Student Portal

welcome to the my dot CCC dot edu

student portal which will be launched on

March 3rd the student portal is built to

promote student success by providing you

with quick and easy access to the

information you need we're here at the

home page which you can get to by

logging on at my CCC edu the homepage is

full of information about your academics

to do's and Quick Links to the systems

that you need the portal is organized

into seven key intuitive content areas

we'll take a look at each of these this

semester provides the information you

need to succeed in your current classes

each of your classes appears here in a

tile which shows you key dates lets you

view your progress reports and grades

first quickly access the online

bookstore to purchase your books and

even see your course syllabus and

assignments from the blackboard link my

plan focuses on your academic journey

including your education plan and

registration each term my plan helps you

plan your education career from start to

finish in my plan you will indicate your

enrollment preferences including where

and one you'd like to take classes down

to the day of week and time of day then

each term a class schedule is suggested

for you based on your preferences my

future is focused on what's next

including information about your

graduation career choices access to the

student job board transferring to other

institutions and alumni information the

activity section provides information

about all the activities that are going

on around students including clubs and

groups student government associations

intercollegiate athletics and newspapers

the finances section provides access to

your student account where you can see

charges and payments financial aid

payment plans and a lot more in personal

information you will have access to

information specific to you in many

cases you will even be able to update

your information online and finally help

and resources provides you with many

resources for

academic and student support that you

will want to refer to over and over

again be on the lookout for future

videos that will take each one of these

sections into more detail thanks for