ALL In Learning Webinar: The Student Portal - Engage, Assess, and Track Progress Easily

all right I want to take you through our

all in learning student portal and how

you can assess your classes their remote

or the actually they're in your

classroom but you want to use our

student portal so I'm going to show you

some easy ways that you can do this

start out with two or three different

examples of assessments that you have

that you want to give your class we're

going to do something like upload a PDF

and do multiple choice assessments mix

in some open response and short answer

and then actually integrate video as

well at the end I'll also briefly walk

you through our item Bank portal so you

can see not only questions and resources

that we have there but things that we've

built like exit tickets and jeopardy

boards and so forth so you'll be able to

press play and watch and then pause and

practice and repeat that throughout as

we go so what I want you to see first of

all is in the support button we can

search the support articles on the type

in PDF and you'll see there's create an

assessment key with an attached PDF so

we have step-by-step instructions built

into the support button there's also a

live chat in the event that you need to

get help so we have support agents that

are there and ready to help you so the

first thing that we're going to do is

we're gonna click on the lessons and

assessments in my assessments once you

get here all right we're gonna click

create new and then I'm gonna build an

assessment key with the PDF so I have an

assessment already written it's in a PDF

format all right if you have it in a

word doc you want to save it as a PDF

and so I'm going to select assessment

Kiba the PDF I'm gonna browse and find

the PDF file so I'm going to go to the

this to my select that file click open

right so I'm going to go

I name this assessment I've got my

eighth-grade science and this is a test

I'll click Next

alright so it's uploaded that PDF and

now we're going to enter the key so I'm

gonna do the key first so I'm just

clicking in the correct answer for each

question all right and then we're gonna

attach the standards and attaching the

standards this is important because

we've got some reports that we're gonna

provide back to the students after the

tests that are be standards-based so

they can see not only how they did on

the test but how they performed on the

standards on the test so I'm going to go

to the to the science standards that I'm

using in my my class most of the eighth

grade science standards I'm gonna take

eight point three B and I'm gonna map it

to questions 1 & 2 & 7 & 10 I'm going to

turn that off and get a eight point for

a and mat that to nine and eight and

three and then turn that one off and go

to eight point five C and map that to

four and five and six so I'm going to

click Save assessment so I've entered

the key again this is a multiple-choice

only will do open response on the next


there's my they're the standards I'm

happy with that so I'm going to go back

to my lessons and assessments okay and

the past what you would do if you want

to share that with your PLC is you would

click actions and distribute select your

PLC and distribute it to them we've

added a new feature called get embed

link get embed link allows you to share

this with teachers and here's the idea

so I'm going to see this as leakers for

teacher access only so I'm going to

click copy embed link alright so the

idea behind this is as follows I want to

share this with teachers at my campus

and maybe with other campuses so I can

take that embed link there and I can

email that link to teachers that are

going to give this test I could

put it in our in our calendar for using

Outlook or Google Calendar I can put it

in our calendar we can drop that into a

Google Doc into a scope and sequence

document or curriculum document that we

have with the district we could put it

in our learning management system so

what'll happen is is when I put that

link in and another teacher goes to use

it they'll click on that link if they're

already logged into all in learning it's

going to automatically launch the set

once the assessment let's see how do you

want to collect the data as you want to

use a bubble sheet when you use the

student devices etc so it's a it's a way

for us to share the assessments more

broadly if we're working together this

summer or in the future we could kind of

crowdsource those assessments in and

build build them as a team create the

links and then we'll be able to use them

all year long okay so what I'm gonna do

now so that's sharing of a teacher so

what I'm going to do now is I'm going to

activate this assessment and post it to

the student portal now I'm going to come

back to a Google classroom here in a

little bit but we can post any

assessment to any learning management

system that we have that Google

classroom link is not turned on for most

schools because it duplicates your

rosters and it also kills the gradebook

connection so I'm going to show you a

workaround that we've created for you

not only with Google classroom but all

learning management systems or

communication systems that you're using

with your students I'm going to post

this to the student portal I'm going to

