What is the Difference Between Tri Tip and Picanha?

they all welcome back to the fire and

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and today we're gonna do a little

teaching Tuesday's segment on the

difference between picanha or tri-tip

tri-tip or catania what's the difference

people get them confused all the time

but I'm going to show you the difference






alright guys one of the reasons I want

to go over this is because I see it a

lot and even in some of the YouTube

videos I've watched where people are

cooking what they think is a tri-tip or

what they think is picanha and they get

the two confused because they do look

kind of similar they do come from a

similar part of the cow but they're

really not the same

picanha or the Colette roast or the top

sirloin Capp roast is what you would

normally get if you go to a Brazilian

steakhouse like Texas de Brazil or

several others that are around very

popular in Brazil and it's part of the

top sirloin section of the sirloin

section it's actually right at the top

and usually they get confused between

tri-tip because they both are triangular

looking if you look at both of those

they do look kind of similar one of the

things you can tell with a picanha I'm

gonna flip this over here is both of

them do have a good fat cap on them this

is the tri-tip here and this is the

picanha so they both have a pretty good

fat cap on them they do look similar so

I can understand how people get confused

with them and since they do come from

the similar part of the cow I'm gonna

put a link below to this chart I think

everybody should have an understanding

of the different parts roast steaks of a

cow if you're gonna do any kind of

cooking you know you really need to

understand the difference between a

brisket full packer brisket and just a

brisket flat or picanha and tri-tip or

top round and top sirloin because there

are a lot of times they're a lot

different you cook them a lot

differently top top round which sounds

like top sirloin is a lot tougher meat

you have to cook it a lot longer than a

top sirloin so I just want to kind of

show you this how bring it up close but

there'll be a link to this down

hello want to make sure you can see that

the section I'm talking about is this

sirloin section here you can see that

this is the sirloin section of the cow

now sirloin section here if you look in

that chart that's the sirloin section

and you get all these different kinds of

cuts from the sirloin section so you get

a whole wide variety of cuts and they're

all different so you got your top

sirloin steak your top sirloin petite

roast your top sirloin filet and then

you've got your Collette roast which is

the top cap of the sirloin top sirloin

so all this section here all comes from

the top sirloin section then right below

that this is your Collette steak so this

would be you know steaks that are cut

from this roast then right underneath

that you have your tri-tip roast which

this whole piece here is one one whole

complete muscle section all right so the

tri-tip actually sits right next to this

muscle this is one big muscle here

that's cut into pieces but your tri-tip

sits right up against it and I'll link

to a video that shows somebody

butchering the hind quarter of a beef

and shows you where they pull the

picanha or the top sirloin and the

tri-tip from so but then you got these

here this is another this is the tri-tip

steak so it's that rose cut into steaks

then you got petite sirloins and then

you know a sirloin brevet steak so i'm

gonna put a link to this chart in the

description below as well so this also

goes over you know the other sections of

the cow which are prime ribs or rib eyes

or New York strips the shoulder clod or

you get a lot of your top loin roasts

and you get your Flatiron steaks it's

always good to have that chart get back

to these roasts real quick so the

picanha like I said this is more of a

steak you want to cut this section you

can do it into a roast

a lot of times you'll find this cut into

steaks and served like into the

Brazilian steakhouse they keep this fat

cap most of this fat cap on because when

this cooks you want some of this fat

this is the good kind of fat that when

it renders it makes it very tasty it

it's not very chewy once you get this

cooked the right way it's a it melts in

your mouth pretty much it's a really

good kind of fat so but a lot of times

like I said this is cut into strips and

the steaks and they put it on the

skewers and they slow roasted over the

fire but the tri-tip this particularly

hot this particular cuts not very

popular in Florida I live in Florida and

it's very hard for me to find this so I

want to thank Matador prime steaks for

sending me this and I'm gonna mention

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order for Matador prime steaks you can

get 10% off by using the code that but

it's hard for me to find tri-tip it's

more of a regional piece of meat it's

usually in the in the California Arizona

area I don't know why but the West Coast

this is this cut is very popular I don't

know why it's not as popular on the east

coast or in the Midwest but it's just

not I guess a lot of times it's hard to

cut this piece out of the top sirloin

and usually what they'll do is they'll

just cut the top sirloin out and then

everything else they'll throw in the

ground beef so a lot of times this will

just get thrown into ground beef but

it's a really good but one of the things

with the right tip you can tell it's a

tri-tip is because the way the grain

goes if you look at this look at the

grain on the picanha it all goes one way

into where the triangular shape kind of

goes into a point it all goes one way on

the tri-tip it actually goes two

different ways you got this section here

where the grain is going this side and

then here it's going this way so that

the grain is kind of run over into this

triangle here so you got two different

grains going into here but this is

supposed to be a lot you know pretty

tender kind of cut of meat you just got

to cut it the right way

same with picanha when you cut this into

steaks you got to cut it with the grain

and then when you cut it when you're

eating it you're going to cut it against

the grain both of them are very tender

they get cooked a little bit different

you can cut them both into steaks the

tri-tip is usually left as a roast and

cooked either with a reverse sear or you

can see we eat and you can't get it

makes you just got to be careful the way

you butcher a like I said the biggest

thing with the tri-tip is you got to

look out for the way the grain goes

because if you're trying to if you cut a

steak with the grain and you try to bite

into it it makes it a lot tougher if you

cut it against the grain then you chew

it it makes it a lot more tender so I

hope this helps guys I hope so you can

figure out now like I said there's a lot

of confusion out there and since they do

look very similar if you can see they're

both triangles so people will just see a

triangle go that's a tri-tip because

it's got three points that's not a

tri-tip that's a picanha that's a

tri-tip picanha you can find if you go

to a latin market if you have any Latin

markets you can ask in your butcher at

your grocery store if they don't know

what picanha is don't know what Collette

roast is or top sirloin cap you can ask

for that you might have to have them cut

some custom butcher it for you I know

every once in a while you can find it in

a grocery store but if you have any kind

of Latin grocery stores in your market

they have it usually so tri-tip it's

gonna be a lot harder to find you it'll

be hard to find commercially you know at

your local grocery store because the

cuts of meat that they get are boxed

beef and they usually don't have this

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