Have You Ever Prepared this Little Known Cut of Beef?


hey guys I'm Seth Perkins today we're on

the cutting room floor here white for

the meats we want to show you how to cut

and trim a beef tri-tip one of our

favorites and not only we're gonna show

you how to cut it and trim it we're

gonna take this one to the grill so let

me grab a hindquarter what we have here

is an entire hind quarter of beef now

keep in mind that this animal was split

in half so this is just one hind quarter

this is the shank this is a short loin

flank round sirloin this is where you

would extract us the strip steaks

tenderloin here on the inside if you

watch our how to cut a beef video which

we previously posted a few months back

you can see us cut all those different

items however today we're going for the

tri-tip so check this out

our cutlery Arsenal we're gonna use our

Victorinox 6 inch boning knife that we

have on our website everybody knows

about we're also gonna use an 8 inch

breaking knife then of course our 10

inch polished steel so what I'm gonna

start with first is the 8 inch breaking

knife and our meat hook I like to start

making a cut right here at the top of

this flank pulling this flank down

removing this rose meat

once we get this rose meat removed we'll

pull the flank off just like that now

what we're going to do is we're going to

extract the tri-tip out of this this is

a cut that is not hugely popular on you

know throughout the United States and

all different areas kind of gained

popularity on the west coast move to the

East Coast kind of into the Midwest I

should say this cut we've grown to love

it's absolutely delicious it's very

economical you can feed a lot of people

with it super tender super juicy just

one we really enjoy so this is folks

have been asking for more cutting slash

cooking videos and we thought this would

be a good one to start out with so let's

just get started there's a knuckle right

here and what we're pulling is going to

be the beef sirloin tip the round tip

portion so we just use our 8-inch

breaking knife we pull that down and

when you extract this you want to get as

much of the tri-tip as you possibly can

and I'll show you how to do that you

have to take your knife and start it

right here along this side if you don't

do this part

you'll lose a bunch of the tri-tip

during this process so you can see

there's a seam right here and I'm just

using the tip of my knife continuing

pulling down with that downward pressure

that we talked a lot about you can see

that right here is the bottom tip of

that tri-tip we want to make sure that

we get all of it out of there so we just

use the tip of our knife following it

all the way down

and out just like that being careful

that you don't cut too far into this

portion right here because located right

behind that is your sirloin so keep that

in mind now what we want to do remove

the knuckle start by peeling this cap

off this round tip if you follow that

seam you can slowly work your use your

knife and a little pressure and you can

peel that right out so now that we've

removed the round tip we're gonna get

started extracting this tri tip we will

remove some of this excess fat as you

can see the the grains are even start to

start and reveal those inside that that

tri-tip there now when we grill a


we like to take quite a bit of this

external fat off the reason being is

that in today's demonstration we're

going to be using a trigger pellet grill

so with a pellet grill application we

feel like it's just it's better to

remove majority of this fat it doesn't

render down quite as much inside a

pellet grill if you were using a

charcoal grill you could maybe leave you

know a little bit more of this fat cover

on there this is how we like to do it so

that's how we're going to show you

be careful that you don't cut into the

meat too much but remove all the

exterior off of this tri-tip so once

that portion is done we want to remove

the silver skin if there's any of that

on there

as you can see it's starting to take

shape now we'll flip it over and we'll

fly it like a fish using our agents

breaking knife and we're pretty well

trimmed up so that is how you extract a

beef tri-tip from a hind quarter and

trim it now what we're gonna do is we're

gonna season this and we are going to

use our beard butcher black seasoning on

this it's a coffee rub has a little bit

of molasses in it some people have

referred to it as a candy coating for me

absolutely phenomenal on a cut like this

and as you can see these grains are

running this way so we're gonna season

it we're gonna smoke it low and slow

probably at 165 to 175 degrees we're

gonna take this to an internal temp of

about 110 then we're gonna crank our

temperature up to 500 taking it to an

internal temperature of 135 at that

point we'll pull it we'll let it rest

we'll slice it against the grain

guaranteed to be absolutely amazing so

come with me let's throw it on the grill

all right processing happened right over

here with this tri-tip before we head to

the smoker we're gonna put some beer

butcher blend seasoning on it today

we're using our black blend available in

a 5.5 ounce bottle on our website or a

four and a half pound bucket so we

highly recommend using our black

seasoning on red meats it pairs very

very well it's a coffee rub has molasses

in it like we mentioned before as a

friend of ours described it a candy

coating for me so we're just gonna go

ahead and get started where I open this

package and start seasoning

as you can see with this tri-tip we've

removed the silver skin removed a good

portion of the fat this is going on our

treasure pellet smoker so it's important

to remove a good portion of that before

you do the seasoning process so you can

be pretty liberal with your seasoning

you can't really over season it on

something like this this has been

sitting out at room temperature for

about an hour it's important to bring

the internal temperature of this cut up

that way everything cooks evenly so

we're just going to go ahead and coat

this on all sides with our black

seasoning and you can see that the

seasoning is actually starting to soak

into the meat a little bit and the salt

and the seasoning will pull a little bit

of the moisture out of the cut so and

you can see it's gonna almost have a

little bit of a wet look to it as it

sits here like I said you can't really

over season it just get a nice nice

coating on there and since we created

the black seasoning

this is by far our favorite for a cut

like this and tri-tips are something

that we've grown to love and enjoy so at

this point we're ready to go on the



aha BRR it's 15 degrees in Ohio but you

know what that's not stopping us from

grilling trigger ironwood 885 it's been

preheated we haven't set to 165 degrees

and we're gonna show you how

ridiculously easy it is to make a

tri-tip and to do it on the trigger

pellet grill meantime I'm gonna open

this thing so I can get warm because

it's freezing out here

pretty pretty simple process like I said

the grill is set at 165 degrees we are

simply going to take the tri-tip place

it on our great take our meat probe

putting it into the thickest portion of

this tri-tip and what we want to do is

we want to take the internal temperature

of this tri-tip up to about a hundred

and ten degrees when it reaches 110

degrees we're gonna crank this grill up

to 500 500 will probably only take I'm

thinking maybe 10 to 15 minutes we're

gonna pull this at an internal a

finished internal temp of 135 degrees

and then we will let it rest cut it

against the grain and serve it and we'll

tell you give you some examples of some

ways to servant some different dishes

and things like that then you can make

so just for a little added measure we're

gonna put just a little bit more

seasoning on there because hey why not

there it is we're gonna let this baby

rest and we're also going to hit super

smoke mode we have this bin filled with

hickory pellets so this one's getting

smoked over hickory wood when it reaches

110 we're gonna crank our tap see you


alright guys so here we are inside our

treasure room at white feather meats the

beauty of a treasure is is that we can

use the app on our phone so we've

reached 110 degrees internal temp which

took about an hour so now what I'm going

to do is I'm simply going to raise the

temperature of the grill

to 500 and then I'm going to hit set

temp and we will wait for the probe to

reach 135 will pull the tri-tip let it

rest we just reached 135 degrees

internal temp of our tri-tip so let's go

ahead and open the grill and let's check

it out

boy doesn't that look good you can see

the juice is coming out of it sizzling

away that looks fantastic so what we're

gonna do now is we're gonna pull this

off and we're gonna take it inside and

slice it total time so far has been just

under an hour at 165 degrees grill temp

we reached an internal temperature of

110 we cranked our grill to 500 and then

it only took about another 15 to 20

minutes to get it to an internal temp of

135 so that's where we're at now let's

go ahead and pull the probe out we're

gonna go ahead and dial our grill back

just to keep things warm you never know

we might want to cook supper on here

later and then we're gonna go ahead and

pull this tri-tip off look at that

beautiful custom cutting board a friend

of mine gave to me looks like a nice

place to put that tri-tip and look at

that just absolutely gorgeous cut of

meat then we're gonna take inside and

slice up to see how we did I made sure I

showed up for the taste test the old

Redbeard only reason there he is it's

the only reason why I'm here

okay so the tri-tip has rested for about

10 minutes now for the slice and the

taste test just start going against the

green here you can see the juice is just

running out of this tri-tip pouring all

over my cutting board that just looks

amazing it's one of the things we really

love about the trigger is the fact that

you retain all those natural juices the

cool thing about cooking a tri-tip is

that you can feed a lot of people with

one of these it's a fairly inexpensive

cut you can just slice it serve it like

this you can make all kinds of you can

make beef tacos you can make quesadillas

whatever you want you can do with this

tri-tip so I think at this point we're

just gonna go ahead and give it a sample

tastes like amazing steak got some of

those kind of brittle

get qualities but it's so much easier

and shorter period of time than a

brisket it's it's incredible Oh huh the

smoke the smoke BAM right there the

hickory smoke and then I get that the

black seizing I'm gonna just get this

rich beefy flavor right it's just like

so juicy tender and juicy

what pellets did you use this was the

the hickory pellets believe it or not

inside this tri-tip the grain actually

turns a little bit so if you want to

slice in one direction then kind of turn

it and slice the other so that you keep

going against the grain but this is this

is delicious make for an excellent meal

too bad YouTube doesn't have

smell-o-vision get all those senses

going and that black seasoning Wow

there's absolutely nothing preventing

you from having this exact same

experience at home by simply buying the

seasoning clicking the link in our

description for a trigger takes you to

the website and you can do all this at

home have the exact same experience that

we're having time and again over and

over and over absolutely so what we

wanted to do with this video is we

wanted to show you where the tri-tip

comes from on the beef carcass how it's

cut how it's trimmed and how we cook it

and ready to eat so there it is don't

forget we're the bearded butchers right

here whitefeather meats crest in ohio

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thanks for watching guys