A Complete Skimmer Replacementwith Bridge and Brick Replacement on a Concrete Swimming Pool

so here's a video of a proper skimmer

installation we cut the bridge out of

this skimmer we did a couple of things

on the actual job to modify it so we

could show you and how we did it how we

set it to the proper height how we re

entombed it proper steel and then how we

put it all back together so here's the

pool we did a leak detection on so

here's the skimmer and we're gonna show

you right here at the skimmer scene

where we was leaking skimmers should be

monolithic they should not be leaking at

a seam they should be poured and

entombed with concrete so now we're

gonna cut it in this case we're gonna

cut the bridge off of this skimmer so we

can show you a better angles of how we

reset the skimmer after we cut it we

first normally use a jackhammer and then

we used a small demo hammer when we

start getting down and lower after we

cut it up off of the plumbing system

we're gonna reap love it but the most

important part of any skimmer job is

setting it to the right elevation so we

size it all up we line it all up in the

most important part again is that this

bottom of the skimmer gets equal with

the height of the actual throat now

we're going to put in our plumbers loop

towards the back end of it mix up our

hydraulic cement for the seam the seam

is very important but it's not as

important as Rhian tubing this skimmer

but we're gonna pack it from both sides

as you see right here and again we cut

the bridge off just so that we could

show you this view now we're gonna cut a

new bridge we're gonna mud it down and

we're gonna set that up so that we could

start putting our steel into the wall

again one of the most important parts of

installing a new skimmer is still

downloading it into the existing

structure with epoxy and steel dowels

get it down low get it up high

now we're gonna re into them this is the

most important part using concrete and

we're gonna reinterment with about eight

bags of concrete on a reef skimmer

replace so here we're gonna pour it

right to the bottom of where the brick

is gonna get set up we're gonna trial it

down get it nice and smooth and then

we're gonna set our bricks back with our

bridge as well we're gonna use mortar

mix to reroute it when we wipe it down

we get it all nice and clean and this is

how we got it done so every skimmer

should be Rhian tuned

set to the proper elevation and done as

we just did it in this video for more

information visit