Student Portal - My Account


i'd like to take a minute today to

introduce you to a brand new feature

of the eastern gateway student portal

this is the my account section

when you click on the my account button

from the student portal you'll

be presented with something similar to

this this will have your

name and your student id number along

with several tabs across the top

if you are familiar with the old

self-service system

this replaces that in here you can click

on the my profile tab

to view the information that the school

has on file about you

it has your name social security number

date of birth

email address address and other


if any of this information is inaccurate

or old

you can contact the registrar's office

to have it updated this is a good way

to make sure that you have the most

current information on file with the


next thing we'll do is click over on the

courses tab

the courses tab gives me a couple of

different things first it shows me my

current schedule

and the classes that i'm scheduled for

in the future it provides me with a copy

of my transcript

as well as a copy of my degree audit i

click on

the degree plan you can see i have my

program here which in this case is the

accounting aab

program and i can click on my degree

plan and this will show me

all the general studies courses as well

as all the program-specific courses

that i need to take you can see that i'm

scheduled for one in each of these areas

so i can view this and see what other

courses i have left to take

to graduate i can click down here

and choose to print a copy of my current


this gives me a printer friendly version

that i can print out at home

i can also view a transcript if i have

multiple courses that i've taken here or

other schools that will show me my full

unofficial transcript

on the schedule tab it gives me a


and i can click through here and see

when my courses are meeting if they're

on ground in seat course what room

they're in

what time they meet which days

and i can click on these just look at

other information on them in my schedule

and see

when classes begin and end

i can also click on courses and schedule

additional courses

i'm going to go ahead and register

myself for some courses in the fall

i'm going to click on the registration


i'm going to choose my program that i'm

currently in i'm going to choose the


in this case i'm going to do fall first

eight weeks

and i'm presented with courses that i

can take that we're currently running

for fall

and i can see the courses i need to take

as well as whether i've met or not met a


you can still schedule a course if you

have not met a prerequisite but please

be advised

that your course load will be reviewed

by an advisor

and you may not be allowed to take a

course if you have not in fact met the


so be aware of that i'm going to go

ahead and

schedule myself for interpersonal

communication and succeeding in college

and you can see i've got multiple

different uh dates and times

for my succeeding in college course i'm

going to do this one o'clock class

and all i have to register for a course

just click on this

green plus button and you can see down

here at the bottom

i have my two courses when they start

when they end who's teaching them and

their times

and dates so i'm going to go ahead and

hit save

close this window and now when you take

a look at my course transcript you'll


that i've got scheduled classes for fall

as well as summer

and that's all there is to registering

for new courses

next up is the financial aid awards and

account ledger tabs

when i click on awards i can see if i've

got any pell grants that are

pending or other financial aid awards

that are available to me and whether i'd

like to accept those awards or not

and then in my account ledger i can see

what my current balance is

what my various fees and tuition costs

are and how that

financial aid award is applied to that

and what my remaining balance is

finally the ferpa tab ferpa is a federal


that keeps your student information


and you do have the ability here to


certain people in your life access to

things such as financial aid information

uh your schedule or your grades

so to add uh someone to this list all

you need to do

is click the add record button and then

fill out the information on their name

address phone number and other things as

well as selecting

what you allow them to be able to have

access to attendance financial aid

grades holds schedule or your status

as a student former student or applicant

once you've filled this all out if that

person does contact the school

and ask to say get a copy of your grades

the school will check and see if that

person has been allowed by you

specifically to see that information or


by default only you can see this

information in all these cases you

have to specifically add someone

as an exception to the ferpa

so that is the overview of the my

account area

when you're finished you can close this

out and return back to the student


we hope you will find that the new my

account area will be straightforward and

easy for you to use

if you have any questions at all or have

any problems as always please contact

the eastern gateway it help desk

we'd be happy to help you