InyoPools.com - How a Swimming Pool Skimmer Operates

welcoming your pools fans today we will

be talking about the different

components of a pool skimmer first off

let me explain what a pool skimmer is

essentially what the pool skimmer does

is it's going to skim any dirt or debris

or leaves off of the surface of the pool

so that would you can be done right

through the face of the skimmer here

there's three main components to a

skimmer which is going to be the skimmer

lid the skimmer we're door and then a

skimmer basket so first let me show you

the skimmer cover here at skimmer lid

pop that's right here this is a part

that needs to be replaced you're quite

often potentially be stepped on and it

gets cracked so to determine what cover

you need typically there is a logo on

the front of the cover with a part

number if you can get that as really can

be the easiest way to determine what

part you need potentially on the lid it

might be on the underside as well if you

don't have this information if you could

take measurements you just take it right

across the bottom of the skimmer here be

very helpful in determining which which

cover you need the second component is

going to be the basket and the function

of the basket is as that sleeves and


go through the face or the opening of

the skimmer they're going to be

collected in this basket so you

periodically you did remove the basket

you know dump out any leaves and debris

you know out in your yard or wherever

and also the basket is another potential

item that needs to be replaced over time

so the part number two the basket tip

clear on the lip of the basket or on the

underside of the basket here or on the

inside is gonna be hard to read so you

really have to look pretty closely if

you can't get a part number on the

basket take a measurement across the top

of the skimmer have you do the inside

and outside dimensions that would be

helpful you can measure the height of

the basket and then also the bottom

dimension as well here and then our last

item is a skimmer weird or this you

typically have two tabs here we've

disassembled it but those would just be

pressed in and you pull it out you know

also sometimes up through the top of the

skimmer and then here's the weird or the

the function to the weird door is to

control the flow of water going to the


as well as preventing any leads or

debris that have already been collecting

the skin we're going back out to the

pool so kind of a common theme here a

part number on the skimmer would be

around sensor and skimmer weird or would

be very helpful in determining which

weird or you need if it needs to be

replaced if you can't get any part

numbers stuff you can always take the

measurement you know the - other

measurement as well as the width

determine which weird or you need so we

hope this was informative for you please

give us a call if you have any questions

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