Headaches Behind Skull & Eyes (Great Self-Help Techniques) Occipital Neuralgia

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hi I'm Bob tropical theorists read Hynek

physical therapy because every on the

most famous physical therapist on

internet in all peeling of course Brad

say no more

today we're going to talk about

headaches behind the skull in eyes and

I'm going to show you yeah these are

common headaches a lot of people get

them I'm going to show you some great

self-help techniques that you can do

right on your own and you can handle

this it's also called occipital

neuralgia sure right and what's going on

here just very briefly Brad you got the

greater occipital nerve this is by the

way your spine in your neck I mean it's

it's facing you right now right so I'm

going to face it away now yeah it's got

the hips are blow his head is facing

this way the greater occipital nerve

comes between c1 which is the top

vertebra and c2 what we just look at

that we've got something here I've got a

pointer kimbob so the nerve comes out

from here then it goes up into the head

so that's why you get these sensations

up into the head you can a lot of people

describe pain going around the eye it's

usually one sided

it'd be like like this yeah nice move

right there and then of course there's

one on the other side right so usually

one sided you know like I said go behind

I can you give numbness and tingling

weird sensations out I'm up into the

head and I'm sure you know some people

probably think they're having a stroke

or something but you know right some of

these you think about that right all

right so how'd it come B yep my guy here

thanks for the help so the first thing

you're gonna do would because what what

causes is spread and more instances is

not is bad posture sure isn't that the

Oh master posture and really causes our

economic problems this is a shot if you

talk about headaches I think if I just

left the house where my wife would have

less headache that's true it's tennis

besides I don't disagree with you on

that all right we always like to use the

bowling ball is a good example of how

much stress you're putting on your neck


what do you do bread I'm gonna hold on

to it good well I want to get good

posture while I do it Bob okay I don't

hurt myself so you can see where his

face is right now his face is facing you

so if the average head is about 12

pounds sir and so basically when you're

hit neck is straight up and down like

brad has good posture right now there's

just 12 pounds of pressure on the neck

all right going straight down it's like

the bowling balls quite easy to hold it

up right you don't even have to hold it

about right yeah easy now for every inch

you move your head forward so I moved

his head forward and Brad moved his head

II I don't you went in she may be

looking a little more for every inch

you're adding 10 pounds of stress on the

neck so now let's have a phase feel and

go through so now with one inch that's

22 pounds of stress on the neck yep two

inches would be 22 pounds or 32 pounds

of the depression it's really good at

math yeah that's why we're therapists

we're not mad as efficient and three

three inches would be 42 pounds and I

can definitely look at my good white

knuckles yeah you know just my wrists

are really working out and in your neck

muscles do the same thing but they're

you know the little strong oh you got

all this the trapezius come all the way

up into the head up into the skull and

that's all putting stress on that nerve

sure so what we want to do is take the

stress off then there so for the first

thing is you have to correct your

posture right so one thing is what we

have people do is chin tucks you've seen

us do this a million times

well maybe you haven't because if you're

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videos is that what they say