select the class and then you've got to

give us the settings so I'm not going to

kick the students out if they leave the

assessment screen I am going to show

them there's four but I'm not going to

show them the questions that they missed

so I'm going to click Next and I'm going

to click activate now you see that this

this button right here is green so we

are listening is posted in the student

portal so first of all I don't have to

stay on this screen while the students

are taking the test I can go to

different us go to go back to my

assessments and act to make this

assessment for more classes if I wanted

to all right so you don't have

stay here I am gonna click embed this

assessment and click copy and Ben link

so now what I'm gonna do is is I'm gonna

go share this with my class alright so I

this embed link is for this group of

students and this group of students only

if I were activating this assessment for

another class we would have a different

link to share with a different class so

I'm gonna go to my first period class

here in Google classroom and I'm gonna

share something with my class and I'm

gonna say science test is live please

take by 5 19 20 and I'm gonna click add

and then I'm gonna click link and I'm

just gonna copy that embed code there so

there's the there's the link I'm gonna

click post and so now and my students

log in they'll see there it is that they

have an assessment to take and so that

works with any learning management

system or any way that you're

communicating with your students so it's

a very simple way for you to direct them

to all learning to take the test all

right so now when they click on that

link it will take them to our to the

student portal so most of your students

are going to sign in over here with

either Google or they're gonna set their

password if we're importing your your

campus rosters from clever or class link

or your gradebook we're importing the

email addresses and they'll just be able

to send us their password I don't have

either of those options available to me

so I'm gonna use my QR code alright and

it takes me to this screen right here ok

so what would happen so I'm going to say

launch this assessment ok what would

happen if the students followed the link

is that it would automatically take them

to the screen right here so they

wouldn't have to select the assessment

because they've already selected it with

that link so here is the PDF of the test

what's nice is I didn't have to

replicate the test that I had in the PDF

in all I'm learning I didn't have to

type in those questions or import or do

a bunch of crazy work like that I have

I've imported the PDF so there are

images in there charts graphs etc so

over here on the right is my is where

this I the student will answer the

questions so the student is clicking

through and taking the test all right

and as they are taking the test we're

capturing their data so one of the

things that's nice is and so this again

the student scrolling through on the

Left clicking their answers in on the

right okay but as they are taking the


alright we're capturing the data so what

the teacher sees over here if you let

the screen open as you would see the

students question my question are

answering it so we're capturing the data

as they go is they go through the test

excuse me

what's the if they lose connection to

the Internet if they lose power while

they're taking the test when they log

back in they did not have to start over

but can just pick up where they left off

so so the student finishes the test

they're gonna click show summary they're

gonna say I'm finished so Tom got a 70

tom says you know what I think I can do

better let me launch that assessment

again and you see that we preclude we

block them from doing that so on the

teacher side once everybody has finished

the test all right though I'll be green

I'll say in session and okay it's gonna

write the data to the reports now we ask

you this after every session do you want

to add this to the progress tracker so

I'm gonna say

yes add it to the tracker there's

already a tracker for this class with

these standards I'm going to say add the

tracker so I'm going to go into this

progress tracker right here so this is a

tracker for this class these fourth

grade math standards so I see the entire

standards document is loaded so if

you've ever kept a spreadsheet with your

students down the left-hand side and

across the top you get the standards

that's what this is if it's done for you

alright 4.2 B I've asked my class 21

questions the class's 69.2 then we see

by assessment and day how did we do on

this day well I ask five questions and

they had two 53.8 and you see that

progression I can click down here and

look at an individual student so now

we're going to look at Tom so Tom almost

twenty one questions he has a horrible

average but when I look at the the

journey or the narrative beneath the

data beneath his average he really tells

a pretty good story he just struggled

out of the gate he missed nine out of

the first ten questions so the journey

is if he started out and he really

struggled we did the intervention and

then the light went on and he absolutely

took off so so now he's doing really


his trend is great that's exactly what

