good morning everybody oh sorry man

welcome back to the logs hope you're

doing well

okay it's what I'm in oh yeah all right

where we are excited today because if

you watched yesterday's vlog which we

did we were talking about this place

Dale's car and sports and gaming cards

this is nostalgic right now I used to go

here when I was in high school and

haven't been here since they got tons of

cool sports cards pretty much every type

of card you can think of they have here

so we're just gonna check it out and see

what they got Aaron what check it out go

inside you want to give some to him they

got all kinds this is so cool I can't

believe I'm in here right now this is


so many collectible Star Wars stuff

packs these are old packs like you had

Andrew free bring that 100 cards what

are there any rares in here probably not

didn't used to collect like these types

of things guys

both you guys right hey these are all

Pokemon cards define you do this the

other y but pokemon just look so cool

all the different guys okay let's ask

him if he has originals oh my gosh okay

so he found these are all original packs

look how much $24 a pack

do they put have some I bet if we got

some nobody

dude we have together we can open it for

vlog and music be so cool let's spend 20

bucks on Aaron so here is a really cool

case like this so you just push the

button in it you can look through we do

not install the rare Pokemon card we

have now these are the sports cards you

got tons of cool Jersey cards and

they're not even that bad price like 10

bucks 7 bucks for a neigh-neigh JR smith

jersey for 8 bucks and they have the

broncos over here which is epic they

don't have any assigned stuff from

Peyton Manning they have a rookie CJ

Anderson signed 25 bucks so many epic

cards in here don't really remember that

quarterback though here's all the Peyton


so this is just so full can't stop

saying that

von Miller Wow so these are cool because

they're a little more expensive 50 bucks

but three autographs per box and he said

this case are they're very rare

134 my goodness 200 for that guy is that

the most expensive one here what should

we get guys trying to decide you want to

do an unboxing video

what are you doing Andrew I'm getting a

possible package is that the one you

want yeah

that better be the best one though this

is your last jungle set what do you have

this one danger you know $60 trade neo

destiny but this one's 25 it's really

cool why which one take a good one not

telling you there's only one of these in

this this one you are the master

make a good choice and again like a pack

of cards to kind of figure out which one

though so many choices it's hard to

decide we're going to be opening them

soon so hold on we've got some other

plans for today's vlog as well you can

see back here we got longboard scooter

penny board drone what could be

happening stay tuned to watch it's gonna

be an exciting vlog thing honestly plus

I still have some packs at home you guys

saw it an open we can bring one of those

out oh yeah we'll do this definitely

today's vlog we have made it to Memorial

Park skate park

we're just here the other day I got

scooter razor and then pennyboard you

just got a longboard

we actually have never skated at this

Park before if you guys watch the vlogs

we were just here Bubble Ball versus

halfpipe if you haven't seen it go check

it out but we're gonna ride around see

what kind of fun stuff we can do here

here we are yeah this is huge

these bros just came up to me on the

right you're gonna try and skate the

park with this but I said so oh the

hammock bros Andrew let's see some cool

jumps by the way this scooter is almost

broke but it still works so just found

in my garage yeah I'm not gonna I don't

think I can do any tricks on this but I

just want to ride around cuz it's fun

there we go guys down big hill very

nervous whoa holy cow way too fast

point out the best idea to ride with

this I'll break my camera

and Ruth back is going to do a jump over

the thing Oh a very steep jump whoa yeah

this is not a good idea

probably this dropping in on penny board

equals very fractured head Mary Oh

little tiny Randi

oh let's go over there guys I tried to

go over this wasn't filming it flew in

there and snapped

it's still rideable though but good


just randomly got really windy and

starting to rain out here

keep here out of the rain I wanted to

bring the drone out to be cool to get

some following shots but it's like

raining and windy not gonna work we're

at goose Gossage now skate park and do

you guys remember this from our old

skate videos we showed some me this is

it if you do say me true fans may

remember teenager made like a

three-minute skate video and we shot

some clips here a while ago if I

remember correctly yeah let's go check

it out show everyone what you just

showed me there's like a million

grasshoppers in this field just watch

when I start walking see if you can tell

oh wait can you guys see this

we're all done with the skate parks in

the back at Andrew's house because he

has this drawer if you saw in

yesterday's phone yeah we're gonna open

up some packs but there's one problem

yeah we just feel like he's pulling it

so many times it didn't open and then it

does open - boy you have a lot we should

save some like two different types

because we are back home now are you

gonna open some packs yeah I just have

to say before we do this I am so excited

right now I feel like a kid again

opening cards it's so much fun and oh

