How To Relieve Tension Headaches: A 3 Step Approach


hey it's dr. Dunaway here with Cairo

strength and today we're talking about

relieving tension headaches so these are

the headaches that kind of start either

in the neck or down here in the

shoulders and kind of come up around the

back of the head and sit here in the

front of the head and now to relieve

that we're going to check three areas

thoracic spine cell occipital muscles

and then deep neck flexors so we're

going to do the thoracic spine a couple

different ways there's a bunch of

different ways to get mobility in this

area but I'm going to show you two and

just do whatever feels best for you the

first we're going to do is up against a

taller surface here

lightly clasp the hands behind the neck

and then we're gonna sit back into the

heels and as we sit back I'm gonna drive

my chest and arm fixed to the ground and

look forward so as we do that we get a

nice good stretch here between the

shoulder blades opening up on the last

and that's gonna allow us to get better

mobility through extension of the

mid-back right here if that hurts our

shoulders then you can get over across a

foam roller like this and just engage

the core a little bit so the ribs don't

fly up too much but you can kind of just

peel that back over this foam roll or

nice and slow and controlled try and not

to peel back too hard but just allow the

body weight to kind of open up over that

foam roller so once you hit the thoracic

extension like that then we're going to

take a softball either a tennis racket

ball and hit the solve occipital so

we're going to go all across the base of

the skull here doing a little yes

pattern like this and a no pattern so

what it's going to look like we're going

to take that ball just at the base of

that big bone at the base of the skull

here and I'm just going to work a little

bit of this yes pattern and just rotate

my head as I do that so I can take that

ball all the way across and I'm gonna do

that same thing by tucking my chin a

little bit and shake and no and I'm

gonna do that all the way till I get to

the other side of the ear over here do

that on both sides and then to work the

deep neck flexors we're gonna take a

band and we're gonna put it right behind

the head and we're gonna push forward

like this is gonna drive our chin this

way and we're gonna actively drive that

chin back try to keep a good tall proud

chest like this it's gonna look like

this just like that

and as we do that we should feel the

bones back here as that gap as we bring

that neck back and we're not flexing

forward if you don't have a band to do

that kind of retraction like this you

can simply lay on the ground place one

hand behind your back we track the chin

a little bit dry the tongue of the roof

of the mouth and just let the head hover

just above the ground so again not

flexing up like this but just tucking

that chin and then feeling all this

musculature be underneath the chin we

can do some rotations like this to again

try to keep all that tension in the neck

in the front so it doesn't leak into the

back of the net so if we can keep

touching up here it'll stay away from

back here and going through that routine

of loosening up the mid-back loosening

of the cell occipital and engaging these

deep neck flexors on a regular basis

done two or three times a day should

start to relieve some of that tension

headache so give it a try if you have

any questions let me know

you can always contact me a dr. Dunaway

at Cairo strength comm or call the

office at three two one one four one

four and if you have any questions give

us a call but this is dr. Dunaway at

Cairo strength saying don't just mend

transcend Thanks