How to Check Shocks and Struts in Your Car

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today I'm going to show you how to tell if your shocks or struts are worn out on

your car, now in the case of this Dodge it's pretty easy to tell that it went out,

because when you go over bumps like this, hey, the whole car just bounces up and down

and up and down, but many times it's not that easy to tell, so if you drive and

say forty or fifty miles an hour, and your car runs straight, but then when you

hit bumps, then you find the steering wheel starts to shake until it gets not

bumpy, the struts are worn then too, or if you're backing up and you hear a clunk

like this, coming from the back, then you know that the back struts are worn and

clunking, now the last way to check struts is simple, just go under the wheel

well, pick up the top boot on the strut, and feel inside on the rod, and if your

fingers come out oily like this, it means the seal is wearing out on the Strut and

it's time for a new one, now when I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth,

suspension systems were easier to check as most cars had just simple shock

absorbers, they did a bolt on the top and the bottom that held them in place, and

to check them on all you had to do is push on the car, and if it bounced too

much it was worn out, but with modern McPherson struts that most cars use, it's

often more complicated, because the shock assembly is built inside it, but it has a

spring, and even when it's worn out it can still not bounce all that bad and

that's why you need to test them fully like I'm showing you in this video,

because worn struts can make your tires wear out faster, they can affect braking

and make it less safe, and they can certainly affect handling, especially

when your cornering, now I've been working on cars the last 47 years if

there's one thing I've learned, if you want your car to ride right, do not go

out and buy the cheapest shocks and struts you can get your hands on, because

I've had many customers over the years come to me and say, what's wrong with my

car, and I say your struts are worn out and then they say well we just had new

ones put on last week, and when I check out what was put on the car, a lot of

times they were just cheap Chinese knockoff,

they didn't work even good as worn out ones did, so when I do a strut job, I like

using these Monroe sensor tracks, they're excellent shocks, and at a decent

price, and say if you're not planning on keeping your car all that long, they also

have an economy range of struts you can use too, but me I kind of keep my cars

forever, so I use the sense a tracks, if your car isn't riding right because of

worn shocks and struts, now you know what to do about it

and remember you got any questions just visit Scotty Kilmer channel