How to Install a Sump Pump | This Old House


what I have here is a submersible sump

pump I can show you how they work first

of all I'm gonna plug it into the wall

now there's a float right here and as

the water table Rises around the pump

this float will rise and turn this

switch on activating the pump as the

water table goes down it then shuts the

pump off okay so the first thing we need

to do is pass me that basin right please

dig a hole in the concrete floor so we

can set this sump basin

down flush with the floor level floor is

gonna reach to this pump before I set

the basin into the hole would you take

one side of that this is a filter fabric

and we're gonna put this under the basin


all right now I'm gonna hold the sides

just like this now when I push it down

any of the silt from down below when the

pump comes on it won't get into the pump

clogging the pump ask you to pass me

pass me that one of those pavers right


I want to lay that paver on top of the

stone because the pump manufacturer

recommends that you put a paver on top

of the stone they don't want any stone

getting caught in the Impella it also

creates a nice flat surface for the pump

to sit on all right let's see how we did

that's pretty good now the switch

doesn't come on see what has to come up

all right let's pipe it up okay now when

the pump goes on it's gonna send water

up through this check valve which is a

one-way valve which will not allow the

water from the pipe to come back into

the hole I've got a 45 degree elbow here

a 45 degree elbow here run straight up

the foundation next thing we're gonna do

is cut a piece of PVC pipe to come out

of the wall with an elbow we run down

along the ground and we'll stop it right

here because the grade really slopes

really nice and that'll stop the water

from going back to the foundation push

on it I'm gonna glue this end and pull

down on it let's try the pump see how it

works okay now remember when that

perimeter drain should fill or should be

clogged or the water table starts to

rise this pump should come on so let's

put it on yeah works well