How To Grill Tri-Tip Gordon Ramsay Style On A Weber | Ft. Kosmos Q

on today's video we're knocking out

Gordon Ramsay style tri-tip

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video we're gonna be knocking out Gordon

Ramsay style tri-tip

if you notice the last couple of videos

we did we've been in a state series and

if you want to find out and watch all

the other ones you can click right up

here but we've been on a steak series

and we did cast iron steak Gordon Ramsay

style and we also did tri-tip then I

thought man what if we put the two

together so that's what we're gonna do

today all right so let's just jump right

on in I have a pan here so here's how

we're gonna do we're gonna rub it with

Texas beef we're gonna put it on the

Weber we're gonna sear it and then as

soon as we're done searing it we're

gonna put it in a half pan with we have

a stick in three-quarters of carry goat

butter the gold Kerrygold we have some

thyme some some garlic and some rosemary

we're gonna throw it all in here and

then spoon that butter on it as soon as

we're done searing it so we're going to

cook it we're gonna sear it right then

we're gonna put it in the pan and move

it indirect and just spoon butter on it

until it hits a hundred and twenty four

degrees so let's just jump right into oh

and by the way I want to thank Porter

Road meets they're the one that sent us

this beautiful tri-tip and for those of

you they left the fat on the bottom some

some of the fat on the bottom we're not

going to trim it we're just going to

cook it so everybody in the pool these

garlic's you want to make sure you you

kind of crush them just a little bit

you see that

all that in there gonna get some rubs on

here and the Texas beef man this is

going to be perfect for that sear and if

you guys don't have any Texas beef at

the house use whatever you want doesn't

matter the only thing that matters is

that you like what you're cooking all

right so let's get this on the Weber get

your cookie


this is virtually caveman style right

here the coals are setting right under

the grate look at that already just

minutes not even 30 seconds 40 seconds

this is not going to take



now we just let the butter melt start



I drove in here and I'm gonna cook this

one to 124 I'm gonna baby this so we're

sitting at 60 66 so hey leave me a

comment down below how you like to cook

tri-tip and is there another way I

should be doing it this smells freaking


alright so it's a hundred twenty-four as

you've seen we've been spooning our

butter on all right so we're gonna pull

it off get it over here and let it rest

for about 15 minutes 10 15 minutes slice

this baby up alright so we're going to

let this tri-tip rest for about ten


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right so we've left this sucker rested I

can't take it no more this smells

freaking amazing he smelled over there

it smells awesome

so just to recap we rubbed it with Texas

beef seared it put it in a pan with a

stick and 3/4 of Kerrygold butter

there's about 5 or 6 cloves of garlic

thyme and rosemary pulled it to the

indirect side and cooked it to 124

degrees and while we was basting it up

until that point pulled it off let it

rest for about it's been about 15

minutes actually let it rest for about

15 minutes and now it's just time to dig

in and see what we got you ready this is

all right so let's give her a taste man

that is look at that that's beautiful

freakin nailed that sucker you see that

dude that is in freakin sang you guys

got to try this at your house you have

to try so I've been getting a lot of

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Cosmo calm

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