we wanted given where we started is this

helpful for him to see absolutely it is

so when I go back to the progress

tracker here all right there would be a

button here and it says post to student

portal so I'm just gonna click post a

student portal and now when he logs into

his account he can see that all right

when I go to the sessions another

another report that we have is you're

used to seeing this data right here but

because I attach the standards I get a

report that shows me this is how the

student can see their own standards data

as well so Christina had a low score on

this test of 63 she aced the standard

she didn't find her and she really

struggled here so she can improve on

this standard her score that will ago

will will improve an increase as well so

this is a report as well that we can

post to the student portal so we just

click down at the bottom and can post

that to the student portal so

when the student logs in and they go to

the reports when they click sessions Tom

can see how he did on the standards on

that specific assessment when he goes to

the progress trackers he can look in and

track his data so you probably if you're

doing this level of tracking with your

students right now it's probably

occurring with spreadsheets or they're

shading things in with with different

colors or etc so we'll get you this data

and it's something that you can track

with your students all year long

when the students come back in August

and September what we want to do early

is identify the gaps and so doing some

assessments that'll tell us where where

did the gaps occur last year really last

this past spring and then we can

identify that and then start to chart

their progress all year long ok one

other thing here is that if you're you

can you can take this data from all in

learning to your gradebook what you'll

do is you click actions and for for most

of you this export to CSV right here is

going to export a file that's friendly

with your gradebook all right so if

you're using skyward or teams or Texas

or something like that

Infinite Campus that export works with

your gradebook so when you go into your

gradebook and add the assignment you can

import that file and you won't have to

hand enter the grades of the great one

if your district uses PowerSchool you've

got an even better option better

solution here because this will be

turned on and you can click send up our

teacher Pro it will write the assignment

and put the grades in directly after you

press that button so it's a very

powerful both ways will allow us to save

time and to get the data more quickly to

the students because we save time

collecting it and then we don't have to

hand in her into the gradebook all right

so the next example that we're gonna do

is I'm going to create a new assessment

and this one what I'm going to do is I'm

going to import a PowerPoint so I've got

a PowerPoint quiz that I've written I'm

going to import that into all unlearning

so I click import to power and pour

PowerPoint I'm going to select browse

I'm going to select that PowerPoint file

so it's a pptx file click open and this

is 6th grade language arts I'll click

Next and so it's going to upload those

three file those three slides and you'll

see here in just a second that we've got

I didn't have to mess with those get my

three slides here so a couple of things

this one has an image I can adjust that

I can highlight in here and increase the

font size if I want to you so we can we

get some formatting options there over

here on the right I'm going to click

convert slide to question alright so I'm

going to click on the correct answer to

save time I'm not going to add the

standards so there's a multiple choice

question with an image here's question

two I'm going to convert this slide to

question instead of multiple-choice it's

a short answer so I'm not giving them

answer options here I'm going to type in

the correct answer which is 5 I'm going

to go to question 3 this is a vocabulary

so I'm going to convert that slide to

question I'm gonna click short answer

and type in the correct answer there all

right so those are the first three

questions I'm going to add two more

questions this next question is a

student work so now what the students

are going to submit their work I'm going

to grade it with with one of our works

on a rubrics library we've created some

writing rubrics that we're going to use

to evaluate the students work so I'm

going to say here write a paragraph

describing the conflict from King Lear

evidence in act 1 scene 1 I'm going to

add a rubric so I've we've we've loaded

riding rubrics I'm going to use this one

right here I'm going to select it and so

I'm going to look at the students work

and I'm going to grade them on the

rubric I'm going to click insert and do

another question now this question is

going to be a simple slider so what I'm

going to do over here is I'm going to

type in four because I'm grading this on

a scale of one to four okay so and then

over here I'm going to type in solve for

X and so your work so I'm going to type

in the problem and I've done that so I'm

gonna do one more thing here to show you

this capability that we have I'm going

to edit the question waiting so you see

