How to Butcher a Beef Tri-Tip

hi I'm Josh Ozersky for Esquire magazine

and I'm here in publican quality meats

one of the country's true meat mecca's

I'm here with Missy kori Missy is the

chief butcher and the one of the chef's

sous chef I think is technically your

title and she is here with a beef corner

from Slagle farms which is downstate a

little bit it's very very Illinois all


she's got to cut out the tri-tip I just

want to get out of the way and show you

what a real woman looks like with a

knife so this is the hind quarter the

back half or quarter of the cow we're

going to take out the tri-tip

well then I'm gonna I'm gonna we just

yeah we were moving around the meats

before here to get them twelve fit it

was like I was saying like it was meat

hrus give us a quick it was a quick walk

through here Missy with what with water

looking at our different parts of what

you're going to cook on the hindquarter

this is the shank all right up here ah

oh my legs

yeah and so forth what has been removed

are the rounds we turn those into roast

beef right that's around that's just for

roast because nobody likes slicing the

little pieces

your own place then the tri-tip again

under here is where you would find your

flank steak which has already been


and then this is your porterhouse if you

take out your whole stormy one yet this

is the entire short line you take this

chine out so you have this the new when

you think of the New York Strip or shell

loin on one side and then the fillet or

tenderloin on the other side and I

always get confused which somewhere

mystical Porter has to t-bone this way

or Porter has to t-bone that way it's

gonna go

porterhouse to t-bone this right and the

farther down you go the littler the

filet becomes but the better the strip

becomes because you get rid of that

nerve steak right and then this is the

sirloin up here and we age both of these

parts separately actually on the wall up

behind esterification

oh that's cool one last thing look at

this this is the secret weapon

this is the thing that the great meat

people have access to or even know about

this is your kidney suet which would

correspond to like leaf lard or whatever

in a pig melt this baby down that is the

magic meat elixir all right well listen

Missy I have to go upstairs I got Action

Bronson waiting for me of course I can't

keep him waiting

she's actually Action Bronson the other

rapper he's a rapper his dream is to be

a chef just shows you how much

food brings us all together anyway yeah

we put this out don't stab me thank you

thank you dinner elephant of a meat cook

and a meat cutter

I'm Josh Ozersky for Esquire and he's

like a man