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shock and strut condition is key to good

handling a comfortable ride and vehicle

safety the main component of both shocks

and struts is a hydraulic cylinder that

damped suspension movement smoothing out

the bumps and keeping the vehicles

stable a maintaining good contact with

the road

that's why shocks and struts are

sometimes called dampers or ride control

units shocks and struts play a similar

role when it comes to ride control but

struts have additional important

functions struts are a key component in

the suspension and steering systems of

the vehicle they help carry the load as

well as other components are supported

by and attached to them that makes their

function very important when it comes to

vehicle control and safety how can you

tell when a Chakra strut is worn-out and

should be replaced we're gonna help you

answer that question right here right

now welcome to the Auto Zone DIY garage


you may not notice when your shocks or

struts have worn to the point where

they're a hazard that's because it

happens gradually the ride slowly


handling isn't what it once was breaking

distance increases the vehicle may veer

in crosswinds or lean excessively in

turns but because you spend so much time

behind the wheel you adjust and

compensate without realizing that you

have a serious problem that's not a good

thing don't adjust your driving to

compensate for one shocks and struts be

observant if you find that you're not as

relaxed behind the wheel as you once

were your car may not be as easy to

control as it once was it's time to

check those shocks or struts experience

do yourselfers may have the skills

necessary to determine when shocks or

struts are worn out

did you know worn shocks and struts can

be a safety hazard check them regularly

the classic way of checking the

condition of shocks and struts is a

simple bounce test you'll find a

demonstration of this test titled when

to replace your shocks or struts in the

auto zone video library while a bounce

test is not entirely conclusive the

results in combination with a visual

inspection and you're driving

observations should help you determine

if your shocks or struts are worn out to

check rear suspension struts or shocks

place your hands close to the rear of

the car and squarely over the gap

between the trunk and rear quarter-panel

aggressively push up and down

compressing the suspension several times

then let go the car shouldn't continue

to bounce but should instead return to

right height with minimal movement

repeat the same test on the front

suspension placing your hands close to

the front of the car and over the gap

between the hood and front fender push

up and down and check for excessive

bounce a shark were struck with a

functioning hydraulic cylinder will damp

the movement and bring the vehicle to

rest with minimal fuss while the bounce

test is a good indication of shock and

strut condition a visual inspection

should also be a part of the suspension

check a didn't or damaged shock or strut

housing could spell trouble since other

more critical parts of the unit such as

the shaft may be bent as well noticeable

fluid leaks our reason for replacement

you may be able to move the rubber boot

around to see the jounce bumpers and

strut rod

check the joust bumpers on leaking

struts since oil can damage them a

burnished bent or scored piston rod

which may be hard to detect is reason

for replacement and a broken coil spring

on a strut assembly will require

replacement since the strut has likely

been affected as well both it and its

partner on the other side of the car

should be replaced deterioration on any

of the rubber parts bushings on shock

mounts and boots and joust bumpers on

struts suggests it's time for new units

uneven tire wear is usually a sign of

incorrect wheel alignment but once

shocks or struts can contribute as well

finally there's that odometer in front

of you if your shocks or struts have

been in service for 50,000 miles inspect

them they probably aren't fully

effective anymore and may soon fail

completely total failure of a shock or

strut can be extremely dangerous causing

a sudden loss of control make sure it

doesn't happen to you did you know a

wheel alignment check should follow any

job that includes removal of suspension

components your local autozone can refer

you to a professional shop in your area

when it's time to purchase new shocks or


ask an autos on expert to help you

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completes our discussion of how to check

shock and strut condition we hope this

information helps you keep your vehicle

suspension system in excellent condition

and for help with any automotive service

topic be sure to talk to the experts at

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