all these questions are weighted equally

I want the last two questions to count

more than the other questions so I'm

actually going to bump this up so this

these three questions are a third this

is a third and this is a third I'm going

to click close there I'm gonna go back

to my lessons and assessments so there's

that student device variety quiz I'm

going to click activate I'm going to

post that to the student portal on the

slings my class I'm not going to provide

them any feedback on this I'm gonna

click Next I'm going to click activate

again if I wanted to share that

assessment with my students in their

learning management system system I

could say copy embed link I could email

it to them so now I'm gonna go over here

as the student come back in this time

there's that student device variety quiz

I'm going to click launch assessment so

here's the question here's the image

over here on the right I click in the


there's question two let's solve for

excellent type in five point zero

click Save I'm going to type in my

correct answer here click Save

I'm going to go to question four so

there's the there's the there's the

writing prompt all right over here on

the right I'm gonna zoom in there's an

option to say submit your work so if a

student has prepared

something in advance and a file of some

some kind they can upload it if they've

prepared something in advance they've

written it in a Google and a Google Doc

it could be a slides Google slides or a

spreadsheet or a doc we can do that I'm

just going to click type in word so I'm

going to say there asked his daughters

to profess their love to secure their


Cordelia wouldn't and they've got crazy

all right so I'm gonna click upload work

so I've submitted that you see your work

has been submitted I'm going to go to

question five it tells me to solve for X

and show your works on this one I want

we're still wanting to do even with the

students remote I want them to do I want

to do aggressive monitoring I want to

look at finished product so I'm gonna

say upload file and I'm gonna select

choose file and then I'm gonna find my

math homework and I'm gonna click Choose

and I'm gonna click upload file so I'm

gonna say show summary it says my work

has been submitted I've answered the

other questions I'm gonna say I'm

finished let me go back to the home

screen here so I can't take that

assessment again over here on that on

this side let's go and look at this okay

so I click on to look at Toms answers so

starting off on question two he missed

it the correct answer was five who typed

in 5.0 I want to give him credit for

that so I just click check the box here

the other thing that that does is now

5.0 is an eligible answer for this class

so so we're good there I've got here's

blurb he got that one right you'll see

we didn't penalize him for capitalizing

it so I'm gonna click view student work

so there's Tom's quote-unquote paragraph

so I'm gonna grade him on that so I'm

gonna use the rubric here all right

and I can enter his scores in these

different categories all right so I'm

gonna click Save and close so he got a 5

out of the possible 16 points I'm going

to view the student work here okay check

check check

checks all that looks good you'll see it

already defaulted to a 4 so I'm gonna

leave it there okay so in this example

we did we imported the PowerPoint we

converted those slides to questions

there are both multiple choice and short

answer then we added some slides to

cover open response one with a more

elaborate rubric and one with the simple

slider the students submitted their work

so you're not locked into multiple

choice only you can grade those on a

sliding scale and you can actually great

and with great them within a rubric

instrument like you would use in a lot

of writing exercises okay so I'm going

to click in session and okay and of

course it writes that data to the

reports right our next example is I've

got a video that I want the students to

watch it could be me it can be a screen

capture or I could be linking to another

resource on the web so I'm going to

select create new and I'm going to build

a custom lesson in assessment and so

I've got my video I'm going to select

sixth-grade math practice all right so

it loads it creates that a that that

lesson video on perimeter Monday and

there's nothing in it so I'm going to

insert a slide and I'm just going to

insert a blank slide I'm going to insert

two more blank slides so I've got a

total of three slides I go back to the

first slide I'm going to click insert


and it says please place your video

embed code here I'm not sure what that

is so all the learnings for about to me

a link and this these are the

step-by-step instructions to rate direct

from our support site okay and the

articles there so what those

instructions tell me to do is they tell

me to go to the video they tell me to

right click on the video and it tells me

to copy embed code so remember it said

embed code

I clicked copy there I'm gonna go back

to all in learning and I'm going to

paste now I'm not a coder or a

programmer that's a foreign language to

me but I'm following the instructions I

click insert video and there's the video

now the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna add some questions I want to