Oh videos sorry I will enunciate can you

can I sling back granny and you can

still see me and you know I'll lean

forward okay let's go on Bob all right

so the thing is you want to correct your

posture one of the good ones to do is

just chin tucks here so you're going to

tuck your chin in like this breath and

one thing it does it starts to help

relax this area where the great

occipital nerve comes out and secondly

it puts your head in the right posture

so you're only getting 12 pounds of


instead of the 22 right right so you

want to do those the other thing I want

you to read is make sure when you're

working throughout the day of driving or

when you're at your computer

I don't want your arms up like this yeah

because this attaches into the trapezius

now they're pulling more onto your neck

I don't like this yeah at all it all

works together to make a lot of leverage

and bullets going to your right yeah I

know your necklace your upper back too

and a little bit exactly bread is just

so correct hold it right there when

spread if I push down there I'll bet you

feeling a little bit of that right so we

know we need to change our power your

arms need to be vertical like this


when you're at the computer or when

you're driving even you want to be close

enough that you're not like this right

you don't want to have that seat so far

back or the seat tilted back rise like

this I know it just shows me not the one

that killed me is our order cycle

drivers to have the oh my god the color

the great eight fires of Mars oh my god

in Korean they look cool a little Bob

salt first thing let's give them some

immediate relief Brad sure I want you to

get an ice pack just take an ice pack

and put it right on there and that's

going to give you some immediate relief

after you've corrected your pop you can

do that really nice and recliner that

has a high back with good posture you

put it back you can lean back or laying

down in your bed you could do it laying

on your back all right next thing I want

to go ahead and try some of these

stretches here so what you're going to

do is you're going to kind of tuck your

chin in like you did and now you're

going to bend it down straight forward

like this and you can feel good pulling

in there don't write that bro okay

there's a little trick that I learned it

this is some out on the list Bob but

this innate when you take a fist like

this can you put it under your chin and

then you just gently go forward and it

gives it a little yeah a little Robert

yeah you got to be careful articles you

can really put leverage on sometimes

people go like this instead you know and

go look good it gives you a little

stretch back there now variations of

this are you going to go ahead and turn

to the right a little bit with your chin

tucked and now go to the right okay so

you're going to get this side and then

I'm going to go to the left and go chin

we get on top of the other side and you

can even give a little bit of pull if

you want right

two crazy fingertips all right next one

is you can do a self massage we've

showed this one before basically you're

just going to go in there and you're

going to go ahead and take your

fingertips and you're going to go ahead

and work on the base of the skull here

you can also do a kind of more of a

spleen massage where you put your

fingers together and then pull them

apart yep

so I'm gonna you like your stretch of

the skin apart but you're getting all

the tissues underneath as well a little

fascial work they call that working it

just like this this will help relax

things and you'll know because it'll

feel good yeah yeah you're like I'm

hitting the right spot that's one you

should like right so the other thing

they have found brag quite often in a

correlation with this is is that they'll

see is that you're actually not able to

turn as far as you should in one

direction right so if you're trying to

look behind you when you're driving the

back up you might notice that yeah and

this actually believe it or not if you

correct the rotation and get it restored

to where it should be quite often that

pain gets better to her yep so this is a

mulligan technique mu l li GA and he's

from New Zealand too isn't he I think so

fine Mulligan yep so you're gonna take a

towel like this this is a little

complicated so stick with me it has that

little what they call shellfish

he called it yeah go out the edge of the

towel edge of the towel you know get it

up underneath the eyes or underneath the

ears like this yeah let's show that from

that direction

yeah so you can see that it's a kind of

level of my eyes and underneath my ears

all right Brad yep right here okay so

now what are you going to do I'm going

to work on going to the right first so

I'm going to sit down a chair you got me

yet Lani I'm in this chair all right I'm

gonna drop down one like this and I'm a

switch hands this is a tricky part right

I'm switching hands now this one goes

down this one I'm pulling out and

putting a little pressure on and now I'm

going to the right it is amazing how

this really that the support of the the

towel around the neck really makes a big

difference on how well with the

stretches excellent bread what I don't

want to see Brad is doing that right

right sometimes people you can kind of

hook their

I'm behind the chair and go like yep

right here he's talking about okay now

the other thing is Bob let's do it again

once just want to show something that's

pretty obvious to most people but he's

going across his jaw bone if you go

underneath the jaw you do nothing but

choke yourself and it doesn't do

anything for range of motion you know so

make sure it's a cross the mandible or

the jaw you're not going to be happy

with me over that and with some people I

don't think we're you mentioned some

people you actually add overpressure on

that but yeah well I'll show you the

other direction

sorry about that bread so here again we

start here I'm going to drop this one

down the direction I'm moving to the

left I dropped that one down I switched

my hand over I go like this I gave a

little yank thank you leave this bubble

bar sometimes you can even hook it on a

chair and give a little pressure here

wonderful stretch and what you'll it

should be pain-free or absolutely

pain-free I feel like a good stretch

you're saying all blood should have done

this a long time ago kind of yeah if

it's not pain-free don't be doing right

exactly not you want to show the ball

one yeah but the tennis ball yeah it's a

nice little trick you take two tennis

balls and you put them inside a sock I

already have them inside the sock you

see there's one there's the other and

you could tie a knot on there put a

rubber band if you want and typically

you may be contrite on your bed but

usually on a carpeted floor or it's a

little more firm surface and you get

that right in those right spots and

you'll know because it'll feel

comfortable and like the right kind of

massage and if you want you can work it

with your head like this a little bit

and I can see I need to roll up this

little bear I'm on the spot right there

oh yeah and I can feel those muscles

relax and I just relax relax what the

head go down in there and you'll move

around you'll quickly find out where you

want to go on it mean yeah okay good Bob

all right Brad before you fall asleep oh

yeah all right the final thing is you'll

make those Corrections on your computer

you know as far as the posture this way

but make sure you raise your screen

right I know if you're not going like

this exactly and I'm you're

when using your telephone don't be going

like this bring it up to you get the

Tyrannosaurus Rex arms or short arms

like this and bring it up to you and

that way when you're walking down the

sidewalk and it's up like this you can

see where you're walking better and you

ever see a video watching the telephone

better there's lots of all that's all

and remember Brad and I can fix just

about anything yes except for that

broken heart

yeah but we're working on working on it

thanks a lot