INTEX POOL SKIMMER - How to set up you above ground pool skimmer and how it works

today we're gonna do a video on setting

up the skimmer not highly recommend you

get a skimmer because if you don't

what's gonna end up happening is

whatever filters into this is all that

you'll catch in your filter pump but if

you put a skimmer up here you'll be

surprised at how much debris will be

pulled towards the skimmer and filter it

out it makes you pull them look skipper

takes all that debris off the surface

and really filters like you wouldn't

believe and sometimes what I'll do like

if I'm mowing it's running I'll put a

penny hose around this thing right here

to get finer filtration while I'm

rolling it's pretty simple like I said

just it's just like this here's your

basket this goes into here like so and

then this whips up to pull just like

this and I'm going to show you that



this cruise into where I showed you

earlier I took the screen off

it's the suction side one of two what I

like to do is just hand tighten this

other one over here as you can see has a

black hat on it keeps the pressure gives

me more pressure over here on this side

that that size blanked off

got it attached to the side where we

want it just drop this bucket Han it's

pretty simple to parts like so it's

retainer ring now you're ready to filter

I've got everything in here at the

basket whatnot we do definitely need to

do some panning but I'm going to show

you how well this works you see that

that's amazing instantly it's starting

to work

let that run for a couple of hours your

pool will almost be played

one is hooked up to the skimmer and the

other side is blanked off with what I

call top hat or

it goes inside of the gray piece there

that we have screwed earlier and it

basically blake's it off it gives me

more suction power to my skimming as you

can tell it's really working

the steamer has done already and it's

like I'm saying five minutes it's crazy

you can see all the stunts

that's five minutes folks


it's a really works well working money