measure to see if they got what was

covered on the video okay so they're

gonna apply that so I'm going to go to

my what I did beforehand was I search

the web and I found a couple of

questions that I wanted to use alright

so I used the snippet tool or screen

capture and so I am gonna drag that

image on to this slide here so you'll

see that we've got an image we've got a

question we've got a diagram if you will

and then I'm gonna click convert slide

the question I want to click on the

correct answer I'm gonna go to the next

slide we're gonna do the same thing

alright so I'm gonna drag that one over

as well so you'll see this one's even

more complex with graphing paper and

things like that so I'm going to convert

that slide to question and click on the

correct answer

so there are my two questions that I've

added all right I'm happy with all this

so I'm going to go back to my lessons

and assessments I'm going to activate

that post it to the student portal for

my 5b class that's

the settings for the assessment I click

Next and I click activate again there's

the embedded assessment I could go embed

that if I wanted to let me go back over

here's Tom there's a video on perimeter

Monday so I'll click launch assessment

and there's the video so you see that

there it's a it's an eight-minute video

we're not going to watch it now but you

get the idea they've watched the video

they watch the instruction and then I'm

going to go to the slides you see how

nice that looks

I just dragged and dropped it over and

again you can Google snippet or screen

capture for your operating system I'm

going to go to the second question and

click on the correct answer there so tom

says show summary says I finished good

job tom got it right okay so the purpose

of this right was to show embedding

instruction and assessment together so

we showed the video we also showed

dragging and dropping images of question

slides questions that we've captured in

integrating those in all unlearning as

well so there's our there's our three

good examples all right taking

assessments and resources from outside

of all on learning now we're going to

really briefly look at resources inside

all I'm learning all right and so I'm

going to click on the item Bank portal

here I'm going to click when I go here

all right we've got content from Pearson

we've got content from one of our

another partner called learning farm

which is a spin-off of study island and

then we've got and then on learning is

written some content as well so so it's

heavy and across all the content it's

heavy in math and ela a little bit of

science and social studies okay I can

search by grade if I want to so if I

said you know I'm a seventh grade

science teacher alright I if we

got content here from Pearson so we can

we can click in and look at that content

so we can preview it here we can magnify

it and I would select the the questions

that I wanted to use and click create an

assessment all right

we do have content depending on your

textbook adoption or may have additional

content so here's something from fuse in

science it's got 23 questions and so

you'll see here that I can I can click

in and pull questions in from that as

well I would click create an assessment

so that's one way that we can go and

locate content another way that we can

go and locate content is our search by

standard so I'm going to use the I'm

gonna Texas side so I use the essential

knowledge skills and they go to math and

grade four and I'm going to go to four

point six a because that's what I'm

teaching this week and so what we'll see

down here is we've got content from

Pearson and go math and here's all in

learning so I'm going to look at the all

in learning items SEL right there's some

good questions here I'm going to build a

five question quiz and click create an

assessment so this is a four point six a

exit tickets last year well I'm gonna

select fourth grade math this is a quiz

click Next and so it pulls those slides

into a lesson for me I'm gonna I'm going

to close that you see there are the five

questions I can add more to it if I

wanted to I could type in my own

questions if I wanted to but I'm happy

with that I'm going to go back to my

lessons and assessments I could share

this with my team if I wanted to or I

can click activate post it to the

student portal select my class and that

kicked the students out of the

assessment that they leave the

assessment screen is used best when the

students are in front of you and you're

trying to keep them from cheating and be

tougher to do manage in the distance

learning scenario

and once they get kicked out you have to

allow them to come back in I am gonna

scramble the test though so then I click


inactivate now it's turned on and every

student will get a scrambled version of

that test so everyone's you'll see again

there's the slides we can click through

and answer the questions struggled on

that all right so that's showing using

research one time we searched by grade

and subject and then another time we

searched by the standards what we're

going to look at now on the teachers

side is the is the exit tickets so

here's what I've done on the exit

tickets I've already said that I'm a

fourth grade language arts teacher so I

mean again I'm in the Texas side so I've

got editing and revising and correcting

so that says exit ticket 1 so when I

click on the actions button I'm can

click on slideshow and look at the

different questions that are in this

assessment so there are 3 questions in

that if I wanted to activate it all

right I can just click activate and post

it to the student portal however what I

want to do is I want to click copy to my

assessments because what I'm going to do

is I'm going to go to my assessments now

there's that exit ticket I'm going to

click actions and edit and now I can add

more to it if I wanted to so I can take

that from three questions to 6 to add

another three questions I can search

into the item bank or I could write my

own ok once I'm happy with it alright

what do i do well I'm going to post it

to the well I would probably share with

my colleagues either distributing it to

our PLC or sharing it with other

teachers and then I can activate it and

post it to the student portal so the

exit tickets start at 3rd grade we're

going to be adding them in grades

beneath 3rd but they go up through

through high school a lot in math

in the LA and southern science all right

the next activity we're going to do is

we're going to go to the fun activities

alright so this was originally built to

use live in the classroom so let's let's

take a look at that how would I activate

this so now if I were going to use this

with my class I would say ok class for

my 5b class we're going to meet on

Tuesday at noon and we're gonna do a

review and play game and so this is I'll

show you what this does here so I say

activate for my 5b class and I'm going

to use this with the web clicker so all

my students are remote if I were in the

normal classroom and we had the whole

and learning clickers or they had their

devices open we could say rescan

receivers to use with clickers if your

clickers are already plugged in then

you're in your business but I'm going to

use with web clickers I'm going to

select this question here and I'm going

to click start question so this is I

okay everybody wants to answer this

question so my students are remote okay

Tom knew that we were starting this this

session today and so he hops in with

launched clicker and there's the

question all right so Tom's gonna answer

that question all right so it says that

he's responded and so as the teacher I'm

gonna say all right everybody's in I'm

gonna click in question everybody got it

right so I'll go back to the board and

we can play another question so that's

how again when hopefully in

not-too-distant future when your

students are all in front of you that's

a great way to do reviews it's a great

way you can just do one column of those

questions and that can be your exit

ticket all right it's got standards

online it's got their line the standards

so we can go into the into the progress

tracker you get the standards reports

and help you track your students on the

stay in session and ok again it writes

the data to the reports if you wanted to

post this post that for the students to

go through at their

pase all right what you would say is you

would say actions and copy to my

assessments and then once it's in my

assessments you can turn it on for the

students to take in the student portal

all right so what that would look like

over here is so there's that challenge

board so now the student is just going

to be able to click through and answer

these individual questions all right so

it's more of just a longer assessment at

that point without as much of the game

if that makes sense

all right so two more quick things to

look at one are the reading passages so

we've got thousands of reading passages

built into your own learning cloud if

you were to go to the item Bank portal

you could search by standard and then

you could see questions and then you

could actually and then finally look at

the passage that's associated with those

questions in that standard this is we've

kind of inverted that here so we've

taken the passages and allow you to to

go in and look at the details on the

passages so there's 656 words there are

18 questions if there's a Spanish

translation there will be a check box so

we translated a number of these in 3rd

and 4th and are adding 5th grade into

Spanish I can click view and preview the

passage I can retrieve all questions for

this passage so some of these are from

Pearson and a lot of the Pearson ones

have writing prompts so the students

could submit work if they wanted to and

so I can come in and select the

questions and build an assessment this

way as well so again it's another way

for me to to take resources that are in

all on learning and use those with my

students so I didn't have to go I create

a passage and write questions and so

forth it's all done for me here so that

takes a little bit of work so we also

added a feature called passage of the

day so passage of the day think of it

like this is it I can take a class and

I'm going to select

that this class is sixth grade reading

I'm gonna turn this blonde alright and I

can click on hidden treasure so there's

a passage called hidden treasure so

turning this on for my students so

everyone in this 5b class right now was

just assigned that reading passage so

what does this look like ok so it's at

the top of the list it's highlighted

blue it's got that funny-looking icon

there so I'm going to say launch

assessment so you'll see here there are

12 questions

there's the passage so the student can

read the passage now we are adding a

read aloud option so student will be

able to highlight text and will read it

to them so what they're gonna do here is

they're going to proceed through read

the passage and answer the questions so

they maybe some of these may have a

fewer number of questions maybe three or

four some of them will have will be

longer longer passages they'll have more

questions all right when we're done here

I'm gonna click so Tom's answer those

questions he says I'm finished I didn't

do very well on it so here's what

happens for me the teacher tonight just

before midnight it's gonna end this

session the hidden treasure recession

for me it's going to write that data to

the reports so when I wake up in the

morning and I grab my coffee I can log

in and see how the class did now I'll be

able to see it comprehension score I'll

be able to see an item analysis for we

are not only attracting the standards

because it's a nationwide feature so we

didn't do that so this is mainly meant

to give you daily reading daily

comprehension daily data and keep your

students reading and they can you can do

this summer school and you can do this

all year long okay

after we end that session at midnight we

start a new passage we assign that class

a new passage for tomorrow so when the

students wake up tomorrow and they log

into all and learn and guess what

they'll have

any passes they'll have new questions

and then tomorrow night at midnight

you'll have new data all right fresh

data on a new passage and then finally

we're building something we're adding to

these as well something called

instructional modules so this is a

combination that standards-based all

right and it's a combination of

instruction and assessment so it's meant

to help us to unpack and help a student

understands the concept that's trying to

be covered in the standard all right so

the student can so they give the

instruction and then they'll also get

teared questions so we'll go from easier

to harder more complex questions and

then once they've answered those

questions they can go right back in and

they'll go right back in and go into

more instruction all right so the again

as you see here there's there's quite a

bed of resources and you know we've

prepackaged some of this content for you

and then easy to use format again it's

predominantly standards-based except for

the reading passages and and so I wanted

to take you on a quick tour through that

that'll take you playing around with it

some but you've got a lot of resources

that you can use without a lot of effort

so the purpose of all of this of what we

do and is really focused on the

formative assessment is to get you quick

data that's its frequent hopefully daily

so when a student starts to struggle you

see it and can help them an intervene

right away so thank you for taking the

time to to watch this I hope you learned

some great things and we're again so

pleased to be supporting you whether

your students are seeing in front of you

in class or they're on their computers

at home so thank you so much for for

spending some time with us on the

webinar to learn more about the Oliver

Ling student portal