what's going on guys Justin with trading

cards more here today I decided to take

a run out to some Walmart's and some

targets to try to hopefully find that

panini Prizm basketball I haven't be

able to find any at my local Walmart and

targets and stuff like that so that and

just see what kind of cool products we

can find today maybe some clearance

stuff stuff like that I'm gonna take you

guys in with us into the store with me

to target some Walmart's I think there's

like four or five targets maybe five

Walmart's so there's like nine stores

total but yeah we just arrived his first

target we're gonna go in there and see

what all you got let's go to it

all right it's not like that kind of

stuff here

so this is the problem I run into

there's just all football and tons of

baseball garbage pail kids wrestling

sometimes I have some more cards in the

back to this we'll go check that out

yeah sometimes they got some extra

pokemon cards in toy area shiny legends

box try like 50 bucks some hidden fates

I've already opened those before nothing

too exciting here so




all right we're at the second store it's

a Walmart

I looked everything over they had this

tops chrome baseball and it says it has

five pink refractor cards normally

there's only three so I've never seen

one like that before so I'm definitely

by that I don't think it's update

serious but we've done good on those

before you know all football and pretty

much all football and some baseball but

nothing good no mystery box it's just

these power pack ones I think those suck

I'm not sure

yep I think those we're gonna get here

is the top scroll update or at tops

chrome that'll be fun to open in a

future video


all right third story was a bust I went

into Walmart I didn't film inside there

because there's employees standing

around there I didn't find anything they

had panini Prizm draft picks box that

was completely empty I asked them if

they know what day the person comes and

refills everything but none of them knew

so no inside information this time but

that's all right

the next stop is a target so hopefully

we did better at that 1/4 store of the

day another target here not seeing


man I got all this shelf space it's like

what was sitting here that's now no

longer there it's just the same stuff

that every store

now we're in the back check out what

they have back here we should get some

logs and good baseball cards or

something those are in the clearance

been at my heart hold the phone

I got some baseball with the three pink

parallels just 949 but I think it might

1099 one why these have three Pinker

factors all got one five

let me just get them anyways it's got

some tops here see anything I want some

three pink refractors

that from Cheers it's pretty funny

I think that's all we're gonna get here

at Target we're gonna head to the next

door we just got the story five this

place doesn't have some stuff is junior

football football football

diners basketball completely sold out

and like the round stuff down here

so all football

and it's like they haven't stopped

Indians places recently

kind of a dead end here


yeah six story today about another

target me tons of baseball tons of

football same old song and dance

you guys kept set I'm gonna see the

first time ever sweet put the taps

chrome nothing too exciting

still no prison basketball just doesn't

look like they've stuffed any any stores

lately that's the way it looks

I just made it to the back here

tons of Pokemon stuff I don't see any

baseball or basketball or anything so


where the heck is a baseball cards

apparently they just have them up from

here all right looks like we're only

getting these through the next door


we're at store number seven this is

another target is it gonna be the same

song and dance side we've got some more

of these so these are 949 here at Target

and they were 1099 at Weber and I get a

target card 5% off here so pretty much

no tax Walmart ends up being over 1150

so they basically paying two dollars

extra at Walmart but getting the two

extra refractors

let me see absolutely no basketball here

this looks a lot like the last one

they got Pokemon that's about it alright

we got two stores left set out to

another mirror in the sky what is love

can't a child within my heart rise this

place is pretty much a bus so we're

gonna head to the next one guys last

Walmart guys it looks like the

basketball has been bought out once

again that's some football got baseball

optic lots and lots of football off some

prison baseball some optic baseball

done with football clearance stuff

nothing good


the last target of the day ooh

caps chrome update nice last target of

the day so looks like they got quite a

bit in here like nine boxes something I

need to grab a card nice okay ask him of

course of course all right guys we made

it back home so we got the 14 boxes of

tops chrome update that was awesome

towards the end there and then we got I

believe eight packs of the retail tops

chrome and then tops chrome from Walmart

we got five packs so we got there's

gonna be 49 pink refractors out of those

so that's going to be cool we'll

probably do those in one video and then

we'll probably these in a separate video

so make sure you subscribe you want to

see that and see if we can get some

awesome poles hopefully some good short

prints and possible autographs out of

here we should get on average two

autographs out of all those boxes so I

think we'll do good make sure you

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hopefully you liked today's video I know

it's a little different we went into a

bunch of Walmart's targets just

searching out some good stuff

unfortunately we didn't find any of the

basketball stuff that we really wanted

to find but we did find the taps chrome

and tap scroll updates so yeah let me

know what you thought thanks for

watching and we'll see you next one