How to Inspect and Replace Strut Mounts on Your Car

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if your car's making a

lot of clunking noises as you're going down the road, you might need new strut

mounts, so today I'm going to show you how to check out and replace broken strut

mounts, now the strut mounts are on top of the struts, right here, and as you can

see when I push the car up and down, you can see the metal inside is broken from

the rubber, as you can see on this new mount, the rubber is all solid inside,

when they get old the rubber cracks, then the metal just moves up and down and you

got to replace it, now you have to remove the whole strut to change the top, so

we'll Jack it up, take off the tire, and since this strut mount is on top of the strut, we got to

take the whole strut assembly off, so we'll loosen the bolt on the tie rod and

then hit with a hammer to get the tie rod off, and then off it comes,

then we unbolt all the other parts that hold the strut onto the knuckle,

then we'll wiggle it out of the way, then we on both the three bolts on the

top, and the strut falls down, put one hand under it and you can slide it out, and

here's the entire strut, the mount is inside here, so we have to take the

spring off in order to replace it, and since this Honda has one hundred and

sixty eight thousand miles on it and those are the original struts, I'm going to

replace the whole strut with a new one, now if your strut isn't worn-out and

isn't that old, you could just replace the strut mount, but I'm going to replace

them both on this thing, and before you take it apart, notice it says, R for

right, and it points here towards the front, so when you replace it, make sure

your new one has a R line marked in the same position, so it aligns right,

then you get two spring compressors, and tighten them up to make the spring

compressed, then you can take it apart, then you unbolt the last bolt that holds it

together, and pull the top off, then you get your new strut, and put the spring

assembly back on top of it, then put the little collar bearing on top, it comes

with the kit, then get the new strut mount, slide that on top,

and bolt it back on, and of course remember to put the R in the arrow

pointed out in the same direction as the other one was, and then unbolt the

spring compressor and take that off, then you get the assembly and slide back up into

the holes, and then just loosely put the nuts on to hold it in place while you

put the rest of it back together, then bolt it back on, put it on nice and tight,

you don't want it coming off, and then put the tie rod back on, and bolt that up

nice and tight, and don't forget to put a cotter pin back in to keep it from

falling off, then put the tire back on, and let down the car, then finish

tightening the three bolts on the top, now when we push on it, doesn't

move all over the place because it's not broken, so the next time your strut

mounts break, why not replace them yourself,

and remember if you've got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer