Thief steals Chiefs trading cards from Liberty store

a local family business is out thousands

of dollars tonight after a thief with a

taste for collectible smashed his way in

and as police continue the search for

the suspect the shop's owner is pleading

for the burglar to do the right thing he

told our Leslie Aguilar what happened

KC's finest sports cards and memorabilia

is a small family business I've always

been into it I started collecting when I

was 6 or 7 years old Patrick Dolan

opened the shop when he realized his

old-school hobby was becoming popular

again with kids they played video games

that you know let them open up digital

packs of cards and so they're kind of

coming in and asking those questions

because they're getting exposed to it

digitally and they're looking to get

something that they can hold in their

hands Friday morning a thief got his

hands on about 40 collectors cards using

a sledgehammer to get in the store and

break open three glass cases as soon as

Liberty Police were were notified they

were here within a couple of minutes and

so he only had about a minute in our

shop to grab stuff a minute was enough

though those stolen cards were worth a

couple thousand dollars when you factor

in the smashed door and shattered cases

not to mention the damage cards inside

them this thief cost this shop about ten

thousand dollars we have an inventory

system for every single card that we

have in here and so we knew exactly what

cards were taken and a lot of them were

serial numbered all the stolen

collectibles were Patrick mahomes and

Tyriq Hill cards many of them

autographed Dylan Bellinis met the thief

who took them we were in the deck there

are a lot of characteristics similar to

the guy that was then earlier in the day

and the cards that were taken were the

ones that he looked at and so we have a

strong feeling that he came in earlier

doan is confident Liberty police will

catch the thief at this point it's just

I feel sorry that somebody thought that

they had to come in and and steal

basically for to make a fast buck

instead of letting those cards go to

kids and collectors which is what they

were intended for he'd be happy with

whoever this is anonymously returning

the one-of-a-kind cards in Liberty less

laggy lad KCTV 5 News