The Trading Card Shops in Akihabara!

all right here's the vlog I'm not in

Japan there's my stuff here's my

carry-on there's my bed there's my money

and stuff okay look and now I'm in Japan

so I'm not gonna bore you with the vlogs

you just follow me on Instagram I had

like a highlighted story you can follow

it's super fun so far

Aki Harbor it's a huge place you come

here for the anime goods the idol stuff

and you know the goods this being a

trading card channel I want to showcase

some trading card shops that are in

Akihabara now this is not a

comprehensive list of all the trading

card shops in Akiba it's some of the

more well-known ones and some of my

personal favorites that I like to go to

there are a lot so I'm gonna kind of

rush through them a bit and I will be

giving my personal favorites near the

end of the video full disclaimer I do

play yugi'll and some other card game

that I don't remember its name

why Shores that's it so this video is

geared more towards those games but I

will mention if certain card shots

specialize in either magic Vanguard

Pokemon Duel Masters and maybe some

others like obscure card games as well

so without further ado let's go to the

first shop so we will be going to the

second floor of this building it is a

little far from Occulus station and

usually all the card shops are on the

second floor and this is grant panda

they do you do why's Vanguard you know

all that good stuff

and yes that is my finger and here they

have some promotional stuff for upcoming

card games and here is the white stuff

it is a small shop but they do have a

good selection and they have an

assortment of writers for white shores

that is about a hundred yen the staff is

actually super nice as well and they

have a good amount of yugioh cards here

I picked up some stuff and now I am

headed to the next one careful with

these stairs it's very very very tiny

you will fall literally in the building

next door is full Cup we need to go

through the shady damp entrance and yes

that is porn

I got a blur all that out so up the

stairs you will pass all the porn to get

to the card shop and these dudes only do

you do Pokemon and duel masters

unfortunately they don't do white shores

but they have a huge selection and they

have a good assortment of card sleeves

as well and I am gonna pick up these

white card sleeves and here some achieve

on Cugine that you could do

yeah these white card sleeves right here

they even have an English section of

these u yo cards a nice gloomy day out

and Akihabara and the headed west and

wait hold up that actually was the

card shop right there you will miss all

of these card shops honestly but here's

beams and right next to the premium

stage you will head up these flights of


another thing with these shops is that

usually on the second floor so keep your

eyes peeled and this current shop is

actually super small but they have a lot

of Y Shores cards unfortunately they do

not have any Commons or uncommons on

display but they also do have a lot of

Pokemon cards and a lot of you do

and yep so more of the white stuff so

again very small shop and there's all

the white stuff has but kind of in its

own corner and it is on full display as

well watch out for these stairs real do

not forget that and we are off stop by

the Family Mart and I got myself some

food to get me going and a little more

down we finds this Lawson's

and what the is what is that USA


anyways running for the Lawson's in

Monterey now Montana is a second hand

finger store but they do have card stuff

as well and as you could see here it is

a huge building and before the love of

God take the elevator to the seventh

floor that's what you'll find the cards

and while you're waiting you know look

around there's some old figures and

stuff from the condos wind looks like

for the 50s or the 60s and yeah here we

are on the seventh floor there's a lot

of old toka hot soup figures here it's

not super into it but it is pretty cool

but this floor also does have a lot of

vintage like toys and figures and stuff

like over here we have some original

Tamagotchis and oh these things okay so

these are card bricks so you'll get the

rare that's in the front and then you'll

get a a bunch of junk

pretty much so here's a Blastoise it

says oh this was like about twenty

dollars and then there's this

thing this big you heal brick it is

humongous and again most of these cars

are junk but I guess it's a good start

like a good place to start when you're

collecting and here are the cards now

one thing about Montauk is I will not

suggest it if you're here for specific

cards but you could just like come here

browse around like you're some Digimon


and yeah like I said you could just

browse around just see what is there but

if you want like specific cars like that

dad thing I don't even know what that

Pikachu thing was but yeah like I said

do not come here looking for specific

cards it's not a card shop it's just

like where people come in you know sell

their stuff moving on a little south

from under dock is this building the Aki

book culture theater go ahead and go on

to the fifth floor that is where the

card shop is that we are going to visit

and while you're on the escalators say

hello to some of the natives still going

up all right here we go now over here

walk near the back and past the trains

and there is our card shop I honestly

don't remember what it is called because

I cannot read the kanji sorry but this

card shop is super nice they have every

card game here then as well as card

games they even have play mats as well

and card sleeves Oh more they have so

many card sleeves in met I would say

honestly get your sleeves here all those

right there are play mats and all these

are sleeves standard and mini size super

super cool and these binders all contain

the cards that they own and over here

are the white drawers signed cards and

watch out for that step I did not even

take my own advice

yeah yeah right there I almost died

anyways yeah sign card so here's how you

get it let's put out a binder let's say

bunny gross Empire let's say there's a

car that I'm looking for that maybe the

Futaba stuff open it and all the cards

are there are displayed

and outside by this game store right on

the second floor of Maine dreamin right

to the left of it is dragon star now I

do follow dragon star on Twitter but I

follow the Osaka dragon star the

Akihabara dragon star is super small and

it only specializes in you do battle

spirits and duel masters but they do

have an English section though and again

cards are card shops usually on the

second floor it's a good thing I do not

have the audio because I've been I was

panting very very hard and we made it to

Dragon start again mostly yu-gi-oh and

this is actually the English section of

Dragon star and there are more cards on

the top as well those are balanced

fairest cards again very small so over

here say hello the colonel and we're

gonna go pay respects to a a card shop

that just shut down not too long ago

Carter called card world Aki bud and

there it is and actually during my last

visit in Japan I actually visited this

card shop and it is kind of sad to see

it go because it kind of shows like the

how hard shops are not really that

sustainable and it all depends like if

the community like really does enjoy the

card shop or not go back to the colonel

and go around the corner


ladies and gentlemen we have my favorite

shop hobby station this place has it all

literally everything hands-down come

here for your wife stuff the stuff it's

usually the white stuff is priced fairly

reasonably they have a huge selection

and they have a super friendly staff as


you have a comment section wait or you

can just like look through these bricks

of cards now hopefully you'll find

something that you need in there I think

they have a huge selection of white

shores cards but this is being inmense

they have sets that I don't even

remember existed upon King of Fighters

remember that and yeah these are all the

card games that the service and it is it

is a lot it is a lot a lot so here we

are on the second story where they

mainly do you do and Vanguard and

buddyfight and here is another English

section and I think I was dropping my

phone and here we have card sleeves they

do card sleeves as well they do a lot of

dojin sleeves mainly there's a lot of

loot on here to hook honestly very

nice I did pick up some card sleeves I

will show them off a little later off to

the third floor this is where we get to

like a little more obscure stuff like

whitcross light key and they do do magic

on this floor which is kind of like a

big contrast with a big American game

too like the cute-cutesy Japanese game

and here we are shaky-cam actively

anyways I did pick up some whipped cross

stuff like mainly I picked up the Emma

and I did pick up a servo because they

they did do a collaboration with kimono

friends downstairs we have this IRL

Gacha machine and I'm going to want to

do a roll and I'm going to be saving

this one for later if my big American

hand could grab it there we go alright

last two buildings you're going into

right next to Akihabara station the Jarl

ina be exact

our kingdom isn't open yet so we're

going to see a bow right now and that is

the Akihabara radio kata I think it was

called and there it is

steal a bow now ignore the first floor

you don't want to go there second floor

we have this shop I forgot what it was

called honestly but hey they have cards

so this one's one of my favorite once is

actually on the third floor the building

prices are a little expensive but they

have a huge selection of card of various

different card games and they actually

had a good majority of the cards that I

was looking for here we go at the

outside of the buildings of Pokemon

battle spirits and stuff and what is

kind of cool is that they have a retro

video game section if you're into that

and going up a little more and we made

it to steal a bow and this is honestly

one of my favorite spots the presses are

super super super cheap some of the

cheapest and all of Akihabara also there

is big magic which is actually a Magic

the Gathering shop and that's what they

specialize mainly but they do have like

some why some you know not a lot mainly

what they do is magic but cielab oh I

love this place they have every single

card you would every single card game

out in the market right now and you

actually can't film in here and so do

you told me not to film oh there's

a full cup right there well anyways

we're leaving in that building you go

out of this one and here we have card

Kingdom which is actually one of my

favorites as well they have a huge

selection like they have a lot of

obscure stuff as well and we are not

going to the first floor we're gonna go

to the one on the side I'm gonna go

straight to the top they have a YouTube

channel you should follow them

they just do like they just play games

and stuff and you just do unboxings and

all that third floor actually has all

the yugioh stuff and the fourth floor is

why Shores ain't goddamn they have a

huge selection they even have full decks

for sale no footage of the shop because

hey no filming but same deal you get a

binder and you show the cashier what

card you want and how many that you want

and they all give it to you super simple

and that is all the card shops that I

personally went to and all that I know

of now my personal favorite hobby shop

cielab oh the one on the top floor and

cart Kingdom those are the three that I

go to the most but I would go to the

other cart shops as a just-in-case

also go to the one that I cannot

pronounce that was in the Akihabara

culture center for card sleeves yeah

there is a lot so how do you get the

cards here's how you doing you go in

knowing what you're looking for and how

many copies of the card that you need

you say to the cashier SUIM assange

Kailua o kudasai which pretty much means

I want to buy a card now you see the car

name or the character name and how many

you need like for example I needed to

kudo Saudis for my wife shortstack so I

said cool Usagi wha with Tetsuo kudasai

alternatively you can say that number

like each knees sun-young and then my

which is a counting particle for a flat

object now if you don't know the card

name you can say coded s su when they

ask you which one and then you say the

number you need like yon then the

particle mind

long story short learning language super


sorry this video was super long but I

hope you learned something today expect

a haul video of some stuff that I got

for myself and my friends a little later

eventually probably when I come back

home so if you have to look out for that

if you haven't been in Japan do it super

fun take extra shifts that work don't go

around as much save money because it is

super worth it I'm having a blast and I

even worked on finishing some decks of

mine so be on the lookout for the deck

profiles there eventually thank you guys

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