How Do I Open a Trading Card Shop - Pittsburgh Sports Cards and Steel City Collectibles

hi I'm Sean Bennett with Pittsburgh

Horse Guards calm with károly own and

operate 12,000 square foot warehouse

building up the keys for Pennsylvania as

well as two retail stores I quote still

City collectibles in the Pittsburgh area

primarily specialize in trading cards

and boom boxes recently we've had single

cards autographed memorabilia and

license novelty items now Sean how did

you get your start in the business

basically I was just leave for money

just like any other kid I'd ask my

parents for stuff and their typical

response was to get a job so nobody the

hire somebody 12 years old so I happened

to be walking in at Toys R Us and saw a

baseball card price guide unto this day

which I still have ultimately I was

looking through it and noticed one of

the cards in that book was worth $10 and

after 12 years old $10 a lot of million

dollars so I purchased the price guide

took it home hooked up all these cards

and I'm going to flea market my friends

that weekend I was eight dollars for a

table we split it four ways there's two

bucks apiece we each got two foot table

apiece pretty much that's the end of it

they spent all their money that day on

video games I just had to keep buying

cards except selling cards they

eventually all got out of it and we just

bought the business right from there Wow

now how do you what do you think someone

should open up a trading card store I

mean for me as sports has always been a

passion of mine and ultimately I enjoyed

collected training cards as a kid

basically going to work everyday is not

going to work if you could find

something that you like to do and if you

love sports about trading cards

obviously I have the reason now what are

some benefits in you know having your

own trading card store well a couple

years ago I guess you could argue

there's really not that many benefits in

it I mean right now you're giving a lot

more support from manufacturers product

but from the league's as well I think

right now is a good time to get back

into the industry there's programs and

you know price structures in place where

people can actually make a living with

this with some hard work but ultimately

that's what takes this hard work now if

you had one tip for someone who is gonna

open up a trading card store what would

that tip be I think it's uh

definitely don't buy what you like buy

what the consumer asks you for I mean

ultimately you know you might like to

wear blue shirts but all your customers

wear green shirts if you only stock blue

shirts it's not gonna work

so listen to your customer I guess would

be my main tip carry what they want and

from that now you've had a tremendous

amount of accept success in expanding

your business going from you know flea

markets to a shop to online to to

multiple shops talk to us about how you

were able to ramp up your business well

I mean with every year that seems like

this industry or every industry for that

matter changes and you have to make the

changes necessary for your company to

succeed to succeed

so if we saw a niche and whether it was

beanie babies or you know hogs at the

time years ago and we added those to our

inventory we just find that if we go

with the market niches it works out best

for us

thanks so much John