that is my top three least most painful

places on the body to get Ted


holy holy faith found holy what is

popping hey guys doing today man walking

back to the Charles guys it's another

week it's another video by the way first

off I want to say sorry about the

haircut here I left my hat in San Diego

gonna have to excuse the hairdo I guys

I've got a few things I want to talk to

you about really quick before we start

today's video number one don't forget

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you guys as you can tell from the title

and thumbnail of this video this is the

top three least painful todos that I

have on my body and make sure to go and

check out part 1 of this video which is

the top 3 most painful tattoos on the

whole body Oh some of them hurt so bad

all you've got to do is click the little

link up here or maybe it's over here but

I'm pretty sure it's over here oh no you

know I've also got something super

exciting to tell you but you're gonna

have to wait till the end of this video

to find out what it is that I've got to

say and trust me you guys are not gonna

want to miss out on that but before we

get into today's video I just want to

run you through a few things that have

happened over the past few days so let's

do it did you know that the

International Space Station completes

one full loop around the entire Earth in

just 90 minutes did you know that the

International Space Station travels at

17,000 130 miles per hour me neither but

here's how I found out guys I went to

the NASA Space Station

here's a quick little montage of a few

things I see now seen rocket ships I've

seen rocket ships I went into the flight

deck of a rocket ship that I did it all

I did it

check this montage


your boy needs to get on this ship





oh hey sorry I didn't see you guys I

wasn't that sick I'm not really that

into space to be honest but I learned so

much stuff there I seen a bunch of cool

things and it was definitely worth my


the people there were a little bit rude

so if you do go there I do too J is not

talking anyone that works there you know

I'm saying moving on we were casually

waiting for a show to start and we had

some guy called John and try to boys

house you guys know that brother likes

messing with people so he's strung him

along for a little while and it was

pretty funny so check this out guys now

that you were caught up to speed let's

get into the top three least painful

tattoos firstly before I go any further

just know that every single tattoo hurt

there's not one single toddler that

doesn't hurt in my opinion spot number

one you guys are not gonna believe this

number one spot that I think is the

least most painful place to get tattooed

is the face these two right here oh my

god it was it was a brief I used to see

people with their entire face teller and

think oh my god how'd they do that

absolutely so painful but actually these

two right here they were quick to get

done and they're small but I just feel

like it doesn't hurt at all they're it's

just a more uncomfortable position to be

in because the artist has to have their

arm all in your face and stretching your

Skinner and you just like you know what

I'm saying so I think the face number

one is the least most painful spot on

the entire body to get tattooed spot

number two would have to be the

sideburns right here these right here

were actually not as painful as you

think it was just super loud because

it's writing the ears in yellow

once again they didn't hurt at all I

really I was worried for these ones

because there's a lot of bone there it's

right on the temple and the jaw line but

it didn't hurt I mean it really didn't

hurt that again is huge for me it did

not hurt at all and I'm pretty stoked on

that cuz I was really worried going into

it guys before I go into the third least

painful place to get tattooed on the

body don't forget at the end of this

video I'm gonna be letting you guys know

something that I've been working on for

a long time now stay tuned for that we

are almost there guys in the third and

final least painful spot on the entire

body to get tattooed in my opinion

would have to be the sides of my head

most people would be surprised because

like I said in the last video if you

have not yet seen it make sure to go

check that out the top of the head was

one of the most painful when it did the

sides they were easy was a walk in the

park then I went to the top that was one

of the most painful spot it's crazy how

that works I'm not sure why the side

doesn't hurt anything like the top but

it definitely was not anything like the

top I could honestly lay there all day

long and get the side done compared to

the top so the third and final least

painful spot on the body to get tattooed

in my opinion is the side of the head

number one least painful under the eye

right here number two the sideburns

number three the size of the head man

guys that is if that is my top three

least most painful places on the body to

get tattooed I hope this helps you when

going to get tattooed I know how it can

be quite scary and you go into that

tattoo studio worried like oh my god

this is going to hurt as an artist it so

if you're getting any of those three

which I don't recommend getting unless

you've pretty heavily tattooed just know

you're gonna be fine you know I'm saying

guys sorry I've lost my mind I'm just

it's gonna rain out here any second now

so I'm gonna get this video done but I

want to let you guys know a little

something lately I've been working so

hard to push my YouTube and try to grow

it as best as possible many of you guys

know me as a professional BMX rider some

of you guys know me as a rapper some of

you guys know me just from my vlogs

we'll be uploading three times instead

of two times a week starting January

2018 and here's my idea guys as you guys

have seen previously in the past couple

of weeks I've been doing a bunch of

how-to is I've done how to ride a BMX

I've done how to flip fakie and here's

the reason why I want to turn this

channel into a how-to channel for

everybody who wants to learn how to ride

the Imagine do tricks on a bike but I'm

also not forgetting about everyone who

just is here for the quality

entertainment and for a good laugh every

day so my how-to videos are not gonna be

like the boring how to's you see where

they're like okay so get on your bike

and the old pedal and the old bunnyhop

and that's how you do a bunny hop on a

BMX know your boys gonna make it funny

I'm gonna make it entertaining for you

guys so that even if you don't like

riding BMX you can still watch my videos

and learn something and also enjoy a

laugh too

Floyd's for the week will be how-to

videos one upload a week will be just

everyday vlog things then you guys know

what I've been up to taking you guys

around showing you interesting things

like I already do anyway but I don't

want to forget about the people that

don't ride BMX so I'm doing that for you

the third upload every week will be just

a regular vlog - uploads will be a funny

entertaining how-to video so that's my

idea also coming very very very soon I'm

actually working on it right now is

merch a lot of you guys are asking for

some merch so I'm gonna have some merch

coming out soon I'm super stoked on that

because here's the thing

starting in January I'm gonna be

starting monthly giveaways I'm thinking

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maybe a few other things and I'm gonna

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video man