How Do I Open a Trading Card Shop - Wayne's Sportscards

Wayne Wagner Wayne sports cards and

collectibles been in business for 22

years and where you located Wayne

Edmonton Alberta and tell us a little

bit about how you got your start in the

business it's something that I always

wanted to do I always wanted to run my

own business and I thought what a better

way to do it then get into the sports

cards and collectibles industry now what

are some benefits of being an owner and

operator of a sports card store exactly

that you get to do something you enjoy

doing and the interaction with your

customers getting to talk sports and

getting to talk collectibles that's

great now if you had one tip for someone

who is starting their business and as a

trading card owner or any card store

owner what would that be do it with

passion if you enjoy it you enjoy what

you do that much it's gonna be

infectious and it's going to hit your

customers when you're talking to them

and the way you present yourself and the

way you present your business now Wayne

it's important for a shop to have a good

business plan to get started tell us how

you got your business plan together I

felt it was one of the most important

things when you open up a business it's

not just turning the open sign on and

saying here we are you have to make a

plan of where you want to start and

where you want to get to at some point

time and we all know the adage location

location location so there's a lot of

plain - opening a sports card shop so

you obviously don't want to open up a

shop right on top of another shop

correct so if you you've had a lot of

success and running some great

promotions and getting customers in your

shop tell us a little bit about how how

you get customers through that door it's

one of our favorite most favorite things

to do in the shop is holding different

types of promotions and using the media

to do that media is very open to any

type of ideas that you have that are

creative and that sound fun and that are

something that they want to present on

TV or on radio and we just love doing

promotions and it doesn't matter what it

is national hockey card day is one for

us that is very easy to promote and one

of our most successful most enjoyable

now tell us a little bit more about

national hockey card day national hockey

card day as I said is probably the best

promotion we have in this industry it's

very well thought out very well planned

by upper deck and it makes it very easy

for us to implement a little bit of

elbow grease done from our end to make

it happen

but the customers and the reward that we

see from it is is immense if someone

wanted to visit Wayne sports cards where

would they go how would they find you

well we have a website Wayne sports

cards and collectibles we are located at

one seven zero two zero 90th Avenue in

Alberta Canada great thanks so much wine

thanks Chris