How to assemble and install a pool skimmer

now it's the first thing we're going to

do when we get here put the skimmer

together gotta hang the skimmer got a

handle returned before you can get a

pond so have widened much thinner you

have a gasket worldwide Mastan camera

comes in two parts you have to put

together so you're going to put some

silicone around this part part here I

had to be much mainly the silicone is

just hold it still you do not need to

gob this up with silicone because it

will never dry inside here you just want

enough to keep this gasket from moving

around while you're trying to secure it


so the silicone is just acting as a

little tack you're not trying to steal

anything it's okay don't gob it up okay

this can be a bag of screws in here

there will be four little round-headed

screws and take those out and throw them

away that's for pre hanging the skimmer

on the wall when you're building a pool

huh sorry second one and we're not doing

that obviously we're putting it on after

the pool is built so I'm going to take

these little round-headed screws there's

another one in there similarities and

just throw them away the rest of them

put in your pocket sum it over set it

down somewhere where you can kind of

hold it between your legs a little bit

and you're going to use a drill you're

not going to use an impact a bustah

plastic I've got a little twelve old

wall drill here and I set my truck to

fifteen that's where I know it was set

if you're using an 18 volt or 20

Wolfeboro you're going to have to just

set your Chuck low and click it up one

at a time if you crack the skimmer

you do have to start over with a new

skimmer you can just put some silicone

because it'll eat you be back out here

draining the customer pool down to put a

new skimmer on replacing the water and

replacing their chemicals


after the next part you're going to need

along the bit all these screws using

number two how I use a number three

Phillips head these longer ones usually

only come with a number two you can use

an extension for that if you want but

there are four more screws they're

difficult to get down in there if yes

you do have to put on there so the trick

is take your screw head push that blob a

silicon answer on the top good soccer

club we should fit in there and just

hold it for insect attack up and that

will hold it on there for time and those

helps if you back it up and run it back

down again I know what everybody's

thinking I want to talk use magnetic

tips these are stainless steel screws in

one word use silicon trust me we've done

this 200 times this is the way to do it

again a silicon is not stealing anything

it just hold your stuff together for for

we do now why you get to

why you got your skimmer right here

grab your hard plunk it that would be

sitting out here have you a male adapter

out of the bottom of it puts her a

little bit of silicone on the threads

and spread it around it doesn't have to

be completely coating the threads

because it's going to squish it out and

make a ring around the top integral it's

just got to be on there pretty good the

skimmers the fittings are good fittings

lead American good fittings the skimmers

are made in China cheetah bunny so you

can see just with my hand I've screwed

it in almost all the way tight don't

over tighten it and just break this is

in there you put silicone on it and it

won't leak there just snug it up so that

it bugs up just like we're going to go

put the skimmer on the pool I'll put my

number two back on back on the drill I

won't need this much to anymore

let's go English you don't trip over


okay so we're gonna hang a skimmer when

you arrive this top rail will be on here

so that you can reach over very first

thing I'm going to do is reach over each

other and find

where the holes are right there for the

corners and one more drill through you

just want to find the top two corner

poles like that when you drill here in a

couple of holes

now take one gasket in the faceplate no

silicon ever touches the line never

hardly silicon charcoal I know that

because there's no need to seal the

water from going back into it and it's

just going to be gobbed up an ugly okay

now run those two screws through there

just like that you'll see a thread hold

the screws

can you gasp it on this side do it here

and then run silicone around this side

heaviest on the bottom the pool doesn't

leak from the topless can leaks from the

bottom list

and again on the top you just put enough

to tack it so it stays still so after

you get that on there

flip it around

stick it on there just kind of smooth it

out and straighten up your holes they

still gonna move around a little bit if

it's silicone I'll hold it still and

then run you another bead around just

along the bottom


they're just standing there all by


taking real

on top screw look in there

line it up first hole in that corner

just zip it a little bit you on the

other side same thing


keep in mind that the threads are being

cut into the plastic so they're not it's

not threaded plastic so sometimes it's

on a chuck drill like that you have to

back it up and run it back in there okay

now you should be able to run the rest

of the screws


I'm not cranking them down I'm just

snugging them up right


necessarily have to do like a torque

pattern but you want to kind of walk it

down so that it's easier to get the

screw holes to line up because the

faceplate of in the world

okay before we do where we do those

bottom poems



okay you look inside here barely see it

probably on camera but there's a white

band right there that the gas okay so if

you look inside here you can see here

then along the bottom this is the white

gas it shouldn't see there when you meet

here and you can see it comes off of

this corner and dogs uh comes up this

corner in doubt though we can't think

that cat



take it

yeah down down

yeah this yeah see you can when you can

see the gasket all the way across and

you know that the skimmer is going to

see a lot that better now

we run the bottom screws in and now the




hey you should be able to take a hand

screwdriver you'll know it it's just

tighten up you can take a hand

screwdriver and you can't tighten it

anymore that's tight enough

when you get your drill chuck set to

that same tension that's when you know

you got your drill chokes the last thing

you do the skimmers cut it out just

going to take you nice box cutter

whatever cut straight down on both sides

and across the bottom

and then you want to count pull

an assault on and across both ways like

and I'll cut the hole before you mount

the skimmer you'd be buying a new offer

okay we'll mount this customer has too

much water in the pool we're draining

the water out it's actually like here on

the thing so if we cut this hole we

don't have a hell of a messes about

thousand gallons of water runs out of

this thing so we're going to go ahead

not mount the light right this second

oh man after we get the plumbing office


so we're going to do that a little out

of order normally you can't go ahead in

the light at this pace

we'll go ahead and do the other part