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least painful places

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we've already kind of established that

females have a higher pain

threshold and tolerance than most males

again this depends completely on the

person but in general females handle the

pain a little bit better

but also there are certain spots in

general that hurt

a lot less those places can be where the


is thicker there's more muscle mass less

nerve endings and places that aren't

close or on top of the bone

so without further ado here are some

places that hurt the least the upper

outer thigh so basically your front of

your thigh

pretty much um kind of in the center

obviously the lower down the more you're

approaching towards the knee where

there's a lot more like

thinner skin and bone and nerves and the

higher you go the more towards the groin

area you're going

so kind of just like like that center


of your thighs basically there's not a

lot of nerve endings there

that's pretty muscular and there's like

a dense fat

so like hard fat um so it's not very

sore there as soon as you start wrapping

around towards like the outer side and

the inner side

it starts to get a little bit more sore

but pretty much on the

top slap bang in the center it's not

that bad

at all if anything it feels a little bit

pinchy and that's it

the forearm which over here honestly


the skull barely hurt like i couldn't

even feel it almost like

the skin is just so thick and there's

not a lot of nerve endings

and it's just it's a great place to

tattoo and it's a great place to

get a tattoo it's just it's really it's

a breeze like

it's it's a breeze the outer shoulders

so kind of like this section over here


this for me would depend on the person


the amount of body fat that they have

because so i'm i'm quite skinny and

this didn't hurt a lot for me but there

were certain places that it was like

that vibration is hectic but in general

it's not

too bad yeah it's not too sore there the

outer bicep

so we've already established that the

inner bicep is quite sore but the outer

bicep over here

is really not that bad it's like it's


and it's like it's just it's not so here

it's just it's just not so here

as soon as you go more in or more around

it starts to get sore

but over here you're good carbs

now this one is up for debate because

personally i find carbs are not sore

but some people find carbs very sore

i think it would also depend on way on

the calf you're going because as soon as

you go slightly higher more in towards

your knee like

ditch it gets sore and the more lower

down towards the ankle

it gets sore again so if you're talking

like slap bang in the center point of

your calf it's not too bad

some people might find it quite sore but

again i think it depends on the person's

like pain threshold

um and if they have very like muscular


but in general it's not too much of a

saw area

and this one for me so i think this one

might be a little bit up for debate

but you don't have a lot of surface


over here because

this one and this one were probably the

two least painful tattoos i've gotten

the vibration was quite hectic and the


but it wasn't so like it really wasn't

so it was so

manageable um face tattoos are really

easy as soon as you go more

creamy and more and like around your

lips and like under your eyes then it

starts to get sore

but like over here and here really

wasn't bad for me like

at all so i definitely don't think that

that's a sore spot

um a lot of people i've tattooed so many

people behind their ears as all like

over there

no one has said it's been sore it bleeds

a lot

and the vibration and the sound is quite


but no one ever complains about the pain


yeah also not a sore spot i guess

upper back a lot of people find this

sore and a lot of people don't

i feel like if you're a person that is

badass and doesn't find a like back

tattoo sore

i have mad respect for you because i

have seen grown ass men

sweat getting a back tattoo on their

upper back so

yeah i have mad respect for you

if you have had a back tattoo and you

didn't find it painful

well done you are you are on a different

level let me tell you um so i think

some of my least painful tattoos i've

ever gotten

definitely my two face tattoos


my skull um this one over here wasn't

too bad either and then obviously like

those guys weren't too bad either um

my thigh one wasn't too bad

um obviously mine does wrap around a

little bit so it did

get like a bit tender in some spots but

in general it wasn't too bad

um honestly like tattoos hurt guys i'm

not gonna lie to you like wherever you

get a tattoo it's gonna hurt

the pain just feels different everywhere


your one thigh might feel completely

fine and your other thigh

might hurt like so badly so

it really just it depends on you

and who's tattooing you as well i feel

like some tattoo artists have a really

gentle hand and others like they butcher

you and they just

they don't care about your feelings and

emotions they just want that

needle going into your skin and

depositing those ink particles

um i try and be gentle so if you guys

have gotten a tattoo and it hasn't been


please leave a comment down below let me

know where it was

and what it was and yeah like

let me know because i'm always so

curious to see

like different people's opinions like

i've tattooed people

where already theoretically it shouldn't

be so

and they found it so and other people

where it should be

like pain level like 9 out of 10 and

they like are so chilled about it and

they can barely feel it

so a human body is so fascinating and

i'm just so curious and so fascinated


so many people find the pain different

and yeah i'd love to hear what you guys

have to

say and think and just hear you guys


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