How Painful Is A Tattoo? | Tattoo Pain Explained!

so how bad does a tattoo hurt well in

today's video I'm gonna be going into a

deep dive of tattoo pain and also give

you some tips on how to reduce tattoo

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thing probably one of the biggest fears

of getting a tattoo besides the long

term commitment is how bad the tattoo is

going to hurt before getting my first

tattoo the thought of the pain was my

biggest fear I scheduled the

consultation I went to the tattoo parlor

and as soon as I walked in i heard that

tattoo machine going and i immediately

backed out after backing out i was so

pissed off at myself that I let fear

hold me back on something that I really

wanted and I'm making this video because

I don't want that to happen to you

answering how bad a tattoo hurts is

probably one of the hardest questions to

answer because everybody handles pain

differently the best way I could

describe the feeling of what it's like

to get tattooed picture somebody

scratching a specific area on your body

for a long period of time and really

fast the area starts heating up from the

friction and it just starts getting

annoying now you'll hear people describe

tattoo pain as like a cat scratch or a

bee sting but personally I don't think

they feel like that at all I got stung

by a bee before and let's talk about one

of the most common questions I get asked

on my youtube comments and that is does

all tattoos hurt and the answer is

unfortunately yes

you are getting stabbed by multiple

needles for multiple hours on end

now don't get this mistaken with a

needle that you might get at the

doctor's for instance that needle will

pierce through all the layers of skin

but a tattoo needle will only pierce

through three layers of the skin and to

be honest tattoo me I hate getting

needles from the doctor now just because

all tattoos heard that doesn't mean that

all tattoos hurt equally there are so

many different factors

will come into play that will affect the

amount of pain that you will witness law

getting your tattoo

the most common factor of how bad a

tattoo will hurt is where you're getting

the tattoo on your body now I made a

whole video about tattoo placement so I

won't get into too much detail about it

here the thicker the skin of the area of

where you're getting tattoos the less

pain you will endure while getting


the forearm the chest the ribs pretty

much anywhere you would like to get

tickled isn't gonna be the most

comfortable place that you get tattoos

places like the top of your forearm or

your bicep will hurt less again the

thicker skinned areas but don't get me

wrong if you're getting say your bicep

tattooed and your tattoo artist goes

more towards your inner arm or to your

elbow you will experience more pain even

if they're going an inch or two towards

that particular area hey if you're

enjoying this video so far make sure you

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most painful place that I got tattooed

so far is probably the inner forearm or

the inner bicep the next major thing

that will determine how bad your tattoo

is going to hurt is how big your tattoos

gonna be and how long you are gonna be

sitting in the chair now I sat in the

chair for about eight hours getting

tattooed before and I gotta say the very

beginning I gotta say when your tattoo

artist first starts doing your tattoo

that is where you'll experience the most

pain and this is because your body is

not used to getting tattooed yet it's

gonna take about 30 minutes for your

body to get used to the feeling or get

numb but if you're sitting for three or

more hours the tattoo pain is gonna

start coming back your skin's gonna be

more irritated and your body is gonna

get more restless so don't be afraid to

take a break so we talked about tattoo

pain a little bit about where tattoos

hurt the most but now let's talk about

how to reduce the pain of getting a

tattoo in my other video I talked about

eating a big meal and drinking a lot of

water but another very very important

thing is making sure you get a good

night's sleep if you're not partying all

night and have a tattoo appointments the


morning you're already not going to feel

good because of the lack of sleep and

you're going to be in for a rude

awakening getting tattooed it's gonna be

a nightmare tattoo session and it's very

likely that you're not going to be able

to even get tattooed if you know you

have a tattoo appointment the next day

stay in rest up you have a big day ahead

of you tomorrow

oh and pro tip to reduce tattoo pain

bring something to the tattoo session

that will help get your mind off of

getting tattooed watch videos have

conversations with your tattoo artists

listen to music anything that will help

you get your mind off of getting

tattooed will help you trust me this is

what I do all the time and this is why I

can sit for so long because I get my

mind off don't let the fear hold you

back from something that you really want

and if you plan on getting your first

tattoo I strongly encourage you to check

out this video right here on getting

your first tattoo and what to expect and

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