The Most Painful Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

the most painful spot I think to get

tattooed which I don't have any

experience with this but from what I've

heard is the pumps the palms and soles

of your feet I think absolutely hands

down would be the bottom of your feet or

the bottom of your hands from experience

I can tell you the most painful place

I've ever gotten tattooed is my palms so

that was terrible and my buddy did them

and he did one and I was like I'm done

I'm never gonna do this again he's like

come on man the second one is gonna be

so much faster and I believed it then we

started my second palm the same day and

it was terrible I still heard the palms

are worse than the penis it's your main

sensory organ that's where you touch and

feel everything I feel like putting a

needle through there's like just raking

the needle through your soul some people

think because you know it's a soft place

it's gonna hurt a little less but it's

it's so sensitive all of your nerve

endings are coming right down to your

hands so it hurts really bad from

personal experience since I'm clear I

would say my ribs are my kryptonite area

I do not last long at all on my wrist I

try my best but I cave I know I haven't

done I've done hands before and I've

seen people throw up feet don't have my

feet tattooed ribs my head yeah hands to

to a point I did her hand she's in my

head she I was not ready

I was ready she was it I came into the

shop it was not my day of work I came to

you know just check everything out and

like she's just like what's to your head

today and I'm like sure it sounds like a

no dope idea until she like it was all

good she even drew it up on me she

started 20 minutes and I'm like it's

getting hot I need to sit down on the

floor next to the a/c and I was like you

need some water seriously for me my

worst tattoos were my fingers

the receiving end I see people react

really poorly to the top of the foot the

foot is probably what takes the cake

I won't top I'm top of my foot I was

literally biting my kneecap and I get it

when I was getting yet and it's not it's

half done and I was like okay I'm done I

don't want it to be like finished just

let it go still not on its no still not

God and I'm not thinking about getting

it done ever like the worst part because

I think there's no fat on the top of the

foot it's just skin over cartilage and

bone and sinewy organs no there's no

organs in the foot that's there's no

organs in the foot

elbow elbow is one of the worst time for

to get into it because um the skin does

it take like the ain't really well so it

takes longer to tattoo and that's longer

the pain soon the places that you think

are the most painful usually are I'd say

anywhere where you have something

important on the body you have more pain

sensors there having said that I'd say

sternum face genitals butt crack

fingertips things things that people

don't normally get talking about dicks

like that dick recently and he was

surprised a was not that painful like it

was okay and sometimes you just had to a

ribs and the person is like shaking and

I'm most affected passed out so III

depends on everyone's feelings go to

penis if the price was right yeah I'll

just grab that sucker wrap it around my

knuckles in just go to town my inner

thigh was bad I haven't got my end of

that like here above the need that was

bad I would usually say the ribs but

thigh or not like here on the finger

well you have so much more tattoos than

me so maybe yeah sorry yeah because you

started tattooing your neck in your


no I tattoo I think I would say maybe my

head the these - I got these two done


was a collaboration right yeah that was

a two and one which I don't understand

how I decided to go to people in the

head at the same time but I guess I

don't think do you really yeah oh yeah

we went out that night right after I

only know how did that it was dead for

me it was the inner thigh and I was

getting that overseas too so I get four

hours training and that's definitely my

my worst it's hard for me to say because

I'm like mostly taps but I feel like

anything that's touching a bone is like

really extreme especially like for me

like along like the clavicle or like

right on the shoulder it's just like I

feel like you can feel the need of like

going and you're like so I feel like

anywhere around the bone is super

EXTREME yeah like in the middle of the

chastised part o on the rib eye honestly

and like I always think my most painful

one was my most recent one which one

would like the other night getting that

oh yeah I was like no I'm fine it's cool

doesn't even hurt oh my god I was so

uncomfortable yeah it's like um though

yeah right here his pain and I was like

not happy but yeah yeah I'll go simple

like your rib cage you hurt if you ask

me like must most painful rib cage or

trans temporar it's a harder healing for

the tattoo art is the harder year for a

customer's harder I am I mean if you

don't have any - don't start with the

rib cage for sure when getting a tattoo

on your ribs it's hard to stand still

everything you do is like affecting you

and affecting us all so it's a painful

spot for the one who's getting yet and

it's a painful spot for us to like make

it good so I'd always takes double the

time of a normal theta a normal spine

I don't have anything on my ribs but for

clients first getting into the tattoo

world we kind of tell them not to get it

on the ribs because it is so painful so

that one I would definitely say but on

me personally I would probably say

my ankles both of them at the same time

it's awful that or the back of the knee

that always sucks for me personally my


I felt it felt like a like a spork was a

grinding my way my bone I pretty much

held the my hoodie's shearing and just I

was just like go let's get over with I

think it also depends on like everyone's

feelings my was one was this one I felt

I would passed out like all the shadings

in the veins here to me it was the worst

ever but some people who say the ribs

I'm pretty sure the head of the dick

might have soup so but I haven't get

this one but that's the worst actually

the ditch is is awful it's like it's

because it's so hollow and the skin is

so sensitive it's just the I think some

brain has a lot to do with the

perception of pain yes a lot of it is

that in psycho in Psychological I've

been tattooed on my jaw my jaw bone I'm

in tattooed on my sternum I'm in tattoo

all the way down the back the butt area

like everywhere and yeah they're in

difference I feel like there's different

sensory points and nerves which you can

gauge shallow sharp or dull but some of

them hearts that I felt like in the long

lines some of the longest sessions are

the most line that I've been tattooed or

in just weird areas that I wasn't

considering a part of and like kind of

blindly went into when you compare to

other people who for example say okay

you get a tattoo on the ribs and it was

extremely painful and then you get one

and then you're like well this was not

that bad and everyone's body is

different everyone reacts kinda

different like I thought my sternum was

comfortable and sometimes I'll be

tattooing someone's sternum and they

seemed pretty comfortable and then


they're like oh my god it depends

honestly I've got like my leg tattoo and

it Holly it's way bigger than my wrist

and that hurts me more because like all

the small veins and the skin is very

thin so sometimes like the most visible

placements can be the most painful as

well it's more like you can never be

prepared for it because everybody is

different like any Lauren like we're not

supposed to have you know each having

their skin like that or needles

it's know we care for it for example you

know like I had the experience of 13

heavy lifters and I get tattoo on their

size and they are whining most of the

time they move they can see it well they

complain about the pain and I have to

like tiny little girls the skinny tiny

little girls four hours longer than what

I have to choose guys and they just sit

there and get tattoo in those hands and

don't say a single word I mean even when

working with client and stuff like you

hear everything you can't engage one

single thing you can gauge people saying

a lot of this a lot of that and a lot of

that but and there I've seen 90-pound

like females get ribcage tattoos and not

blink and I I've seen I had a football

player like athletes male athlete

straight passed out unconscious from the

grazing of a certain areas that are

considered to be very easy yeah it

really depends on the person - I mean

everybody's physique and body type is

different the more you know they have

the heavier set you are the skinny of

our male female there's a lot of factors

involved as far as what you know what

hurts more and people's pain tolerances

and pain is relevant to the user you

know or the collector