How to Replace Suspension Struts in Your Car

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today I'm going to show you how to replace worn out suspension struts on

your car, and I'm going to show you how to do it safely, using these Monroe

quick struts where you don't have to take any springs apart, they just bolt off and

bolt on, now being a professional mechanic, when I change struts, a lot of

times I just replace the strut cartridge assembly, but then you have to take apart

the spring and the top and everything, it's a big job, and so I use a big tool

like this, to take them apart with, but odds are, you're not going to buy that

thousand dollars spring compressor to do a job on your own car,

and if you make a mistake taking them apart, these Springs can be dangerous,

don't try this at home, but watch what can happen, you can just buy them in a quick

strut assembly, all you have to do is bolt the old one off, and bolt the new

one in, you don't have to mess with taking all that stuff apart, you just unbolt the

bottom of the strut, take off the nuts and washer, then just go inside the trunk

and go to the bolts that hold it on the top, and take them off, and with a little

bit of wiggling and maybe some swearing, out it comes, there she blows, then you

get your shiny new quick strut out of the rocks, and slide it back up in the

hole, then put the washer and the nut on the bottom, and just make it finger

tight for now, and do the same thing in the trunk, just put in my finger tight

for now, because now we're going to put the tire on and then let the jack down,

which will put weight on the suspension and we'll finish tightening it up then,

now we'll put the weight back on the tire, Jack it down, then go back and make

them super tight, I've been a mechanic for the last forty seven years, so I can

get things really tight by my hand, won't have any problems, but if you're a newbie,

you can get a torque wrench, then you can read the torque wrench settings on how

tight to make the bolts and use a torque wrench to set them exactly right, and of

course you're going to do the other one too, so the next time your old struts wear out,

why not replace them safely yourself, with Monroe quick strut assemblies,

because if you replace the entire strut assembly, not only is it safe, you also get

a new strut mount, a new spring, a new dust boot, and a new rubber seal on the

bottom, in addition to the shock itself, you replace everything new you're going to

have less problems than just fixing one part and leaving other old parts on, and

remember if you got any questions, just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel