Student Portal from the Student's Perspective

this is a quick overview of

some of the different assessments and

question types that students will see

in the student portal the first quiz at

the top of my list here the student

device variety quiz

i'm going to click launch assessment and

it's going to start the assessment for

me so i've got my answer

area over here on the right i've got a


i'm going to click on the answer and

click next

to go to the next question this one is a

short answer and i can

click save now i can also just click on

the next question down below

i'll type in my answer there

go to the next question this question is

asking me to write

a a paragraph and so

i've got an area under submit your work

here to

upload a file link to a google doc or

type in my work i'm just going to type

in my work and so

this is where i type in my

work i'm going to click upload

all right i'll go to the next question

this one is asking me to solve for x and

show your work

and upload a picture so i'm going to use

the same

option here to type in work and you'll

see there's an

image option there so i'm just going to

insert an image into this and i've got

my math homework here

so i'm going to click open and i'll

click upload

all right there's one last question here

and i'm gonna

click there so i'll click show summary

i've submitted all of my answers when

i'm done

this is when i'm really done i'm gonna

say i'm finished i can't change anything

or add anything after i submit this

click on finished there's number one


there's our first example i'll go to the

exit quiz here this one's a little bit

different now

this one says there's security settings

active so

if i click outside of the screen outside

of the assessment window

i'm going to get kicked out of the test

and an administrator will have to

a teacher proctor will have to let me

back in to continue taking the test

there's also a timer on this if i want

to hide that i click hide

right so i'm going to click my answers


all right i'm just going to quickly

move through and take this quiz

i've got all my answers there if i

wanted to go back and view a question i

can i could

i can change my answer if i want to i'll

click show summary

say i'm finished and we're done with

that one

right the last option here just wanted

you to see this

the test in this scenario is teachers

uploaded a pdf

i'm scrolling through that to read the

questions and i'm

over here answering the questions all


so i can i can click through and answer

these questions here

so very straightforward there

and i'll complete this of course

and click in my last answer there and

i'll click

so see how easy that was to scroll

through the test answer the questions

i'll say

i'm finished and so real quickly those

are three

quick assessments that you that you

might see

in all i'm learning in the reports tab

there's a button there for sessions so

when the teacher has posted

data for me to see i'll see the name of

the assessment

i'll see the class i'll see my score

i'll see the date

that that took place and then i can

depending on what reports a teacher made


i can click in here and see for example

how i

performed on the different standards

this is an example here of a

a rubric so that i actually did an essay

and the teacher graded this essay

and i can see how i did in each of the

different categories there

and then the last thing i want you to

see a lot of your teachers may be using

the progress tracker which will allow

you to see

the standards and allow you to track

those standards over time so as the

teachers collect

data on on in different assessments and

how you're performing on the standards i

can see

that i'm just mousing over the standard

i can see that

and then i can see my progression on the

standards over time