so I just want to add something else and

I'm going for that more of a kind of a

santamaria flavor

I want those grill marks let's get going

so I'm gonna add a little bit of canola


these tried tips are a little bit

rounded they're not flat like a steak so

I'm just going to kind of rock it back

and forth a little bit just to kind of

make sure I get grill contact with all

the meat here

all right

that's what I wanted right there

all right that's what I'm talking about

right there

take these in and let them rest a little

bit and then we're gonna meet you guys

at the cutting board and here we are all

rested looking gorgeous I'm it's funny

I'm you know I'm smelling the smokiness

and I'm smelling the char that kind of

oak smell and then that char and when I

was a kid I mean up until it's probably

in welcoming I could say old but

middle-aged there was a restaurant but

I'd been going there since I was a kid

out here called pinnacle peaks and they

cooked steak like big porterhouse steaks

over this big open pit when I was a kid

the original location it was like right

in the center of the restaurant just

like kind of a big Santa Maria kind of a

Salt Lick looking pit and they cooked it

over oak and this is what it smelled

like in there great place it's funny if

you wore a tie in there then one of the

pretty waitresses would come running

with a bell and snip it off and give you

a kiss so of course we all wore ties

every time we'd go in there and they'd

hang them up on the ceiling on the wall

anyway that's what it reminds me of and

that's kind of what I'm creating right

now that okie Chari smell so try to kind

of weird grain pattern on this kind of

fatter end it goes this way then this

the tip the the narrow end it goes this

way so be aware that a lot of times what

I'll do is I'll kind of cut it in half

and then slice it this way then slice it

this way but for this I'm just going to

go ahead and start cutting


well that looks good

very good just a nice medium-rare and

just so tender and so juicy so enough

dilly-dallying let's try this out

it is crazy tender got a nice crust on

that I'm really happy with this here


what can I say

it's a tri-tip huh I love this cut so

much Brazil you got the picanha we've

got the tri-tip and I love them both but

this holds a special place in my heart

right now mmm anyway guys thanks for

stopping by yeah if you like the video

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