Smash and grab at trading card store

caught on camera a thief uses a

sledgehammer to smash his way into a

card store in Liberty 41 Action News

anchor Krista dooble spoke with the

owner it's just utter devastation

thousands of dollars in trading cards

gone in just minutes

surveillance video captured the suspect

early Friday morning you see him using a

sledgehammer to break in and grab about

40 Patrick mahomes and Tyree kill card

there was a lot of cleanup and there was

a lot of expense Patrick Dolan opened

Casey's finest sports cards in

memorabilia in Liberty one year ago his

family spent the day cleaning up the

glass hoping to get his shop back in

order for a children's event Friday

night the reason why we opened the shop

was for the kids that was the big thing

to get kids back into hobbies and back

into collecting insurance is expected to

cover the loss other trading shops are

also keeping an eye out for the serial

numbers on the stolen cards as for the

suspect Dolan believes the man came in

earlier that day and he wants to warn

other small businesses when the

gentleman came in there was obviously it

was a little off some of the questions

he was saying and things like that so

you just got to be aware of those things

Krista do bell 41 Action News