How Do I Open a Trading Card Shop - Grosnor Distribution

hi I'm Dave Yates owner of gross new

distribution located in Toronto Ontario

and they've had you get your start in

the business working in a printing

company we made posters for the Toronto

Blue Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs

the company in 1989 became the Canadian

distributor for Pro Set and I got my

first days of the trading card industry

and you guys have really expanded quite

a bit now yes we are I guess we have I

not only do I sell trading cards I sell

many licensed products hard line goods

and card collectible games and

everything that a hobby store would need

now why do you think right now is a good

time for someone to open up a hobby

store now is a great time to open up a

hobby store the market has settled down

the manufacturers have great programs

the emphasis is on the brick-and-mortar

store and the environment is is very

healthy and Dave what what's one tip

that you would give someone who is

thinking about opening up a trading card

shop I would definitely have them do a

lot of market research make sure that

they know their surrounding areas make

sure there's some schools within a

walking distance of their stores and to

make sure that there are no other card

stores in the immediate vicinity

now what services does groznyi provide

the shop that's just getting started

well we like to work with new customers

it requires an incredible investment to

open a new trading card store so we

would assist in inventory if that store

came to us and wrote a good business

plan we would definitely work them

through the pre-order process and make

sure that they didn't experience any

mistakes in ordering in excess of

products and or in not enough product

kind of a back and forth until they

actually got that you know used to how

the industry totally works

now you mentioned business plans and

that's something that hobby shops you

know new hobby shops tend to have

difficulty writing what are some

mistakes you think people make or what

are some things that you think people do

really good with regard to their

business plan well not enough research

and you may be a card collector but you

may not know anything about the inner

workings of the industry so you know

that would be I think so it makes sense

for them to talk to a distributor or

other maybe even other shops yes yes you

know I I often say to people you know

even if you can get a job for a little

while in the shop and experience the

atmosphere and you know it's always

helpful now Dave how would a new shop

get in touch with you and and get your


we were very web-based we get a lot of

requests online weekly they're not

always qualifying accounts but basically

you're out there on the line you search

Canada trading cards we come up and then

there's a whole step by step process

that they would follow and then one of

my account managers we reach out to them

garage our distribution thanks so much

Dave thank you