Tension Headache | Causes and simple solutions

the ancient headache is most common type

of Vedic affecting gender population

females are affected more than males

this addict is supposed to be due to

contraction of muscles of the head and

neck due to various seasons

usually patient described this pain

which pills like the tied back around

forehead similarly it can be filled like

a dull pain in the forehead or like a

pressure inhale

sometimes pain in the eye toptygin big

are as follows

emotional stress anxiety prolonged use

of computer screen a wrong sitting

posture and after driving for a long

blade this pain is different from

migraine headache as it is not

accompanied with nausea and vomiting

cure for tension headache involved hot

or cold baths may decrease the tension

headache sitting in a dark room and

keeping a vigil on a forehead may

decrease the danger headache

gently massaging your head and neck

muscles decreases danger hearing

management up for anxiety by cognitive

barrel therapy if these things don't

work out you may go for counter

prescription medicine like I will frame

our acid Amanda fate however you must

consult your doctor before taking

medicine frequently

you can avoid tension headaches with

simple solutions lying sitting in right

portion you cook away from computer

screen after yoda 15 to 20 minutes are

taking frequent breaks while working on

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