this is just gonna be cool so this is

Andrew you've packed that he found in

his house unopened its head night no

19's 2007 baseball pack Holmen heritage

so let's see what's inside guys Oh any

rares doesn't mean danger like to call

cool cards rares

it honestly I don't really know any

baseball players so me either

let's take a look here guys no they're

all autographed

whoa this is a rare it doesn't say but

it's holographic which is a rare in our

book yeah anybody's healthy Pat Burrell

finally some names checklist card no one

wants that

Gareth and Jared Reggie Sanders I've

heard of that this is a traded and

rookies from 2003 Major League Baseball

tops chrome jaundice tapes Omar

see I thought this would be a good one

because it was the pack was really thick

but crisp and James prospect card I

don't know if you ever made it in the

league maybe I'm gonna open this one up

next actually that's one of the older

ones we have Andrew found 1997 look for

emerald autographed sticks

what don't know what that means by any

baseball fans out there you can let us

know if these are good or not

Rex Ricky Bahl taka Jay Bell someone's

connected here what the in a hollien

tear Julian

oh yeah no rares in this one so it was a

pretty basic opening no hollow sticks or

whatever no this palace is from 1999

this isn't a rookie card in every pack

yeah it was six dollars back in 1999 oh

wow been Petrik Lopez kind of shiny

which is cool

Mark McGwire what I heard of him he's

good Jeff Bagwell Jason I don't know but

he was like a little boy out of high

school he does it's not a Mark McGwire

best performers card yeah I think it's

just nuts how there's probably not many

Pokemon cards left I don't think we were

filming when we're at the store but one

of the ones and robot I want

he said that that was his last box and

he doesn't even know where to buy it

anymore because it don't make these

anymore I don't know where I'm gonna get

up so so maybe we'll find some clothes

in I don't know but I'm gonna open this

one which is the Platinum are keas so

this wasn't $8 pack guys

that means something never heard enough

Oh electrolyte I hope I got a light so

these guys look cool [ __ ] my just look

cool I heard that one

Shinx whoa hallo

another electrolytes but he's better

yeah he is Gollum it's a star so it

means rare bronzong a stadium and

actually never played Pokemon so I don't

know how the card game works

oh cool ghastly yeah these are cool put

your rare on the top though okay here we


this pack has never been touched by

humans you're the first human contact

right away we have a peculiar-looking

oddish hmm Bellsprout you caught him and

meows oh what carry on but it's not

holographic but that's okay that's so

good right yeah and that's a star in

arena and the torrents and a lippy dish

so this is a pack I bought it I think

it's 216 so it's don't snicker hopefully

they don't have like the fake piece in

here hope it's a jersey card cuz that

would be the best Duke Johnson Kelvin

Benjamin Logan Ryan Dion Lewis Matt

Jones uh why did they put this in here


Russell Wilson not bad

who's this is that O'Dell nice Odell

Beckham jr. yes that's it is he a guy

you really like I do like him

what Phillip Phillip Rivers not bad yeah

it's a pretty cool guys

the last Pokemon oh I did want to say

before I open this but this reminds me

back in the day when Aaron myself our

friend Nick would you he's been in the

vlog we'd all go down the historical

disini brings and we buy like truthly

packs of these at the time at a time so

that's why you have all the ones you do

have no used to buy tons

Geodude whoa holla crap Moltres is that

good or what I think we'll put him to

the side a cloister and a kingler what

Wow a holographic look King this is one

of the rare birds I'm so excited to open

this 2015 autographed football there's

two autographs per pack no redemptions

who could it be

take your guess right now 2015 who do

you think of team they're gonna pick

somebody good or they think is gonna be

good I was hoping it to Broncos maybe

Peyton Manning I'd be cool if it was you

know very angry too I'd be so mad at you

I see an autograph or something Tyler

Lockett not bad 19 out of 40 Wow who

does he play for now pretty sure your

place for the Seahawks oh he's gonna be

really good someday by the way

Terrence west one out of 15 that's a

good rarity will he be good I don't know

even though I don't know who these guys

are just having autograph cards like

these looks so cool and just the number

one out of fifteen like that's only 15

of these cards epic yes they give us

these little packet rares go in the

packets because I don't have the actual

nice things quite yet nice I'm gonna put

him in a packet as well to keep him safe

and secure guys that's all for the blog

today Andrew would you like to conclude

this video yes this is part of the

skateboard I know yeah but anyways what

we're gonna say if you guys want to send

us any cool cards any packs boxes we'll

open it I'll link to me or our address

is in the description box cards we love

Broncos by the way yes Jersey and

autograph just so you know but anyways

hope you like today's blog there's a

little different fun and it's fun

hanging with you guys know we haven't

seen dad by the way what do you mean oh

oh and yeah more quality reports yes

okay we see your comment told it before

coming soon alright see you next time

goodbye here we go oh wow there's way

too many cards in here I don't know

where I got this but this is pretty