The LEAST Painful Areas I've Been Tattooed | Part 2

hey hey guys welcome back to my channel

so today if you guys watched my video

from yesterday I did a part one video

and that was when I talked about the

most painful places that I have ever

been tattooed and today we are going to

be doing part two and that is going to

be talking about the places that are

mostly painful for me to get tattooed

I had five I think in my last video and

this one I only have four so yeah and I

just kind of want to clear something up

like I realized tattoos are painful no

matter where you get them when I say

like painful and these painful I mean

like bearable and unbearable you don't I

mean like because I mean all tattoos

hurt all tattoos have a pain to them but

some places are just a lot easier to

take it than others you know what I mean

does that make any sense you know normal

saying okay so let's go ahead and just

jump right into it this is going to be

just a very quick video but I thought

doing like a two part kind of tattoo

really in your video would be kind of

fun kind of different from I channel so

let's go ahead and do it very very first

fault that I have on my list of places

that are most least painful for me to

get tattooed are the arms I have quite a

few on my arms I have one two three here

one two three and then this big-ass

piece here so I mean I don't have like a

whole sleeve or anything but I mean I

have quite a few iron tattoos and

honestly none of my arm tattoos really

hurt this Rose right here was my very

first tattoo that I ever got I've had

this for 13 more demons I've had this

for five years now oh my gosh that is

crazy so I got my very first tattoo five

years ago which is this one on my arm

and I remember the first thing is when

he did like the first line or it already

like how'd that feel

and I was like nothing like I was

expecting it to be like so much more

painful and it was like I don't know

this one it just wasn't painful at all

this one didn't hurt this one didn't

hurt like it was just kind of like

really easy peasy just kind of chillin

stand there getting a tattoo you know

what I mean like I wasn't like pulling

my hair was it crying nothing like that

just really bearable and then same with

this arm like this didn't hurt um none

of these hurt on my arms like and I mean

this is

the different story because this is like

a like a full half free you know what I

mean so I mean there were parts of this

that were really painful and there were

other parts that weren't so I mean this

one's kind of a hit and miss just kind

of depend on the session that I have

that done but the next place that I have

on my lips for places that release

people to get tattooed are the hip I

have tattoos on both of my nips in my

part one video I did show the one side

and I also have a couple another couple

I have one on my other hip I mean

granted it is just script but still it

was like barely felt it I'm high felted

but you know what I mean it was just it

was really easy so here's the one on my

hip that I'm talking about just like

this script right there on the lower

power and then same with this side on

the lower part hip tattoos they didn't

really hurt me at all they were just

very easy to get done he is hurt I

forgot to mention these in my part when

part one video these really pocket her

moving on to the third place that I have

written down is the back of the ear in

the back of the neck I do have two

tattoos there go ahead and move

everything out of the way I didn't

realize so here's the one that I have

behind my ear so you can see it okay

moving it's just a tribal shark right

there just looks like that this honestly

felt like a massage getting it done like

it felt it felt really frickin good so I

have that there behind my ear and then

the back of my neck go ahead and show

you I just have my hundred thousand

subscriber YouTube chats you there and

this one didn't hurt like at all the

final place that I have written down

that was not really painful for me to

get tattooed is the ankle and I always

thought and heard that ankle tap she's

really hurt but I do have a little one

on my ankle and when I was getting that

done I was kind of nervous about it

because I thought it was going to hurt

really bad so here's a little tattoo

that I have on my ankle it's just a

little skull bear um it's not like right

on my ankle I mean I guess it would hurt

more if it was like on this bone I have

it just a little bit above so you can

see it when I'm wearing like high tops

but yeah so I under I can

Center this the inkle I don't really

know if like other people consider this

the CAF or whatever but yeah this was

not very painful to get tattooed like I

remember I was like freaking out about

it but it wasn't that at all so those

are all of the places on my body that I

have been tattooed that I did not think

we're very painful to get tattooed I

really hope you guys enjoyed this video

hustle before you guys go I would love

to read your guys's comment letting me

know what your least painful tattoo was

and what it is up and where it's at on

your body I would love to know I love to

read different people kind of reactions

about how they get tattooed and what

spots for them and what spots didn't I

don't know it's just kind of fun so and

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love you guys very very much right